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Make Their Case (Poorly)
By Wayne Jett © August 11, 2019     

     When four former chairmen of the Federal Reserve board of governors express views jointly, as they did last week in the Wall Street Journal, you may rightly conclude they hope their numbers will persuade where their reasoning does not. If any other Fed chairman were surviving, the four could easily have added to their number.     

     Not one Federal Reserve chairman would dissent from the view that the Fed should have complete independence of operation except for general statutory policy goals set by Congress. And every Fed governor would insist that the Fed ought never to be subjected to an independent audit determining what the organization has done, or its financial condition. Complete text here.               
News From The Front
By Wayne Jett © August 4, 2019

     Millions of Americans and many more worldwide (i.e., those who took the red pill) now see Qanon as a primary source of insights into major issues. SerialBrain2, as reported here on July 17, is another anonymous entity closely followed for assistance in interpreting Qanon and decoding communications from the U. S. president or, on rare occasions, others around the president. In mid-July, SB2 announced that geoengineering operations (chemtrails to some) had been ended by the U. S. Army acting on orders from President Donald Trump. Since then, SB2 has reported on the subject three times more. Complete text here.

***Guest Essay***
An Inconvenient Truth

By Robert M. L. Baker, Jr., Ph.D., and Merrilee Reid © July 29, 2019

     Why, over the last several million years, did glaciers form and melt every 100,000 years or so?   

     It could not have been human global warming that caused them to melt since there were no people around – no anthropogenic effect. By golly, it was Celestial Mechanics that did it! Complete text here.
First Signs of Hope

By Wayne Jett © July 17, 2019

      Since the specter of geoengineering first appeared in the consciousness of those who rose to fight it, news from the worldwide battlefront has been bad and worsening daily. To this day, most Americans remain unaware (or unmoved) that our own military and government agencies have deployed against us deadly technologies described at a 2001 NASA symposium as a “mechanical analog of biological weapons of mass destruction.” Now, seemingly at the brink of doom, reports are in that the U. S. Army has acted to curtail the geoengineering onslaught and to begin remedying widespread damage done by it. Complete text here.
Which Is Economically Illiterate?
By Wayne Jett © July 10, 2019

     Eureka! Today we find a rare opportunity to confront the misled acolytes of John Maynard Keynes, who, sometimes unknowingly, attempt to advance the cause of global mercantilism by denigrating the principles of classical economics. President Donald Trump recently nominated Dr. Judy Shelton to become a governor on the board of the Federal Reserve - a selection previously recommended here - but she is vehemently opposed by those who control the U. S. outpost of mercantilism known as the Federal Reserve System.

     Shelton is opposed by the mercantilists because she is an exponent of sound money, meaning currency which maintains stable value over time, and she maintains that stable value in currency is best achieved by using a “gold standard” methodology to manage the currency system. For this offense, Shelton has already been called "macro-economically illiterate" by a University of Chicago defender of the mercantilist Fed. Let’s examine whether economic illiteracy best describes classical economic theory or Keynesianism. Complete text here.
Than All Central Banks Combined Now!

By Wayne Jett © June 25, 2019

     Today ZeroHedge headlined “America's Adversaries Are Buying Gold Like A Nuke Is Going Off Tomorrow.” But the reported tonnages of gold bought by all central banks combined in 2018, or in 2019, pale in comparison to gold purchases made annually by the U. S. alone during each of FDR’s eight years (1933 through 1940) of the Great Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt hoarded monstrous amounts of gold in U. S. Treasury vaults as hundreds of thousands of Americans died of starvation each and every year. Complete text here.

