Our 2020 has featured a bioweapon attack against human health shutting Americans away from their work, their churches and schools; great social complications arising from an internationally financed insurgency burning and looting businesses, restaurants and homes; and, a fourth year of unfounded accusations against an immensely popular president, culminating in a vacuous, failed impeachment. As if this were not enough, 2020 is now providing the most flagrant examples of voter fraud and vote-counting fraud in the reported history of American presidential politics. But 2020 is not yet over, and is due a turn for the better.

Audacious Election Fraud

     Since his election four years ago as president, Donald Trump proved repeatedly, to the satisfaction of enormous crowds who supported his re-election, that he is capable of mastering whatever challenges arise. Therefore, his re-election versus his hapless, corrupt opponent seemed assured. But a fairly conducted national election was not to be in 2020. After nightfall on November 3, as President Trump built a significant lead in vote counts, numerous states controlled by Democrat governors inexplicably stopped counting votes, more or less simultaneously. Then in the pre-dawn hours of November 4, these same states recorded enormous numbers of votes for Joe Biden, creating vertical moves in his vote totals and giving him the lead over Trump he retains to this day.
     Now additional information has been discovered which will likely enable proving in court(s) that the highly irregular vote-counting conduct on and after election day was planned and, in fact, was illicit. The plan was executed in real time with the aid of computerized vote processing equipment designed and programmed to corrupt vote-counting by various techniques. These techniques included programmed “flipping” of votes from one candidate to the other, which subtracted votes from those cast for Republican Donald Trump while adding the same number of votes to the count of Democrat Joe Biden.
     Witnesses attest in sworn affidavits that they saw many additional ballots being delivered to counting facilities in the pre-dawn hours of November 4. Those ballots delivered long after voting closed may also explain an inordinately large number of ballots submitted without spending time to vote for “down-ballot” candidates for other offices. This tactic was so criminally reckless its perpetrators, desperate to make Biden the presidential “winner,” must have thrown caution to the winds and relied upon their “winner’s” future influence in the White House to protect them from prosecution for these crimes.

Dominion Voting Systems

     Since election day, many have learned for the first time of the prominent role Dominion Voting Systems’ (“DVS”) played in the tabulation and counting of votes in each of the closely contested “swing” states. For instance, DVS was the primary private contractor responsible for tabulating and counting votes cast in the State of Georgia in the election contests for U. S. president, two U. S. Senate seats, and for all elections to choose congressional representatives from Georgia.
     DVS received early financing from Venezuelan principals and has ties to election fraud at the presidential level in that South American country, which put its current Communist/Socialist head of state in power. DVS has some American investors who participate in U. S. politics, but the company also has investors from China, Canada and Europe. One of its prominent U. S. investors and functionaries is vehemently and nastily anti-Trump – not a person anyone attending MAGA rallies would trust to count their votes.
     Before you learn very much about DVS, the question will have occurred to you: “why has Dominion Voting Systems been trusted to perform any services relating to any American election, much less given full authority for conducting statewide elections in multiple Democrat-controlled states for offices in the House, Senate and White House?” The answer seems obvious that responsible public officials must have sought a corrupt voting result. That crime, presuming there is one, should not go unprosecuted or unpunished.

Servers In Germany and Spain

     Once DVS’ role was discovered in the U. S. elections, further investigation discovered that DVS had transmitted U. S. voting data to computer servers located in Germany and in Spain. U. S. special operations forces, with the consent of governments in Germany and Spain, launched assaults in those countries on facilities holding the servers. In taking custody of those servers and subsequent examination, U. S. officials determined that the servers were being operated by an important intelligence agency of the U. S. government.

     Initial reports indicated the seized servers were located at a U. S. consul facility in Germany; another report describes the facility as being on a military base in Germany. An oral statement by the respected former U. S. district judge and current Texas congressman, Louis Gohmert, reported that data on the captured servers showed that President Trump actually won the November 3 presidential election with 410 electoral votes, a true landslide of historic proportions, with Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and  Wisconsin supporting him, in addition to other concededly “red” states.
     Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerny (ret.) recently described Scorecard as a computer application program capable of manipulating election voting results in a manner very difficult to detect, yet capable of changing election outcome. For example, General McInerny states it was used to add votes for Biden at 4:00 pm Nov 3 in Michigan, that it is a most subtle and stealthy way of changing election results, and that the November 3 election was the first massive attack on our elections in U. S. history. He says “there will be no future free elections [in America] unless we get this issue resolved.” This statement by General McInerny ought to be treated as deserving the highest respect for its integrity and accuracy.

