Fed & Fiat Dollar Headed To Dust Bin
By Wayne Jett © April 23, 2022


     The central bank of Russia, which is not a privately owned and operated institution like the Federal Reserve, recently announced its policy to buy gold at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles per gram. In addition, the Russian government announced that parties outside Russia wishing to purchase petroleum or natural gas produced in Russia will be required to pay the purchase price in rubles rather than any other currency. And, how does the energy buyer get rubles? Of course, the energy buyer sells gold for rubles at 5,000 rubles per ounce.

     These actions lay a pathway for an international return to a gold standard for all currencies to be used in international trade. In historical context, it is altogether fitting that Russia should be acknowledged as leading the return to honest money internationally. If that enormously important and beneficial event comes to fruition, Americans will be among those benefitting greatly. Let us place this prospect in historical context.

How The Gold Standard Produces Superior Money

     Classical economic theory since the years of Adam Smith has held that gold of stated weight and purity provides the most stable value for money over time. That conclusion is very important when governments design the money to be used by the citizenry because money with value that varies over time is harmful to economic growth and long term prosperity.

     Money which loses value with passage of time (inflation) harms the producer/worker, who loses value produced earlier only due to faulty money, not the fault of the producer/worker. Money which gains value over time (deflation) requires reducing prices and wages, which creates deflation and bankruptcies such as occurred in 1871-1879 when Congress enacted in 1871 a law requiring the dollar’s value to return to its pre-Civil War value (double in value!) in 1879.

     Importantly, too, the gold standard for money enables its owner to exchange the paper certificate for gold coin(s) of stated weight and purity, so the actual value of the money can be possessed by its owner. This relieves the owner of the money of the risk that the paper certificate will be undercut and dishonored at a time of greatest risk to its holder. Americans strongly supported the gold standard in 1913, although many also supported a bi-metallic system using both gold and silver as a means of increasing the money supply.

America’s Sellout To Globalist Cabal’s Fiat Currency

     Before President Woodrow Wilson ended his first year in the White House, he broke his most important campaign promise to his constituency and to all Americans. Wilson signed into law in late 1913 a bill creating a central bank known as the Federal Reserve. Though the name misled many people by creating a belief the Federal Reserve was a government agency, the Fed and its ten regional banks have always been privately owned by private parties intent upon abandoning the gold standard and creating fiat paper currency. Those private parties have been controlled from the outset by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and allied families.

     At about the same time, Wilson broke a second important campaign promise that he would not create a tax on earned income. Wilson signed a bill into law creating a five percent tax on net income, thereby providing the income tax platform upon which Franklin Roosevelt could increase the highest rate bracket tax to about 75 percent a mere 25 years later.

     Both the private central bank and the tax on earned income were tools to be used to destroy the middle class according to the 1901 Plan. The 1901 Plan’s author H. G. Wells was invited as the honored guest to the White House of President Theodore Roosevelt. Likewise, Wells was hosted and honored in multiple extended visits in the White House of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during FDR’s three-plus terms in office. The 1901 Plan spelled out in plain English a strategic and tactical blueprint for eliminating “democracy” and elected national governments, wiping out any self-supporting middle class, and finally eradicating human population entirely except for about 500 million selected servants of the globalist cabal.

Gold Standard Ends For Americans In 1933

     Within 20 years after the Federal Reserve was signed into law by President Wilson, President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his first month in office in March, 1933, signed an executive order devaluing the dollar from $20.67/oz of gold to $35/oz. This reduced the value of each dollar by about 41%. By the same executive order, FDR ended the right of any American to exchange paper dollars for gold at a guaranteed price.

     But FDR’s order allowed foreign central banks to buy gold from the U. S. Treasury at $35/oz, This continued into mid-1972, when President Richard Nixon “closed the gold window” to foreign central banks. The gold price promptly quadrupled (from $35/oz to $140/oz) within one year. In summary, presidents from FDR to Nixon protected Rothschild central banks from dollar inflation, while Americans experienced loss of 75% of the dollar’s purchasing power between 1933 and 1973.

     Pretending to be the common man’s political champion, Franklin Roosevelt became the most highly trusted political operative of the globalist cabal in history – at least through 1938 – according to testimony of a cabal banker questioned by Stalin’s agents at that time. The same cabal banker admitted his own role in transferring funds from a major western bank to help fund the Bolshevik insurgency during its 1917 attacks to overthrow Russia’s parliament and to kidnap the Tsar of Russia and his family.

Russia Defended The Gold Standard And Paid The Price

     To summarize, President Wilson in late December, 1913, rolled over for the Rothschilds’ demand of a privately owned central bank (the Federal Reserve) in America. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia must have refused a similar demand made of him. The Tsar’s refusal would not have been taken lightly.

     Russia was known in 1913 to be militarily allied with Serbia and France. Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary. An assassin said to be Serbian murdered the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his wife in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, on June 28, 1914. Germany declared war on Russia August 1, then France days later. Britain entered the war on the side of Russia, France and Serbia on August 4. America entered World War I on Russia’s side April 6, 1917, with Woodrow Wilson serving his second term as president.

     Russia’s army launched a ground offensive into Germany on August 17, 1914, and spent most of the balance of 1914 in German territory before pulling back to defend Russia against the inevitable German invasion. That invasion of Russia came soon enough and greatly occupied Russia’s military until 1917, when the Russian army launched another offensive into Germany so as to participate in the coming allied victory over Germany and Austria-Hungary.

     Then, as allied victory became assured, in October, 1917, insurgents called Bolsheviks financed through the globalist cabal’s major banks in Western Europe and America made their way into Russia, captured government buildings, and disrupted the Russian parliament. The Bolsheviks kidnapped Tsar Nicholas II, his German royalty wife and their children, held them hostage and imprisoned at secret locations, then reportedly executed them by gunshot.

     This was the beginning of six years of war by the cabal-financed Bolshevik insurgents against loyal Russians and their military defending their homeland and established government. Who else, other than the globalist cabal, would or could have organized and financed such an extensive military campaign to overthrow a long-established national government? The answer seems undeniable: no one but the cabal had the means or the motive.

Economic And Social Justice For Every Nation

     In 2022, 109 years after U. S. President Wilson essentially gave up the gold standard for Americans by permitting a Rothschild central bank while Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II refused to do so, Russian President Vladimir Putin leads the way back to honest money for people of every nation. Even as he does so, Putin is vilified by the cabal’s media for eradicating the world’s most dangerous bio-weapons funded in significant part by America’s deep state operatives. Justice for all is long in coming, but appears to be within reach.