Winning Back Constitutional Liberty

By Wayne Jett © April 2, 2022

     Understanding today’s challenges requires first setting the correct factual perspective. America presently is under governance by martial law in accord with provisions of the Insurrection Act of 1807. President Donald Trump invoked the Insurrection Act while president in January, 2021. In so doing, Trump provided to the U. S. Military High Command substantial evidence gathered by federal intelligence agencies of insurrection by American nationals, multiple foreign governments and other private actors before, during and after the November 3, 2020, federal elections.

     Based on President Trump’s action, the U. S. Military High Command is authorized and responsible by federal law for defeating and punishing the insurrectionists. In this instance, the insurrectionists produced false election results in the federal elections of 2020 and interfered with detection and reporting of election fraud thereafter. Additionally, insurrectionists are suspected to have created obstructions, dangers and hardships in the nature of a planned pandemic as tools for abrogating rights of Americans to fair elections and to enjoyment of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and other constitutional rights.

     In that historically threatening context, and surely with full knowledge of martial law presently effective, Mainstream Media continue to exhibit total obedience to the globalist cabal and its Deep State managers. MSM maintain the charade of a Biden presidency, trying to assure that Americans are the last in the world to know that the person called Joseph Biden is not the lawful head of American government.

                                                          Delta Force And Army Take FEMA Stronghold

     Noteworthy among events not told by MSM is a recent military action to control a highly fortified facility formerly held by the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Delta Force and Army forces took control of heavily fortified facilities located at Mount Weather in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia less than 50 miles from Washington, D.C., using small arms weaponry. Resistance was promptly overcome and a larger contingent of supporting military personnel occupied the entire facility, which had served as a highly secure safe-place.  

     The Mount Weather fortified facility contains and protects the Emergency Broadcasting System. This being the case, the military action may have been taken, at least it part, due to the MHC’s assessment that access to the EBS may be essential to completion of MHC duties under the existing state of martial law. Some have anticipated such an event, and now we know the MHC has taken decisive action to assure its use of the EBS is practically possible.

                                                         Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Arrested

     More recently, in early morning hours of March 21, U. S. Marines arrested former U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch for alleged crimes committed while in office during the Obama administration. Lynch’s arrest occurred at her 4,500 square foot home in Greensboro, NC, and she was promptly put into processing for transportation to Guantanamo Bay for trial on multiple charges not yet publicly disclosed.

     Lynch was widely reported to have met with former president Bill Clinton on Lynch’s Justice Department jet not long before former FBI Director James Comey announced presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would not be charged for her handling of classified information on her private, unsecure email server. However, that incident is termed “the tip of the iceberg” relative to other serious charges Lynch is likely to face at trial.

                                                              Preventing Wholesale Crimes Against Humanity

     Does any American openly support existence of bio-labs in Ukraine, especially bio-labs allegedly funded by U. S. government agencies? If not, then why should America oppose Russia’s direct action to eradicate bio-labs from the region which for centuries was Russia’s beloved bread-basket and province?

     Concerns about the dangers and purposes of bio-labs led to prohibition of such activities in America several years ago. That legal prohibition led to “off-shoring” of bio-lab work to China (think Wuhan) before reported outbreaks of illness led to drastic limits placed on American society. Recent reports indicate U. S. work (public and private) on designing and/or producing human-killing substances was not prohibited or criminalized, except within U. S. territory. Recent reports of military actions in Ukraine indicate that Russia has focused efforts on eradicating bio-labs producing very deadly and highly transmissible toxins, including some funded by U. S. agencies.

     In these circumstances, the current state of martial law in America appears to be a national and worldwide blessing of enormous consequence. The codes for launching missiles with nuclear warheads are presently retained by President Trump as authorized and assured by the MHC according to federal law. Were that not the case, recent demands of the illegitimate Biden people demanding MHC seize the nuclear codes from Trump and surrender their possession indicate willingness to initiate nuclear war rather than give up their bio-labs.