Under an unrelenting counterattack by Trump-led military, law enforcement and financial forces, the globalist cabal launched its best-shot retaliation: a laboratory-designed virus, said to be highly contagious, deadly and capable of shutting down commerce and society worldwide, producing millions of deaths and economic depression. In late March, President Donald Trump green-lighted state governors to limit non-essential commercial activity and to require healthy Americans to shelter in place. Americans, especially those living in states with “blue” governors, were to get a preview of society controlled as the globalist cabal has in mind. Our challenge is to pull back from the abyss after a sobering glimpse and re-establish the American republic, featuring full human rights as envisioned by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
     Recognizing and interpreting current historic events correctly is nearly impossible for a person of any age who does not know the true history of the Great Crash of 1929 at the New York Stock Exchange and the ensuing Great Depression of 1931-1940. That true history, if known by any historian or economist, was not published until The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now went to print in 2011. The 71 years delay was surely because the “powerful pecuniary force” described by Henry George in 1880 as writing laws and molding thought in every nation continued to wield great power in America and the world today. Now we call that “powerful pecuniary force” the globalist cabal because its declared objective is to destroy every national government and to rule the world in a single dynasty without a middle class – only rulers and their subjects.

The Most Important Revolutionary Event

     The Great Depression of 1929 into the 1940s was not the first major attack – even of the 20th Century – by the globalist cabal against America’s middle class. World War I (aka “the Great War”) and the “Spanish flu” of 1918 had already completed well planned and ruthlessly executed campaigns to destroy millions of human lives around the world. Then the Great Crash of 1929 stopped America’s tax-cut-fueled economic growth of the 1920s in its tracks by launching collusive, massive short-selling of corporate shares on a pre-arranged signal. The short selling was “naked,” i.e., the shares were neither borrowed nor delivered to the buyers. The naked short sales were covered, if at all, at much lower prices by the time NYSE clerks got around to searching for the shares sold.

     Under questioning by Stalin’s police in 1938, a highly ranked operative of the cabal ranked the 1929 Crash as the most important revolutionary event of the century. This testimony seems to confirm both the planning of the Crash and the scale of its damage to the middle class, since the number one ranking placed the Crash as more significant than creation of the Fed, the income tax, the Great War, the 1918 influenza or the violence which deposed and executed Russia’s Czar Nicholas II, his wife and his children – each of them a devout Christian.
      Hapless Herbert Hoover did nothing to slow, much less punish, rampant financial market fraud centered at the New York Stock Exchange. Then he signed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in June, 1930, which shut down export-import trade by 70% within 18 months. Finally, during his campaign for re-election in 1932, Hoover proposed and signed retroactive income tax hikes quadrupling the lowest rate and trebling the highest rate. So much for the U. S. president elected with highest public opinion of his abilities. Hoover, so to speak, was ridden out of the White House on a rail.

FDR Nailed The Great Depression

      As soon as he took power, FDR eliminated the vital rights of individual Americans to exchange dollars for gold at a guaranteed price of $20.67/oz. After confiscating gold from Americans for $20.67/oz, FDR devalued the dollar to $35/oz. in January, 1934, while buying radical amounts of gold on foreign exchange. To pay for the gold, Roosevelt sold government bonds to the public and raised taxes – draining already scarce currency and capital from the American economy.

      As previously reported here, during his first two terms as president, Franklin D. Roosevelt took money from the severely depressed American economy by means of sharply increased taxes and government bonds, using the revenues to buy 13,185.3 metric tons of gold – trebling U. S. gold holdings – and FDR refused to allow that gold to be monetized. This secret conduct by FDR reduced the money supply so drastically prices of assets, goods and services fell, enabling the rich to acquire land, factories, oil, minerals and labor at fire sale prices.
      Spending of federal funds to buy gold had the appearance of fiscal policy, but it was accompanied by FDR’s insistence that the gold purchased not be monetized as required by gold standard trading agreements at the time. This subtle treachery shrank the money supply severely, thereby producing sharply deflationary monetary effects. As money supply shrank, prices of goods and services plummeted, and “nobody has any money” became the common plaint across America. If the Rothschild-controlled Fed had done all this, the Fed would likely have drawn criticism for causing the Great Depression. But FDR did it with no historian or economist pointing blame at him for the damage done, even to the present date.
      FDR also raised income tax rates and/or added new taxes every year he was president, except 1939, when the Democrat-controlled House refused to do so after losing 80+ seats in the 1938 off-year elections. FDR instigated foreclosures of homes, farms and business loans by sharply raising bank reserves (cutting lending capacity in half) in 1936 and 1937, when banks were not otherwise stressed. Yet the globalist cabal still preserves Roosevelt’s hallowed stature as hero of common people in America and worldwide.

