President Donald Trump gently expressed to the new president of Ukraine an interest in learning the propriety of a business relationship between Burisma Holdings, the largest energy company in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter. This so much incensed the House Democrat majority they have impeached the U. S. president and urged the Senate to remove him from office, barring him from running for a second term.

Simple Bunko Analysis

     Big media presents Hunter Biden’s financial relations with Burisma as nothing other than straight-forward, honest business. If they ask any competent member of a law enforcement bunko squad, however, and they will learn how to determine whether corruption inspired the relationship. Identify the three points of the triangle of graft: (A) the money pot with problem; (B) the power source (grafter) to solve the problem; and (C) the “bagman” who receives the payoff to conceal the relationship between A and B.
     In the case of Burisma Holdings, the owner is Nikolai Zlochevsky, Ukrainian oligarch, and his problem was reputedly being the most corrupt in Ukraine, so he probably already knew he was under investigation. Staying out of prison could be worth millions to him. (Under the new government in Ukraine elected since Joe Biden left office, Zlochevsky has been indicted on charges including stealing public funds to pay Hunter.)
     The next question is who might be able to help shield a Ukrainian oligarch from government prosecution? Hunter? No, but Joe could, because he was Vice President of the world’s super-power and Obama-appointed point man for dealing with Ukraine. So Joe would be the ultimate beneficiary of the payments from Burisma. And Hunter is left with the role of bagman and whatever compensation his father considered appropriate.
     Now we better understand Hunter’s concerns in providing his financial records to the child support plaintiff in Arkansas’ court. Almost surely, his records would reflect money flow from son to father, and that would be embarrassing to a person seeking nomination as the Democrat Party candidate for U. S. president.

Crushing Graft At Home And Abroad

Is this so hard for big media to discover and report? No, not at all. Yet House Democrat representatives see no possibility that the U. S. president would have any proper reason to inquire into Joe Biden’s conduct – other than to hurt Biden’s political standing in the Democrat Party.

     Here is a more detailed presentation of evidence available in the Burismo-Ukraine corruption scandals, provided by former U. S. Attorney, former mayor of New York City, Rudy Guiliani, relating to Burisma, the Bidens and similar concerns. You may conclude that Ukraine has a considerable problem with corruption within its government and nation.

     But, if a new, struggling nation such as Ukraine has corruption problems, what of the corruption opportunities within the government of the largest economy in the world, by far? The greater lesson is, indeed, that Americans have a considerable problem with corruption within our own U. S. government and nation.

     Vice President Biden was a high official of the U. S. government, but a relative light-weight in political power compared to some others. If Joe Biden can graft more than a million dollars (today Senator Graham of South Carolina said $3 million) from one company in Ukraine for getting a prosecutor fired, think of the billions in cash of multiple currencies flown to other countries in the Iran deal made by the same U. S. administration.
     If the newly elected president of a different political party cannot inquire into – indeed, investigate and prosecute – potential corruption by high government officials in a previous administration, what chance does America have to clean up, punish and eliminate corruption so detrimental to social justice?
     Clearly the answer is this must be done, regardless of the political and social blow-back now being experienced in Washington, D.C., in Congress and across the nation. This is what is being addressed now. We will see progress in 2020 and during the next four years.