This is the best opportunity anyone now living has had to witness really good changes favoring humanity. Even in America, as in other nations, many generations have lived entire lives under political and economic domination by hidden powers. Henry George famously described these hidden powers in 1880 as “a vast and dominant pecuniary interest … [that] in every country … writes laws and molds thought ….” At long last, a campaign led by President Donald Trump is near de-throning those hidden powers and recovering enormous wealth illicitly taken by them during their long reign over humanity.

     These present events stem from the foresight and efforts of a small group of Americans who steadfastly assessed our dilemma, planned our survival and victory, and persuaded Donald J. Trump to become the public face and leader of our cause. So far, we have seen initial public confrontations and plenty of disinformation from “mainstream” media. Our present challenge is to comprehend fully and to assist others in understanding the true nature of the current conflicts.

Historic Turning Deserves Notice

     One day we are likely to view the past four years and the next as the most historic of our lifetimes. We are among the few in humanity’s history privileged to witness, and even to perform roles in, these epic events. A far greater number of our forebears and descendants would treasure our opportunities to see, to know, to understand and to savor the current take-down and destruction of humanity’s historic oppressors.
      Someday you may need to set straight those who write the history of this time (or at least those near and dear to you who read the history written) about the truths of it. One truth is the mainstream media in America are largely owned and controlled by allies of the globalist cabal which oppresses us.

     Knowing this, each of us ought to avoid permitting MSM to persuade us of the truth or validity of their assertions about these historic events. We are responsible individually for forming our own world views and life plans. Those should be proved by facts we find persuasive and truths we see as self-evident.

Globalists’ Insurgency and Bioweapon

     A destructive, violent insurgency has been activated during election year 2020 in many American cities – planned and funded by operatives of the globalist cabal both inside and outside the U. S. Some insurgents have admitted being paid for their activities, including for recruiting and leading others. Funds flowing to the insurgents come at least in part from international sources, and much of those funds appear to go into accounts of the Democrat Party.

     Some insurgents have invited intervention on their behalf by foreign powers, including China and the United Nations. This seems to present the first plausible threat of a foreign invasion of America since at least World War II. Reports of Chinese troops being invited into western Canada, and potentially into West Coast states of the U. S., “to protect Chinese assets there,” are to be taken seriously, especially if Democrats retain control of the House and/or gain power in the Senate or the White House.
     Meanwhile, Democrats keep their foot on the throats of the American middle class by use of COVID-19 to prevent normal employment, business and social activities. This has hurt the economy badly and provided the MSM a means for giving Democrats their only hope of retaining the House majority or regaining either the Senate majority or the White House.

Freeing Gold and Silver Prices

  As this civil turmoil continues, present realities include sharply rising prices of the monetary metals, gold and silver, coupled with the approaching demise of the Federal Reserve and its fiat dollar. Prices of gold and silver have been suppressed for years to give the false appearance of high value for the dollar. Over the past ten years, the price of gold moved down from highs above $1,800/oz before spending six years in a range near $1,300/oz, then moved to the $1,500 range by early 2020, promptly rose to the $1,700/oz range and jumped to the $2,000/oz range. Suppression of the gold price long believed by many to be Fed and Treasury policy seems now to be outdated, which is a necessary step towards a future gold-backed currency.
     One important influence in these financial dynamics was the re-classification by bank regulators of gold from a Tier 3 asset (where only one-half of market price is counted as banking capital) to a Tier 1 asset (where 100% of market price counts as banking capital). This enabled banks to buy gold as protection against currency instability. An increasing proportion of private investors did the same, producing a 30% rise in the gold price during the past 12 months. Meanwhile, during only the first seven months of 2020, the Fed increased its fiat currency monetary base by 37%. These events do not explicitly confirm the approaching end of the Federal Reserve, but they are necessary for and consistent with that outcome.

Cutting Drug Costs To De-Finance Anti-Humanism

     You have heard President Trump’s “most favored nation” approach to reducing the cost of pharmaceutical drugs in America. The president has notified the makers of such drugs that the federal government will pay no more than the best price a drug is sold for anywhere in the world. Such a “most favored nation” clause is commonly included in international treaties governing such matters as tariffs, as well as in private contracts for purchase of goods or services. In simple terms, a most favored nation clause says: “if the Seller sells items of the type covered by this agreement to any other party at a better price or on better terms than specified herein during the term of this agreement, the Buyer shall be entitled to pay the better price instead of the price otherwise specified in this agreement.”
     The drug companies have argued their very high prices for drugs to treat dread diseases are justified by their very high research expenses. Yet they do sell to other nations at much lower prices. They also use their immense revenues to influence national and state legislators, as well as to promote abortion and reduce human population growth.
     President Trump recently stated publicly that very wealthy individuals in the drug business are very angry with him for interfering with their highly profitable practices and, as a result, we may not see him again for a period of time. Considering all of the other known threats to the president’s safety, these “legitimate” drug lords must be ruthless indeed to evoke such an evaluation from the president’s personal security team.

Human Trafficking Crimes And Punishment

     Of all the many crimes President Trump is ultimately responsible for policing, perhaps those he has pursued most vigorously and persistently are covered by the innocuous terminology: human trafficking. That term covers criminal conduct far darker – much more evil – than merely moving persons against their will from one place to another. The term is used in a very significant Executive Order signed by the president and made effective December 21, 2017 – one day after the House of Representatives passed the tax cut sponsored by the president so important to returning the American economy to growth and prosperity.
     The executive order to prevent and punish human trafficking provides for much increased national and international efforts towards those ends, including very important provisions authorizing and ordering the freezing and seizure of all assets of persons or organizations believed to be engaged in human trafficking. The names of such persons or firms were to be added to a written appendix attached to the Executive Order. More recent reports have indicated that written appendix has become very long, and that the value of assets seized exceeds $300 Trillion.
     If these reports are reasonably accurate, this may explain why President Trump recently replied to a reporter who questioned the wisdom of his proposed spending to return the American economy to prosperity by stating: “we have the money.”