Classical Economics

for Analysis, Forecasting
& Policy Design

Applying Classical Economic Principles To Analyze And
Forecast Outcomes Of Public Policies

Classical Capital
Classical Capital
Classical Capital


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The Fruits of Graft
Great Depressions
Then and Now
by Wayne Jett.
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HARVARD LAW PLOTS Constitutional Ingenuity Or Subversion?

By Wayne Jett     The Harvard Law Revie recently published an unsigned law note proposing a plan to give control of the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives to neighborhoods of the District of Columbia divided into 127 new states by an act of Congress, without consent or approval of the existing 50 states or a constitutional…

FED $ RUSHES TOWARD ZERO Repos Finance Big Banks’ Risks

Wayne Jett     During the last quarter of 2019, the Federal Reserve increased its monetary base by $223.8 billion! Compare this with about $45 billion increase in monetary base during the highest year between 2002 and 2008. Recall the 2008 crisis in mortgage based securities was blamed on the Fed’s too-rapid increase in the monetary base…

TRUMP ON OFFENSE 2020 MAGA vs The 1901 Plan

By Wayne Jett     Despite relentless attacks against him since his 2016 election, President Donald Trump’s economic, social and political wins during his first three years in the White House have been impressive. Now the president’s antagonists are about to learn what a full counter-assault is, as contrasted with the holding action Trump has fielded against…