Trade Talks Must Succeed

By Wayne Jett © June 23, 2019

     Thirty years ago, President George Bush hustled Americans along the road to a “new world order,” code words meaning an end to nations with elected representative governments. Bush 41 put the North American Free Trade Agreement into place, and his protégé and successor, President Bill Clinton, admitted China to the World Trade Organization in 1995. These two deals obtained cheap, foreign-made goods for U. S. consumers, but undercut the crucial employment of the U. S. industrial-manufacturing base. Combining this glaring flaw with unsound Keynesian monetary policies implemented by the Federal Reserve has produced extreme concerns which now require balancing the foreign trade current account and reforming U. S. currency based on sound money principles. Complete text here.
U. S. Owes Fed. Fed Owes Us!

By Wayne Jett © June 10, 2019

     Most Americans think of the Federal Reserve – if at all – as owning much of the debt owed by the federal government, managing interest rates and setting monetary policy. As recently detailed here, the Fed actually owes much more debt than it owns. Who are the creditors to whom the Fed owes its debt? Those creditors are you and everyone in the world who hold dollars accepted as payment for labor, a product or a debt. You see, the dollar is a promissory note – not real money – although the promise inferred is hard to find in writing and may be hopeless to enforce in any court of law. Complete text here.
Liberate US From Mercantilism

By Wayne Jett © June 7, 2019

     Select any important aspect of American life: finance, banking, economic policy, politics, environmental policy, religion, education, communications media or entertainment. Examine and you will find it is dominated by the vastly powerful global cabal which seeks the near-term end of every nation. This does not describe a capitalist society. It describes the medieval system of social domination called mercantilism – the mortal enemy of capitalism – as it has existed across much of the world for the past 400+ years. Complete text here.
Do NOT Nationalize FED Debts!
By Wayne Jett © May 22, 2019

     Finally, after more than a century, Americans have installed a truly reform (some say revolutionary) administration in Washington to restore constitutional government. Urgently needed reforms include return to equal justice under law with full respect for the Bill of Rights, and return to sound money. Ending the Federal Reserve is essential, but “nationalization” would be a big mistake. The Fed is the world’s biggest debtor, and the federal government should not assume that debt. Complete text here.
Consider Roberts, Laffer, Shelton, Paul!

By Wayne Jett © May 11, 2019

     President Trump has two empty seats to fill on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, which is the primary outpost of Rothschild central banks occupying nations of the world. Two presidential nominees recently fell victim to opposition from those who prefer continuation of mercantilist policies promoting inflation alternating with unemployment. Recognizing that anything connected to the Fed is enemy-occupied territory, the president and the nation can benefit by having two capable “friendlies” filling those empty seats. Complete text here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ______________________________________________________________________________
*An Essay*
Find and Fix The Real Problems
By Wayne Jett © April 29, 2019

     Some of the most literate among us seem unaware that neither the American nor the global economic system is capitalism. Evidence is irrefutable that we are the subjects of a monstrous socio-economic system called mercantilism, imposed for centuries by a global cabal of ruling families once called “kingmakers.” Yet media speakers and writers insist capitalism is the culprit and must be radically reformed or – dare we say – decapitated. Doing as they advise would be akin to convicting a defendant of a crime despite clear proof of mistaken identity. Complete text here.
One Criterion: No Keynesians!
By Wayne Jett © April 24, 2019

     President Donald Trump is authorized by federal law to appoint two additional members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, subject to confirmation by a majority of the Senate. The president recently named two candidates, Stephen Moore and Herman Cain, but subsequently withdrew the second of these at Mr. Cain’s request. Steve Moore is already experiencing headwinds because he does not toe the Keynesian ideological line as required to satisfy the economics Establishment. Complete text here.

