Cause For Celebration, Not Sorrow!

By Wayne Jett © November 3, 2022

     Here are the two basic ideas used 109 years ago, in 1913, to re-organize and manage the monetary system of the world’s leading national republic – the United States of America. First, allow a few very wealthy families living primarily in foreign nations to own the U. S. monetary system as their private, corporate property. Second, guarantee those bank stockholders that their bank records of operations and actions of the monetary system will never be audited and that all actions taken by their private system will be final and non-reviewable. What could go wrong?

     Nothing could go wrong for the wealthy owners – their power, influence and fortunes could only grow. But plenty has gone wrong for the monetary system and for people of the nations forced to use it. The Federal Reserve dollar is a nonsensical, irresponsible, fraudulent monetary design – achieved by undue influence – for robbing and pillaging the productive efforts of the entire American nation. Worse, of every trading nation in the entire world, thanks to use of military and other tools of influence!

     Of course, we are describing the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America. Yet, for nearly the entire existence of the Fed, America’s national leaders have claimed it to be the freest and best-managed monetary system in the world. They have proclaimed that the Fed’s paper dollar should be the predominant consideration paid in international trade throughout the world.

A New Financial World Dawning

     Now new leaders in America and around the world are facing the challenging tasks of rectifying and replacing this monumental financial and governmental disaster. To the great credit of major nations worldwide, efforts have progressed well towards ending the Federal Reserve, perhaps recovering assets taken through its illicit operations, and returning to a commercial and trading system of sound money equally fair to every nation and private party.

     How may such a rosy assessment be creditable during this time of apparently disastrous American political leadership? Briefly stated, the prospect of long term American demise resulting from the Biden episode still underway ought to be discounted. Governance by martial law previously detailed here remains in effect and will prove determinative in coming days.

BRIICS Nations Adding Gold Standard

     Positive developments may be seen in the actions of other national governments associated with the trading alliance called BRIICS, signifying its current member nations: Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, China and South Africa. These nations are aligning their international trading relations by valuing their currencies with stated values in gold. Russia already has taken the lead by tying its ruble to a stated purity and weight of gold. Expect each of the other nations to do the same.

     As soon as the Biden debacle is dispensed, we may anticipate a renewed, Trump-led America will make the international trade bandwagon BRIICSA. Perhaps the gold standard for money will again become essentially universal, as was the case before President Woodrow Wilson surrendered America to the creatures who plotted at Jekyll Island.

Focus On Freedom, Prosperity And Peace

        May we reasonably consider returning to financial standards used more than a century ago to be progress? Most certainly in this instance, the answer is a resounding yes! Ending the Federal Reserve will deprive the globalist cabal of perhaps its most significant sources of wealth and power.

     Add that historic accomplishment to the significantly more diverse ambitions of the presently ongoing war by the alliance of nations against surface and underground operations and storehouses of the cabal. This answers “what’s taking so long?” and simultaneously provides the means for restoring the looted wealth of nations so needed for restoring prosperity previously earned but stolen by the globalist pillagers.

     When these goals are achieved – as it becomes so – the independent but allied nations of the world will have defeated evil powers which have bedeviled the world for at least a thousand years. These are objectives U. S. military and allied forces have been heavily engaged in accomplishing during the past three years and probably longer. May God bless, protect and guide them in their missions.