The Globalist Cabal’s More Recent Conduct

      World War II, Korea, Vietnam, closing of the gold window in 1971 (after most of FDR’s gold purchases had been sold to Rothschild and Rockefeller banks for $35/ounce), the attempted assassination of President Reagan, the Middle East wars, the Tech Crash of 2000-2002, the “financial terrorism” of 2008, the rapid escalation of dollar devaluation, the flagrantly desperate coup attempt to evict Donald Trump from the American presidency, and now the COVID-19 shutdown of economic activity to impose Great Depression II – each and all of these events fit perfectly into the globalist cabal’s 1901 plan to destroy the middle class entirely.

      Launched this election year 2020, the COVID-19 weapon already has achieved sharper drop in employment nationally than during the Great Depression and major disruptions of food production and delivery to Americans. This brings to mind FDR-inspired actions early in his first term during the 1930s requiring six million baby pigs to be slaughtered and buried (to “raise the price of pork”) – each with the true objective of causing mass starvation.

Trump Nationalism vs. Globalist Deep State(s)

     Should we note the pivotal difference between America’s dilemmas in the Great Depression as contrasted with 2020? The U. S. presidents during the 1930s, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt – especially FDR – served as operatives of the globalist cabal. Donald Trump, to the contrary, adamantly opposes globalism. Trump favors independent, well-led nations of people with shared interests and heritage: nationalism. America First! is his central thesis and campaign slogan.
     The point deserving emphasis in the mindset and thinking of Americans in 2020 is that the globalist cabal’s central objective – to destroy the middle class entirely – has been pursued relentlessly from 1901 through 2020. The same objective is presently central to blue-state management of this current COVID-19 pandemic. The globalist cabal controls “shadow governments” in each nation, certainly including China and America.

      These shadow governments, sometimes called Deep State, cooperate with each other internationally to achieve the cabal’s objective of global dictatorship. Reports indicate Deep State operatives in America cooperated with Deep State operatives in China to create and to spread the COVID-19 virus in both countries and elsewhere. They hoped to thwart effective efforts to protect against the virus and, if possible, to provoke war between the two nations, thereby reducing human population and the middle class.

Huge Deficits, Helicopter Cash Attack Savings

      From previous writings here, you know that Federal Reserve Notes are fiat currency which appear to have value only because the federal government requires those “notes” to be accepted as legal tender for all public and private debts. In addition, all federal taxes are payable only in such Fed notes, which do not promise expressly to deliver anything of value. Thus, as the number of Fed notes grows, the risk of loss in purchasing power grows for those who accept the Fed’s paper in exchange for work and other assets.

    Federal spending is already sharply in deficit, made much worse by the virus attack and resulting sharp drop in employment and production. The government spending may succeed in getting us into recovery stage. But monetary reform must accompany the recovery so Americans can avoid yet another cycle of feeding the globalist cabal’s network of central banks and financial fraud.
      Spending of $3 Trillion or $6 Trillion by Congress to “restore” prosperity drains its value from the savings of Americans and all people who have worked for pay in dollars. The Fed notes are paper with only an implied promise of actual value. Every new note created in excess of current production of value gets its value from the currency already earned and saved.

      Hard-earned savings sink in purchasing power with every act by Congress spending dollars borrowed into existence. When the U. S. government contemplates borrowing during one fiscal year seven times the amount of monetary base created in the history of the nation through 2008, how much longer is the Fed’s fiat monetary system likely to last? Not long.

No More Bretton Woods

      As the Federal Reserve’s end draws nearer, we are likely to hear the Bretton Woods System established in 1944 mentioned in reverential terms as a benchmark for which we should aim. Until 1971, the U. S. dollar was the currency required for international trade among member nations, and their central banks could exchange dollars for gold from the U. S. Treasury at the rate of $35/oz.

      But Bretton Woods got Americans no closer to having gold rather than paper in their pockets for their labor and production, as they enjoyed before FDR’s executive order of 1933. Better to aim for a true gold standard so ordinary Americans need not rely upon the long term integrity of changing public officials, which proved unwise and misplaced under Bretton Woods.
      With by far the largest gold holdings of any nation in 1940, FDR financed U. S. participation in WWII and commanded the 1944 discussions at Bretton Woods, but to what consequence? U. S. officials sold out the economic well-being of Americans to serve the globalist cabal. That crime against humanity must not, and will not, be repeated under the leadership of President Donald Trump.