America Mugged By Mercantilism

By Wayne Jett © April 9, 2019

     America does not have a capitalist economy, nor has America been capitalist within the life spans of anyone living or their grandparents. Yet capitalism is blamed for every economic ill, and presently – yet again – the call is sounded to reform capitalism. Here is a more accurate phrasing of what our policy goals should be in 2019: End mercantilism and install a capitalist economy. Complete text here.
Trump Lifts Henry George's Sword

By Wayne Jett © March 19, 2019

     Few now are aware that Henry George, near the end of the 19th Century, was one of three most admired men in America. George’s 1880 book Progress & Poverty sold two million copies worldwide in many languages, describing what caused poverty and a simple tax reform which would end it. But George died (of “stroke”) four days before his potential election as mayor of New York City in 1897. Seemingly overnight George’s name and ideas were wiped from public awareness in America. Complete text here.
Stay Alert For The Actions

By Wayne Jett © March 10, 2019

     Mockingbird media are already singing away about the U. S. presidential race of 2020. Do not be misled. Events of 2019 are likely to change the American political landscape dramatically, perhaps making what follows in 2020 seem anti-climactic. But whether 2020 will divulge consequential events can be dealt with when it arrives, in another ten months. Meanwhile, mid-March of 2019 has dramatic potential, as do the days and weeks following. Complete text here.

From Mercantilism Towards Capitalism
By Wayne Jett © March 3, 2019

     The Storm that seemed imminently arriving last September provided some blowing and bluster, but ultimately may be remembered as only the outer swirls of the tempest to come. Mid-term elections came without major revelations about the former Democrat administration or the Clinton campaign. Election tallies returned House leadership to the wealthy, aging matriarch of San Francisco and Napa Valley, Nancy Pelosi. What economic influences and conditions can we expect to affect Americans in 2019? Complete text here.
Powered By Deeds, Not By Rhetoric

By Wayne Jett © February 12, 2019

     President Trump’s report to Congress on the status of national affairs has been described by many as the best ever delivered by a U. S. president. Though the oratory was well suited to its purposes, the ingredients which set the speech above others were the important accomplishments of the president’s first two years in office. There stood Donald Trump, a businessman by experience, relating achievements unmatched by any other leader in American history. Complete text here.
*An Essay*
Planning, Actions and Objectives

By Wayne Jett © December 13, 2018

     The Great Depression produced such extreme hardship that starvation took the lives of millions of people in America and millions more around the world. This essay offers a concise summary of the actions taken by and through two U. S. presidents, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, to impose the Great Depression upon Americans and other nations around the world.

     At the outset, you are provided a prelude of the planning and motives for this “pivotal economic event of the 20th Century.” At the end, consider the postlude reference to testimony by a Russian elitist operative in 1938 under interrogation by Stalin’s secret police stating the significance of the 1929 Crash and the roles of FDR and his spouse in “the ‘real’ revolution.” Complete text here.
Leave The Connection Alone!
By Wayne Jett © December 4, 2018

     When President Donald Trump convened a magisterial dinner for his most important military leaders and their wives in early October, 2017, during a picture-taking interlude the president commented “you may be seeing the calm before the storm.” Later the same month, the extraordinary entity called Qanon appeared on alternative media communication sites in cyberspace. And the rest, as often said, is history – except that Qanon continues reporting history in advance on a daily basis. Those who know this, both exponents and opponents, are staying tuned. Complete text here.
Stay The Course
By Wayne Jett © December 3, 2018

     Last December 29, less than one year ago, our report announced the arrival of what President Donald Trump had called “the Storm.” Indeed, the Storm had arrived eight days earlier when the president’s executive order became effective declaring a national emergency to deal with serious human rights abuses and corruption. This powerful EO, which freezes assets worldwide of each person or entity named in a growing list, has been highly relevant to national and international affairs from its inception. Now, with 2018 mid-term campaigning completed, more of the Storm’s actions will move into the open, enabling the public to observe more of what it craves: actions against criminals who have subverted national interests. Complete text here.


Voting Fraud Rampant In Federal Elections

By Wayne Jett © November 13, 2018

     Recall only a week ago when so many Americans were looking forward to the elections being in the rear-view mirror – no more political attack ads – and life could get back to normal. Turns out that was more of the calm before the Storm. The tempo of political events clicked noticeably higher one day after the official voting day, but one week later is still only a hint of the tempest to come. Complete text here.                                                                                                                                    

Why None, When So Much Is At Stake?

