Insurrection Act of 1807 Invoked

By Wayne Jett © September 1, 2022

          A knowledgeable Army veteran, Lieutenant Colonel Derek E. Johnson, has provided valuable insights revealing evidence convincing to him (and to me) that President Donald J. Trump presently remains in that official capacity as chief executive of the U. S. government. Col. Johnson, a still-young retired veteran, recently recounted in detail many observations of events which convinced him of this important premise: the U. S. Military High Command administered an oath of office to President Trump on January 19, 2021, extending his term as the elected chief executive officer of the American republic. That term continues in effect today.

Trump Executive Orders Re Vote Fraud

          The evidence cited by Col. Johnson includes several executive orders signed by President Trump during his term in office. Each order addressed the objective of preventing fraud in federal elections by citizens, non-citizens or foreign governments. In addition, Col. Johnson relates in detail significant clues he gained by watching and understanding public ceremonies and actions taken by U. S. military authorities to administer the oath of office to President Trump in January, 2021. These will be summarized below.

      You may listen for yourself to Col. Johnson. His observations and comments about the MHC’s actions are detailed and perceptive, and Col. Johnson details his personal sensitivity to disrespect sometimes shown by un-thinking non-vets to active military and veterans. Col. Johnson also describes key provisions of certain identified executive orders signed by President Trump during his presidency relating to protecting the integrity of federal elections in America.

“Donald Trump Is Still Your President”

          Among numerous other important statements, Col. Johnson refers by number to several executive orders signed by President Trump during his first term in office. He summarizes briefly their importance, and the manner in which they support his early, clear statement that “Donald Trump is still your president!”

     In his “now gone viral” self-made, clear and direct presentation, Col. Johnson does not mention the Insurrection Act of 1807. As readers here recognize, the Insurrection Act is highly important in the current context of political, governmental and military authority relating to prosecution of crimes. When responsible, capable inquiry reveals substantial evidence of insurrection, such as a plot to rig or produce fraudulent results in one or more federal elections, the sitting president is statutorily obligated to report that evidence to the Military High Command. Such a report has the statutory effect of invoking the Insurrection Act, which imposes authority and responsibility on the MHC to defeat and to punish the insurrectionists using provisions and powers of martial law.

Insurrection Act of 1807 Was Invoked

          Although Col. Johnson does not mention the Insurrection Act in this recent video linked above, his prior posts of June 16, 2022, include a reference to “… the Insurrection Act of 1807 invoked on January 17, 2021.” (Emphasis added.)  This is most important because that statute was enacted to save the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, from destruction by political despots – especially those allied with foreign powers eager to crush human rights espoused by the American military which fought and won the Revolutionary War.

     Col. Johnson’s expertise is superior in this field and deserves acknowledgement and honor, even though he is not looking for it. What he seeks is greater American awareness of the relevant facts, the challenges we face as a nation of the world, and what is expected of us if we are to survive the on-going, hostile campaign to destroy our republic. This is an endeavor entirely worthy of his and our untiring efforts.

Col. Johnson is a tremendously valuable ally and resource in our on-going war against the globalist tyranny that has instigated every earlier war fought by Americans. What a great privilege to be aligned with such an able patriot!

Globalist Election Thieves Now The Hunted

In a report published here  on January 13, 2021, entitled Globalist Election Thieves Are Now The Hunted, this was stated:

“President Trump, with the lawful aid of federal military and intelligence capabilities, has discovered the treasonous actions which undertook to steal the presidential election and the two Senate seats of Georgia. Regardless of party, any person who knowingly aided and abetted that objective faces a serious criminal indictment.

“These actions appear to be concerted action in the nature of insurrection. President Trump may have signed a declaration invoking the Insurrection Act after receiving an investigative report compiled under an executive order signed in 2018 to protect against election fraud. The insurrectionists hope to evade capture and prosecution by accusing Trump of their crimes and capturing him before they themselves are arrested. That is a risk to Americans, but very unlikely to be the outcome.”
[Italics added.]


Since that report of January 13, 2021, several additional reports published here have reiterated evidence and conclusions that America is in a state of insurrection. Martial law has been invoked and continues to be administered by the Military High Command at present, even though no formal announcement has been made to the public.

Sincere Thanks, Col. Johnson

          Americans and the world owe gratitude and respect to Col. Derick E. Johnson, a man who served with distinction in the U. S. Army, which he joined “for all the right reasons.” Thank you, Sir, for serving your nation with distinction for all the right reasons then and now.

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