Globalists Not Yet Defeated – Neither Is Trump    

Despite many false accusations raised against President Trump during his nearly four years in the White House, he has succeeded on several fronts in reducing threats by globalist cabal operatives against the well-being and prosperity of Americans. One such threat is exemplified by this current effort by the globalists to undercut Trump’s capability to influence and establish public policy by stealing the 2020 federal elections, including the presidency, by acting primarily through globalist operatives in the Democrat Party.

     President Trump anticipated the attempt to steal the elections and planned to prevent it. Two years ago, on September 12, 2018, President Trump signed an executive order designed to protect against this kind of election subterfuge. The EO required inter-departmental coordination of planning to interdict, prevent and punish any attempt involving a foreign power to compromise or to steal a federal election. Almost surely, the EO resulted in part from the president’s experience gained in being targeted during his 2016 presidential campaign by parties involved in the international intelligence network known as Five Eyes, which by some reports spied on Trump and shared information in an attempt to defeat him. Five Eyes is the organization of America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which shares intelligence information, reportedly sometimes used by U. S. officials to spy on Americans.

Vote Fraud Techniques

Facts presently known by the American public indicate vote counting irregularities by which millions of votes have been “flipped” from one presidential candidate to the other – always from Trump to Biden; never the reverse. In addition, millions of “top-of-the-ballot-only” votes for Biden – never for Trump – said by witnesses to have been received in dark of night while they as observers were held back and prevented from inspecting – showed up at vote-counting facilities in the nick of time to give Biden the lead. After the vote dumps to get the lead for Biden were accomplished, the DVS system could be adjusted to maintain a small percentage lead in further ballot counting by flipping additional votes as necessary.
Such concerns involve far more detail necessary to persuade courts than can be presented here. Nevertheless, the perpetrators of vote fraud appear to have succeeded to important degrees in placing the burden of proof on President Trump’s lawyers to persuade courts that such misconduct in federal elections is not permitted by law and must be remedied. If such remedies cannot be effected within the time allowed for the lawfully elected president to take the oath of office, the Constitution provides that the state legislature of each state shall instruct that state’s representatives in Congress to cast one collective vote for president.
With each of 50 states so instructing its congressional delegation, the winner of 26 or more votes becomes the president for the next four years. In that scenario, President Trump would be favored to win, because 26 states have legislatures in which Republicans have a majority of seats.
Such an outcome would preserve and extend the Trump presidency for a second term, but without full advantage of the massive voter support which rightly should have been evidenced by a fair vote count on election night, November 3. The vote counting fraud – the selection and use of foreign-based computing equipment to disenfranchise the great majority of American voters wishing to give President Trump their full political endorsement – ought and must be remedied by lawful indictment, trial and punishment of those held to be complicit in this historic crime against the republic.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Perhaps by January 5, 2021, when the State of Georgia holds run-off races for its two seats in the U. S. Senate, new arrangements will be made in Georgia for vote processing and counting at a much higher level of integrity than DVS provided – a level commensurate with the rights and expectations of Georgians and all Americans under our Constitution. This has utmost importance for all of us in our own elections, and also because those two senators from Georgia may determine control of the U. S. Senate, which reviews the quality of judges appointed to all federal courts, plus other vitally important policies.
The government of Ukraine has just announced the indictment of Joe Biden on a felony criminal charge in conjunction with his publicly admitted actions while in office as Vice President. Biden required the Ukraine government to fire its top national prosecutor in order for Biden to release a hold he had placed on a $1 billion loan guarantee by the U. S. government. At the time, that prosecutor was investigating the owner of Burisma Energy for major crimes, while Burisma was making large payments to Biden through his son.
The great majority of Americans, even before this Ukrainian announcement, signaled with their votes their refusal to elect a blatant grafter as their president. Now every American ought to examine with utmost care what a grafting Vice President might do in the way of voting fraud to become President, as well as he and those propping him up will do if he is corruptly declared to be president.
Our Line Of Defense
Experiences across America these past four years, and especially during this presidential election year, scream the warning that our current political contest is not truly among contending groups equally committed to the American Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. Political conduct of those allied with the globalists cabal at federal, state and local levels has encouraged and aided violent insurrection with total disrespect for the Bill of Rights, especially First Amendment freedoms of speech and assembly, for law enforcement, and now for voting rights and election integrity. Add to that the outrageous infringements of government upon our protected rights to worship freely, to assemble for political or other personal purposes, and to work in productive ways to support ourselves and our families. We allow their further encroachment at our own peril.
This election contest ought to be treated as the last line of defense for the Constitution and our rights and expectations to be free and prosperous Americans. This constitutional republic with limited powers will survive after our federal elections are saved from a corrupt, losing party. President Trump will assure that no lesser result befalls the many millions of Americans who gave him re-election by a landslide of historic proportions.