But Nearing Disclosure & Climax

By Wayne Jett © August 10, 2022

A year and a half after its commencement, martial law in America remains unannounced to the public. You may be assured, however, that every other national government in the world is aware of this reality. The U. S. Military High Command has been empowered since January, 2021, under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to defeat and to punish the insurrection by American traitors and multiple foreign governments aimed at stealing federal elections held November 3, 2020.

Trump Eligibility For Full Second Term

While martial law remains in effect, the president in office who invokes the Act remains president so long as able and willing to serve through the period of martial law, plus any applicable new electoral term extending thereafter. In this context, President Trump is reported to have taken oaths of office to continue serving as U. S. president for three-month intervals, beginning on or about January 18, 2021, and continuing to and through the present date.

President Trump is expected to be determined the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election, and to complete the partial term still remaining. He then will remain eligible to run for re-election to a full second term in 2024, due to the unlawful interference with his re-election in 2020 and his service as president during 2021 through the period of martial law.

FBI Raids Mara Lago Home

     This is the context within which agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, presumably acting in coordination with the U. S. Department of Justice, staged an armed search of the Florida residence of President Donald Trump on August 8. At the time of the raid, President Trump was known to be absent traveling out of state. The FBI reportedly took possession of 15 boxes of documents from the Trump residence, including from one or more safes, without examining the contents of the documents while on site.

     Bretton Woods Research, a financial markets economic advisory firm located in New Jersey, observes that “…if the DOJ eventually charges Trump with violating federal records laws, [and] … he is convicted, [this would be] technically sufficient to bar Trump from running for elected office.” This appears to make plain the motive for the unprecedented action by the FBI.

Martial Law Trumps Insurrection

     However, the legal playing field is significantly changed when taking into account the factual and legal implications of President Trump’s action in January, 2021, invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807. By that action, the Military High Command was empowered, authorized and required to defeat and to punish the insurrectionists under the provisions of martial law. And, while the MHC was (and is) performing and completing its responsibilities, President Trump remained (and remains) in the office of president.

     Insurrectionists cannot benefit from their traitorous actions by exercising presidential powers unlawfully gained. Thus, to counter and defeat these additional traitorous actions by the globalists and their recruits, all that President Trump and MHC need do is to disclose the facts and existence of the state of martial law in effect since January, 2021, under the Constitution and federal law.

Nearing Climax

     Audacious attempts to solidify an illicit hold on presidential and executive authority over American federal government will fail. All those involved in the illicit Biden administration are nearing the day(s) when final, open and decisive actions are taken by MHC to repel and punish false assertions of legitimate constitutional powers.

     Indeed, since the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home, President Trump has been quoted as stating “It’s on!” with respect to eradication of the IRS and the federal income tax upon his return to the presidency. In order to arrive at that time more promptly, perhaps the president may remove significant limitations he reportedly has placed upon the MHC plan of action to defeat the insurrection and to punish its conspirators. About half (and perhaps by now a growing majority) of the officers on or advising the MHC have expressed strong support for more decisive and publicly visible arrest, trial and punishment of insurrectionists involved in subverting the 2020 federal elections. ~

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