By Wayne Jett © November 1, 2018

      We’ve heard it said more than once by President Trump himself: the voting set for November 6, 2018, may be the most important mid-term elections in American history. If this is so – as it seems to be presently – then why have we not seen an “October Surprise” worthy of the stable genius in the White House? Certainly more than one among us predicted important disclosures by now of long-sought facts or truths capable of shocking the consciences of the voting public. Yet none so far. Did something go wrong? Complete text here.
White Hats vs. Ruling Elite

Wayne Jett © October 19, 2018   

     Many have noticed the Trump presidency is extraordinary in more ways than one. Here is one way. In decades and centuries past, when a non-Establishment candidate has been elected to the White House, he has been promptly dispatched by gunshot, always by a crazed or extremist “lone gunman.” If Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy or Reagan had been as well prepared and protected as Trump has been to date, America likely would be a different and far better place than we know today. Complete text here.
Total Public Revulsion Lies Ahead

By Wayne Jett © October 9, 2018

     If you think partisan opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation as Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court tested limits of distasteful conduct, gird yourself. Elitist Establishment puppets tried their hardest to block any further advance towards the disclosures and prosecutions to come, but they failed. Soon we will see revelations of large scale crimes against the American republic and our people. After that, each of us, especially our leadership, will need cast-iron resolve to see justice done for the enormous evil that has ravaged our nation and the world far longer than any of us knew. Complete text here.
Schumer/Pelosi Obstruct Disclosure

By Wayne Jett © September 19, 2018

     After weeks of patient deference, President Trump on Monday ordered specific information contained in documents created by Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation employees to be disclosed to the public. Now four leaders of minority Democrats in the House and Senate have attempted to countermand the presidential order and prevent declassification of the information so the public may know its contents. Complete text here.
DC Swamp Creatures Panic

By Wayne Jett © September 18, 2018

     Any storm – a hurricane, a typhoon, a tornado, a cyclone – is difficult to describe when it envelops you. Many things happen at once, each extreme in its effects. Months ago, President Donald Trump suggested we were seeing "the calm before the storm." The Storm has now penetrated the mists of the DC Swamp, so the creatures there are panicking – whether to attack or to escape, they do not know.

     The swamp creatures' confusion stems from their mistaken belief that the 20 months since Donald Trump’s inauguration have been dominated by their storm of protests against his leadership. No – those 20 months have been the “calm” during which the power bases of the global ruling cabal have been taken or identified for future action. Now comes the Storm they never thought would occur. Complete text here.

What Was It’s Source?
By Wayne Jett © September 4, 2018

     Independent reviews of financial records for two departments of the U. S. government have reported finding $21 trillion for which neither the source nor the use of the funds can be identified. How can this be true, when $21 trillion far exceeds the entire budgets of both departments, which are the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)? The shocking answer is that it can be and is true, and implications for American self-government prove the necessity of revolutionary reform. Complete text here.

Currency Amounts Beyond Comprehension

By Wayne Jett © August 30, 2018

     Project Insignia, described as an investigation into Deep State cocaine trafficking, made a gigantic data dump of its findings on or about August 24, 2018.  Information and documents are so voluminous as to defy concise description, but a start must be made. Operatives working behind cover of a major U. S. “intelligence” construct (call it “Crooks In Action”) had possession of very large assets after World War II, gained either by military, clandestine, criminal or a combination of such activities. Complete text here.
Please, Lord, Not Another Like The 20th!!

By Wayne Jett © August 23, 2018

     The infamous Plan for a New American Century wished for a “new Pearl Harbor” to jump-start the 21st Century towards PNAC’s goals. Those goals included taking control of major energy reserves in the Middle East and Central Asia. The “new Pearl Harbor” took shape on September 11, 2001, in the destruction of the World Trade Center, Buildings 1, 2 and 7, and the explosion at the Pentagon. Most Americans viewed 9/11 as a woeful day. PNAC planners saw it as a busy day at the office with some miscues, but ultimately their hoped-for “new Pearl Harbor." Complete text here.
What Will It Mean?

