The globalist cabal’s control of mainstream media in America has paved the way for ultimate failure of both the cabal and the MSM in the near term. Their capacity to flood the news markets of America with same-speak propaganda completely pleasing to themselves but easily recognized by the public as repugnant lies has become their downfall.

The great majority of voting Americans know they re-elected President Donald Trump by landslide margins. They will not permit their votes to be nullified by behind-the-curtains puppet-masters. To do so would bring the end of the American republic, since no future vote could be assured or trusted.

Election Crimes In Six States

The manner in which Georgia’s secretary of state and governor conducted its November 3 election of the U. S. president and vice-president failed to comply with Georgia’s own statutory laws enacted to assure fair recording and counting of votes. A Georgia State Senate committee investigated and concluded that the November 3 election conducted within the state “was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy.”

The same or worse may be presumed provable regarding the vote counting in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona, plus perhaps New Mexico and other states as well, pending their own direct investigations. In Pennsylvania, for example, Republican legislators reviewing records of the election found that the number of votes cast for president in the state exceeded the number of voters by more than 202,000 – thereby indicating that the tabulation of votes between the two candidates was untrustworthy and incapable of determining the winner of the presidential race in the state. 

The violations of their own enacted statutes governing tabulation and counting of votes in each of these states are not mere technicalities having no significant legal effects. To the contrary, each of the miscreant states experienced gross vote counting misconduct perpetrated by responsible election officials and subordinates.

Computerized Vote Counting Fraud

 The vote counting misconduct began with selection by elected state officials of Dominion Voting Systems – a private company with easily discovered ties to election-stealing in South America and elsewhere – for use in tabulating votes of certain states. This act alone raises a presumption of corruption on the part of officials making that selection. DVS computerized voting equipment is designed and programmed to enable vote “flipping” from one candidate to another, to apportion votes in a manner favoring one candidate over an opponent, and to enable modification of vote counting by off-site parties “hacking” into DVS equipment from international locations

All of this fraudulent vote tabulation capability was coupled with flexibility provided to vote-counters by pandemic-inspired excuses for counting mail-in ballots from persons who had not requested a mail-in ballot, or who were not registered voters, or who were found to be long deceased, or who had no identifiable residence in the state, or some combination of the foregoing.

A comprehensive report of election fraud issued December 17 by White House advisor Peter Navarro reported that the number of votes cast in Wisconsin under the names of deceased persons was almost exactly the margin of Biden’s reported win over Trump. Navarro also reported that the six states analyzed followed almost uniformly the same patterns of improper conduct aimed at tilting the vote count dramatically to make Biden appear to be the winner.


The Twelfth Amendment

In this circumstance, Amendment 12 of the U. S. Constitution provides the roadmap, such as it is, by which the winner of the presidential election is to be determined. The Vice President presides over a joint session of Congress during which the certified and sealed vote-counts received by each presidential candidate and by each vice presidential candidate are submitted by each state. The Vice President supervises the opening of each certified and sealed submission, hears any objection raised regarding the submission and rules on its disposition.

If, upon completion of this process, one candidate for president has received a majority of all electoral votes based on winning a majority of votes in states holding such electoral votes, that candidate is designated as the elected president. In the same manner, the winning candidate for vice president is designated.

If, however, no candidate for president or for vice president receives a majority of all electoral votes for the office sought, the House of Representatives shall then immediately choose the President from among the top three candidates for President in the national election. In so choosing, each state delegation in the House shall have one vote and the President shall be the candidate who receives a majority of the states’ votes.

When taking the polling of votes with one vote for each state as just related, the 12th Amendment further provides specifically that “a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all states shall be necessary to a choice.” This provision enables the required quorum for the counting of votes to be satisfied by attendance of only one representative from two-thirds of all states.

Thus, the House can act upon electing the President when 34 states have at least one representative present and authorized to cast a state’s vote. At least 34 states with a Republican representative willing to attend and cast the one vote as authorized by his/her state legislature would achieve the quorum required for action on the president’s election. Twenty-six or more states casting their vote for President Trump within such a quorum would secure his re-election.

Obey The Constitution, Not The Media

This is not merely a case of sour grapes by a losing candidate or resentment of attempted election fraud. At stake in this dispute are the sanctity of Americans’ right to vote in fair elections and the survival of the American republic itself. If the globalist cabal succeeds in stealing this election so openly, so flagrantly – deposing the most popular and effective president in American history after a landslide victory over an inept and corrupt opponent – Americans may never recover their God-given human rights which the Constitution binds the government to respect.

This attempted theft of the American presidential election should be called out and treated as crossing a line that cannot be crossed. The perpetrators of attempted election fraud against Americans ought to be prosecuted and their foreign accomplices dealt with firmly. If a declaration of martial law is necessary for the purpose of defeating and punishing the treasonous conduct, then so be it. Yielding to treason is a far worse course of action for the American republic and for the world than a frank acknowledgment that some Americans have engaged in treasonous acts with the aid of foreign powers.