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By Wayne Jett     This is the best opportunity anyone now living has had to witness really good changes favoring humanity. Even in America, as in other nations, many generations have lived entire lives under political and economic domination by hidden powers. Henry George famously described these hidden powers in 1880 as “a vast and dominant…

THE BAD BANK Fed Now In Terminal Mode

By Wayne Jett     The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has always been a “bad” bank in the sense that its role has been anti-social and deceitful. Now it has become a “bad bank” of extraordinary size and consequence in the more colloquial sense. That is, the Fed is the bank into which bad…


By Wayne Jett      A very real war is being fought presently by unconventional means in America and much of the world. As usual, the aggressors are the powerful alliance known as the globalist cabal. But this time an historic counterattack is underway by nationalists seeking to protect and preserve cultural values and governance. Another extraordinary…

MR PRESIDENT: MAGA! Return To Constitutional Limits

By Wayne Jett     “THESE are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine, 1776     The Plague, also known as the Black Plague or the Pestilence, killed an estimated 75 million to 200 million people in Europe, Asia and northern Africa during years around 1350AD. This indelible human horror gave no hint that such deadly epidemics…

GLOBALIST PLAYBOOK: GREAT DEPRESSION II This Time America’s President Is On Our Side!

By Wayne Jett     Under an unrelenting counterattack by Trump-led military, law enforcement and financial forces, the globalist cabal launched its best-shot retaliation: a laboratory-designed virus, said to be highly contagious, deadly and capable of shutting down commerce and society worldwide, producing millions of deaths and economic depression. In late March, President Donald Trump green-lighted state…

AMERICAN LAVAGE Cleansing U. S. Body Politic

By Wayne Jett     The globalist cabal often described here is afflicting us most conspicuously at present with a laboratory-designed flu virus identified as COVID-19. This cabal is fully global in the location of its principal families, in the reach of its organizations and operations, and in the scope of its aspirations for domination of people…

HOW THIS ENDS WELL For Ourselves And Posterity

By Wayne Jett     Anxiety continues to peak during the nationally imposed shutdown of commercial and social activities, as Americans weigh potential outcomes and wonder how this health care crisis will affect the long term. Answers we find have more to do with the origin and motives for spread of the disease than with the manner…

TRUMP RUNS FED Next Stop: Out Of Town?

By Wayne Jett     On March 27, 2020, Bloomberg published an opinion describing new operations planned by the Federal Reserve and U. S. Treasury involving highly significant moves to finance, purchase and own commercial paper, corporate bonds, term asset-backed securities and to lend to medium-size and small businesses. This “… essentially merges the Fed and Treasury…

ENDING THE 1901 PLAN Storm Arrives To Deal With It

By Wayne Jett     Since the 2016 campaign for U. S. president began, Americans have witnessed an intense demonstration of the globalist cabal’s influence in the three branches of federal government. This remarkable learning experience was made possible by the historic election of an anti-cabal president, Donald J. Trump, who has benefited from adequate personal security…

THE GRAFTING TRIANGLE Money Pot, Grafter and Bagman

By Wayne Jett     President Donald Trump gently expressed to the new president of Ukraine an interest in learning the propriety of a business relationship between Burisma Holdings, the largest energy company in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter. This so much incensed the House Democrat majority they have impeached the U. S. president and urged the Senate…