Despite relentless attacks against him since his 2016 election, President Donald Trump’s economic, social and political wins during his first three years in the White House have been impressive. Now the president’s antagonists are about to learn what a full counter-assault is, as contrasted with the holding action Trump has fielded against their attacks to date. The year 2020 will mark the time when “winning” becomes more easily distinguishable from “losing.”
     Hopefully, for the sake of long-term American social viability, losing will become a valuable learning experience for those in the American public who have been President Trump’s persistent opponents. Americans describing themselves as such have been badly misled by untruthful propaganda taught as academic dogma and spread daily through major electronic and print media. Essentially all such sources of learning have been controlled by anti-social, anti-national, globalist cabals for most of the past century, and longer in elitist outposts. The same influences have controlled almost all candidates of both major U. S. political parties since 1884.

The 1901 Plan

     Understanding the conflict between President Trump and his opponents requires awareness of the 1901 plan assiduously pursued by the globalist cabal throughout the 20th Century and to date. The 1901 plan stated in detail the means and methods by which those entitled to rule the world would destroy the “middle class” entirely and would “poison” all “people of the abyss” deemed unwanted and unneeded as servants or slaves.

     The 1901 plan told how each national government would be weakened by a “shadow government” until it collapsed and fell into full control by the global cabal of rulers. A network of privately owned central banks would take control of all currency creation. A graduated income tax would attack and confiscate the middle class’ hallmark means of self-support: earned income. Tax-exempt trusts, also called charitable foundations, would shield the wealth of the rulers’ cabal and its supporters. Publishers would monitor and censor the content of books.
     The British writer who claimed authorship of the 1901 plan, H. G. Wells, was promptly invited to the White House as the honored guest of President Theodore Roosevelt in the company of American intellectuals, including Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. After publication of his small book containing the plan, Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought (Harper & Brothers, New York and London: 1901), Wells frequently visited kings, queens and other powerful officials throughout Europe (including Joseph Stalin in the USSR) and America. These included at least three extended visits with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor at the White House, essentially as emissary between the globalist cabal and heads of national governments.

Emergence of the Trump Presidency

     Americans and other nations worldwide experienced the evil designs of the 1901 plan throughout the 20th Century and the first two decades of the 21st. Some alert Americans protested “one-worlder” globalism during mid-20th Century door-to-door political campaigns. But public awareness of globalist plans faded as elitist influence of public education and major media advanced persistently.

     This is the historical context within which Donald J. Trump entered onto the U. S. presidential stage in 2015.  He paid for his Republican Party nomination campaign from his own resources rather than accept money from the globalist cabal through its Establishment operatives. And as president elected by a substantial majority of Electoral College votes, President Trump mounted a counter-attack to save Americans from the cabal’s tender mercies.
     In 2016, the globalist cabal was only a few years behind in its schedule for poisoning unwanted humans, and had numerous operations underway to achieve that outcome. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan had made limited moves against the cabal, but had insufficient personal security to succeed. JFK was viciously murdered in broad daylight, with the official report of the event still filled with lies, and RR was shot almost fatally only months after taking office, eventually serving two terms under constant threat of assassination.
     President Trump’s physical safety is far better secured than was the case for his predecessors, and he has more comprehensive awareness of cabal operations, practices and players. The cabal has made every effort to remove him from power for three years, but has failed.

     Special Counsel Mueller’s legal task force in the Justice Department spent two years trying to charge the president with a crime, but could find none. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee spent a third year concocting two unsupported impeachment charges against him. Yet the president is now almost surely poised to “go public” in 2020 with his first major counter-offensive against the globalist cabal and its network of operatives.

The Trump 2020 Agenda

     Will this anticipated offensive begin in the first week, the first month or the first quarter of 2020? Most observers will concede that President Trump’s senses of timing and tactics are formidable and nearly impossible to anticipate. These intangibles will add suspense as the year advances towards Election Day, November 3, less than ten months from today. But suspense is likely to be overwhelmed by actions sooner.
     Many are hopeful these actions will return America closer to its declared social principle of Equal Justice Under Law than has been experienced by those of us now living. Will the Trump administration succeed during the next ten months in narrowing the embarrassingly wide gap between that principle and actual performance of the justice system during the past six decades? Evidence at hand gives reason for hope that the answer is affirmative, and coming events will deserve our close attention.
     This is not to say that all of the action in the Trump administration during 2020 will necessarily be political initiatives. As previously noted, more than 140,000 sealed criminal indictments have been filed in federal courts across the country, and are ready and waiting to be unsealed, served and prosecuted. Many of those cases will likely fit in the category of “draining the swamp” and ending the long era of unequal justice for those favored or disfavored by the ruling powers. The great amount of investigative and legal work required to file this unprecedented number of indictments is simply inconsistent with permitting them to expire or be dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Trump, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Chaos

     The globalist cabal often uses its tools called the Deep State to exert influence and impose its will in every nation. This is true presently in matters involving relations among the U. S., Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia, plus others including, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and UAE.

     The number of players and the complexity of their vital interests in the present conflicts create feelings of uncertainty, chaos and fear among the public – understandably so. Yet such conditions are when President Trump is often at his best. That is, Trump has rare capabilities for dealing effectively with multi-dimensional events involving disparate parties – even for putting such events in motion so as to achieve a preconceived outcome.
     Remember the deal made with Iran by the previous U. S. administration headed by Barack Obama? The deal terms involved pallets of cash in large denominations flown to unnamed destinations. Why was so much cash needed? The cash was for use in paying untraceable bribes to government officials in the U. S., Europe and Asia. Those taking the bribes were “disappointed” when President Trump nullified that deal, and they worry their bribes will be discovered if a new conciliation is made between America and Iran.
     As was true in the case of North Korea, prospects for a breakthrough in improved U. S.-Iran relations depend upon President Trump’s success in defeating Deep State influences both here and there. The Deep State and Establishment politicians in the U. S. likely would love a major war with Iran to divert attention from their otherwise dismal outlook in the coming November elections. But Trump does not want war and will do all within his power to avoid that outcome.

Onward And Upward

     The events of 2020 will turn upon how successfully President Trump acts to terminate the power and influence of the globalist cabal in America, in Iran and worldwide. That is the central objective, and it will entail more challenges and conflicts than are presently apparent to the public. Despite the turmoil experienced in the past three years, accomplishments to date have strengthened President Trump politically while a number of his entrenched antagonists have been routed. The year 2020 offers prospects of being Donald Trump’s best year yet in the White House.