From Current Obscurity

By Wayne Jett © July 23, 2022

     A recent report of communications between President Donald J. Trump and the U. S. Military High Command re-confirms that the 45th president, before his first term expired, invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807. However, the same report has Trump asserting to the MHC commanding general that he did so conditionally by insisting that he retain discretionary supervision as president over military actions to defeat and punish the insurrectionists.

     The MHC has numerous successes to its credit in apprehending and punishing some of those who acted treasonously to subvert the American federal elections of November 3, 2020. But a significant number of military officers in the MHC’s upper ranks have urged that evidence supports many more arrests and trials than President Trump has permitted.

     Notwithstanding these fervently expressed concerns, President Trump reportedly contends that he has control of such strategy and tactics, including who can be arrested and when. The MHC commanding officer, General David H. Berger of the U. S. Marine Corps, was selected by President Trump. General Berger firmly states that his approach to defeating and punishing the insurrection in cooperation with the guidance of President Trump will continue to its successful conclusion.

     From January 18, 2021, to the present, this unprecedented American dilemma has enabled an illicit federal administration to be assembled and presented through complicit media to the American public and to other nations of the world as duly elected and empowered to act on behalf of the American federal government. Surely other national governments are better informed of the truth of the matter than many (perhaps most) Americans, who still suffer the ugly twin afflictions of controlled media and illicit rule by criminals with sordid intentions towards Americans who firmly rejected them at the polls on November 3, 2020.

                                                                                 The Pelosi-Cheney J6 Insurrection Hearings

     In the context of the on-going military campaign to defeat and to punish those who subverted and stole elections of November 3, 2020, those who fear most the sword of justice wielded by the Military High Command are pressing for at least a House resolution condemning President Trump as an insurrectionist. Recall that President Trump spoke to a large crowd outside the White House on January 6, 2021, while the filing and counting of electoral votes in the presidential election were still to be accomplished. Later the same day, in the Capitol building located near the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, an unarmed American woman – an honorably discharged veteran of military service – was inexplicably shot to death by a House security officer, after other House security officers were filmed moving barricades aside and waving invitations to the January 6 public crowd to enter the Capitol building.

     The objective of those attempting to get the January 6 “break-in” declared to be “an insurrection” is likely to enable those who subverted the 2020 elections to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and seek military support for their globalist objectives. Reportedly such military support may  be found in command ranks of the Army, Air Force and National Guard. The globalist objectives presumably would be to arrest President Trump and others who support him, then subject them to trial and execution under rules of martial law. Plainly stated, those who subverted the 2020 elections may hope to find refuge by instigating warfare among the American military services.

     Big media and other Deep State allies in government and academia still pillory Russia’s elected President Vladimir Putin, depicting him as a Communist dictator who seized control of a bankrupt nation which he exploits for personal gain and power. A more accurate portrait would show Putin to have played a central role in defeating the globalist cabal’s Communist apparatchiks and expelling them from Russia. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia today is considerably less a captive of the cabal’s Deep State than America was even under President Trump or is presently under the “Biden” regime.

     To illustrate, Putin’s military undertakings do not appear burdened by globalist influences which would prefer to see Russia defeated and weakened in Ukraine so as to increase the prospects of invasion by Europe, China or America. By contrast, the regime presently touted by MSM as legitimately governing America is doing everything imaginable on all fronts to weaken our nation politically, economically, socially and militarily. The case that America is vulnerable on all fronts is difficult to refute.

                                                                                                     From Here To Victory

     Yet Americans have underway a determined effort to expunge the Deep State from its positions of power in our federal and state governments, our educational institutions, and in business and finance. This is truly an historic and monumental task, but miraculously we have the work in progress. Even those who have experienced decades of America’s economic and social down-slide under the ruthless onslaught of globalist tools in government, business and academia may soon witness the recovery of treasured freedoms, optimism and success.

     Our national success must and will include a central, successful role for America in the economically allied nations presently known as BRIICS, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, China and South Africa. Success of that commercial alliance will be assured by victory in the current military and diplomatic war by America and allied governments against principals of the globalist cabal and their Deep State operatives.

     One further brief but significant point: The prime minister of Italy is reported to have resigned and the Italian parliament has been dissolved. This has been described byknowledgeable observers as pivotal in the impending defeat and collapse of the globalist cabal. If that goal can be achieved, the nations of the world will experience the most positive victory for humanity in a thousand years.

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