By Wayne Jett © July 26, 2018

     The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System presently has three members. The chairman and vice-chairman of the Board are appointees of President Trump. The third sitting governor was appointed in 2014. Four vacancies exist on the seven-member board, which President Trump plans to fill soon. The president’s appointees already have control of the Fed board. But POTUS will add board members to assist in the work to be done, which includes a currency reset and ending the Fed. Complete text here.

Two Great Christian Nations

By Wayne Jett © July 21, 2018

     America and Russia are not eternally sworn enemies. America and Russia have never fought on opposite sides of any war. For seven decades of the 20th Century, Russia was occupied and tormented by evil forces known as “Bolsheviks” infiltrated and financed by the ruling elite of the West. After enormous suffering and loss of tens of millions of lives (mostly Christians), the Russian people prevailed and recovered their nationhood. Today, Russians share common cause with Americans as both face existential threats from the same ruling elitist cabal. Indeed, the two nations appear to be acting already in alliance against the cabal. Complete text here.
End the Fed and TBTF Banks
By Wayne Jett © July 8, 2018
     If the current American economic system were capitalism, then blaming capitalism for the horrible plight inherited by President Trump might make sense. But capitalism lost much of its role in America when the global ruling elite got their privately owned Federal Reserve in 1913 and imposed the Great Depression beginning in October, 1929. Since then, mercantilism has ruled economic affairs in the U. S. and the world. But now, with uprooting of the elitist cabal on Trump’s agenda (per “The Plan” exposed by #Q-Anon), capitalism’s window of opportunity for return may be opening. Complete text here.

Jet Blue Hijacking Averted at JFK

By Wayne Jett © July 3, 2018

      U. S. military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel are presently engaged in operations worldwide to take down and bury the ruling elitist cabal. The cabal is the alliance of ruling families that has bedeviled humanity and every living thing for the past 1,000 years. Complete text here.


To Save The World

By Wayne Jett

June 26, 2018

     For years now, through this website and my book The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now, I have undertaken to inform the public of historical facts that few want to hear or believe. All of us – including many who consider themselves wealthy, well-educated and elite – have been targets all our lives of an active plot to pull us down and to destroy us. Now you may view, in the link below, a brief video summarizing this reality, plus much more: the plan and capabilities presently put into action to end this monstrous tyranny and to bring to justice those who have participated in imposing it on the world. Here is the video documentary produced by Joe Masepoes entitled “Q-Anon: The Plan To Save The World.” Do not miss this opportunity, and listen closely. Same text here.

Fiat Currency & Deficit Spending

By Wayne Jett © June 24, 2018

     The Federal Reserve took only 20 years to destroy the “good money” U. S. dollar that existed before the Fed was created in 1913. That “good money” dollar entitled the holder to exchange it for a stated amount of gold ($20.67/oz) at any bank. Promptly after taking office as president in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt ordered every American owning gold to surrender it in exchange for $20.67/oz, thereby ending “good money” and creating the paper dollar. Complete text here.

Infant Justice Arrives June 11, 2018

By Wayne Jett © June 9, 2018

     Many already are aware that Monday, June 11, is predicted to be a very important day. If you are not in-the-know, you still have a chance to be. No, the extraordinary events of June 11 will not be the U. S. presidential summit with North Korea and South Korea – scheduled for June 12 in Singapore (which is largely June 11 here). June 11 is forecast to make the Korean summit pale in comparison, though by any measure Korean peace and re-unification is very important in world affairs. So what will June 11 bring bigger than that? Complete text here.
Vatican and City of London "Messages Delivered"

By Wayne Jett © May 19, 2018

     Two of the most powerful and corrupt financial centers in the world are imminently at risk of being pulled down and uprooted. The Vatican is one and its affiliate the City of London is the other. Each has been identified by Qanon, the reputed source of U. S. military support for constitutional government, as points of interest presently in “the plan” to remove the ruling elite cabal from power in the world. Do not expect this outcome to be long in coming. Complete text here.
Make Government Stop It!
By Wayne Jett © May 15, 2018

