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GREAT NEWS!! Military Blocks Insurrection

GREAT NEWS!! Military Blocks Insurrection By Wayne Jett © January 23, 2021 This is a time of extraordinary stress for many Americans, but the stress is caused by lack of vital information – not by true facts on the ground in the historic conflict now underway. Most Americans are unaware that the U. S. military…


By Wayne Jett      The constitutional republic called America is threatened at present. The federal national government was established in 1787 and later revised to include limits that require honoring God-given rights of citizens. Now, reports indicate treasonous domestic interests have linked with foreign powers in a conspiracy to defeat the Constitution’s design for fair…

TRUMP SECOND TERM About To Be Confirmed

By Wayne Jett      The globalist cabal’s control of mainstream media in America has paved the way for ultimate failure of both the cabal and the MSM in the near term. Their capacity to flood the news markets of America with same-speak propaganda completely pleasing to themselves but easily recognized by the public as repugnant lies…

BESIEGED AMERICA Will Defeat The Globalists

By Wayne Jett      As we watched, any semblance of fair and trustworthy voting and counting of ballots for election of America’s president vanished in a half-dozen of our 50 states. Much of this happened outside our view, some behind closed doors, other while we slept, all of it in the nature of what criminals…


By Wayne Jett      Our 2020 has featured a bioweapon attack against human health shutting Americans away from their work, their churches and schools; great social complications arising from an internationally financed insurgency burning and looting businesses, restaurants and homes; and, a fourth year of unfounded accusations against an immensely popular president, culminating in a vacuous,…


By Wayne Jett      For many Americans, the most memorable presidential campaign in our lifetimes – featuring President Donald J. Trump barn-storming three-to-five enormous rallies daily in major swing states through Monday, November 2, versus former Vice President Joe Biden rarely emerging from his basement to address a gathering worthy of being called a crowd…

BIDEN PLOT REVEALED Sell Out America To China!

By Wayne Jett      As Americans vote in their most consequential election ever, a plot is revealed by which one candidate, Democrat Joe Biden, planned secretly to sell out our most vital national interests to the remaining Communist power in the world: China. A retired officer of the U. S. Navy – courted by the Biden…

PACKING THE COURT Institutions Threaten Human Rights

By Wayne Jett      At the recent debate between candidates for U. S. Vice President, Democrat candidate Kamala Harris declined to answer whether a presidential administration headed by Joseph Biden would change federal law to “pack” the U. S. Supreme Court by adding more seats to be filled by left-leaning justices. Packing the Court with…

AMERICA AND RUSSIA Long Term Allies (Minus Communist Cold War)

By Wayne Jett      If you view Russia as a Communist country and America’s most likely military adversary, your views are both common and erroneous. The globalist cabal’s Deep State and “shadow government” influences over mainstream media, also known as “Fake News,” have promoted these untruths, hoping to end all national republics so as to…

CONFRONTING CHINA Required A Political Outsider

By Wayne Jett      While mainstream media gave much more attention to the false narrative of Russian interference in the 2016 U. S. presidential election, perhaps the most significant “America First” accomplishment of the Donald Trump presidency to date has been realignment of relations between America and China. China is also known as Red China…