     The plan of the global ruling elite to exterminate all humans except themselves and their selected slaves has been in writing, in English, since 1901. The scrivener (or shill) who wrote the plan, H. G. Wells, was promptly invited into halls of power around the world, including the White Houses of both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, the Kremlin of Joseph Stalin and, of course, palaces of west European royalty. The plan expressly stated among its goals that, by the year 2000, ascendant nations must learn how to “poison” unwanted human populations. The elitist cabal is behind schedule and frustrated in 2018, but working hard to catch up. Complete text here.
A Better Future Is At Hand

By Wayne Jett © April 29, 2018

       Equal Justice Under Law. Those four words are emblazoned above the entry of the Supreme Court of the United States. A worthy goal in civil society – fair and impartial treatment of every individual according to the same reasonable standards – but one on which U. S. government has fallen far short. Today even its assertion as a goal seems more ruse than reality. Indeed, America in recent years nearly re-proved the maxim that a society which fails to provide equal justice under law will not survive. Complete text here.
Ruling Elite Armed and Dangerous
By Wayne Jett © April 17, 2018

     Many Americans remain unaware the most consequential war in human history is being fought right now – silently and out of view. In recorded history, no force, military or otherwise, has undertaken to depose and destroy the cabal of ruling elite which aims to control and exploit every nation. Success of this silent war depends upon strength of many minds and courage of many actors – not upon total absence of human frailty in one elected leader.

      Unlike other wars of the past 150 years, this silent war is taking place within the U. S., at least substantially. A time may come soon when you will need to act decisively to protect the well-being of your family and perhaps those around you during events that are out of the ordinary in recent American history. You should prepare now by learning all you can about what is occurring and is likely to come. Complete text here.
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

By Wayne Jett © March 26, 2018

     Public uproar among supporters of President Donald Trump over his signing of the Omnibus Budget Bill arises from poor understanding of the political, financial and military battles in progress and on the horizon. Each reader of the past four reports issued here at Classical Capital (commencing with TRUMP’S STORM BEGINS on Dec. 29, 2017) sees the OBB as merely a necessary tactic in the counter-coup against the swamp creatures. Indeed, you may rest assured that Trump will turn even this financial monstrosity into an important win for the people before the money is out the door. Complete text here.
Fed and Deep State Agencies Will Go

By Wayne Jett © March 8, 2018

     Some are impatient with the pace of events since the election of 2016; they cry out for punishment of major crimes committed by public figures, still uncharged. If you are such a person, consider finding information sources outside controlled media. In reality, the pace of action is astonishing and stakes are enormous. When our history is written (assuming we and the “white hats” prevail, and some of us get to write it), the American Revolutionary War may appear as an early skirmish in the battles now to be decided. Complete text here.

And End the Federal Reserve
By Wayne Jett © February 7, 2018

     Financial markets are selling off after euphoric gains which followed Clinton’s failure to take the U. S. presidency. Predictably, mavens of Wall Street call for Federal Reserve action to save the economy. Anyone holding that opinion should take notice: while stock prices were rising, the real action was in the corridors of law, justice and national defense. A new sheriff in town is deposing the world’s ruling elite, who will no longer own or control their Federal Reserve. Complete text here.


HIC Memo Reveals Plan to Destroy America

By Wayne Jett © January 27, 2018

      The Republican majority of the House Intelligence Committee has prepared a 4-page memo summarizing evidence relating to criminal misconduct in connection with the U. S. presidential election of 2016. This memo is classified as Top Secret, but has been made available to all House members for reading (not copying) in supervised conditions. Several House members who read it have made general statements about the unsettling nature of what they learned, and have urged that the memo be de-classified and released to the public at the earliest date possible. Complete text here.
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