Defeat And Punish Insurrection Now!
By Wayne Jett (c) June 4, 2022

While President Donald J. Trump held that office, federal investigative officials systematically gathered evidence that an international conspiracy of governments and individuals had conspired and acted to subvert and to steal the 2020 U. S. presidential election. As required by the Insurrection Act of 1807, President Trump promptly reported that evidence to the U. S. Military High Command. This presidential action imposed statutory duties on the MHC to defeat the insurgency and to punish all insurgents in accord with martial law.
The MHC examined the evidence and promptly concluded an insurrection was underway. This is evidenced by reports that MHC prevented the nuclear weapon launch codes from being delivered into the hands of the insurrectionists’ presidential candidate, Joseph Biden. MHC also began taking other appropriate actions, including enhanced protection of President Trump, and military moves to investigate, capture, try and punish insurrectionists.
The “White Hat” – “Black Hat” Divide
Unsurprisingly, the globalist cabal has made greater inroads in subverting the command structure of some military services contrasted with others. The Navy, Marines and Space Force are said to favor strong support for America’s national, constitutional human rights and principles against globalist dictatorship. Some in command structures of the Army, Air Force and National Guard may be more likely influenced by globalist interests, although there are definite, firm, important exceptions in each military service.
In these circumstances, MHC has acted with important impact already far exceeding what might have been the case had martial law not been invoked. MHC has not only acted to investigate, indict, arrest, try, convict, sentence and execute numerous insurrectionists. MHC has provided information on its actions under martial law to a private news outlet called Real Raw News so as to inform those willing to listen. This is significant to those already alert, although only negligible competition for MSM control of public information and opinion.
MHC Meets With Alarmed Officers
The Military High Command recently met with a small number of active or retired high-ranking military officers who asked to discuss their concerns. Indeed, these officers voiced their alarm! about the slow, small, limited successes of the MHC in fighting, defeating and punishing the insurrection which subverted the U. S. presidential election of November 3, 2020.
In the meeting with MHC, one commanding general of U. S. Army Special Forces described the operations of martial law as sitting on hundreds of cases which are ready for arrest and prosecution. He encouraged prompt mass arrests, especially of high-ranking politicians who have aided the insurrection.

Others added their concerns that MHC is not being nearly aggressive enough in pursuing arrest and trial of known conspirators in insurrection to overthrow legitimate constitutional government. The common view voiced to the MHC was that its mission must be viewed and conducted with much greater urgency focusing on defeating the insurgency and punishing the perpetrators – not the slow, out-of-the-public-vision approach taken by MHC to date.
General David H. Berger, Commanding General of the U. S. Marines and of MHC, seemed to concede that MHC was taking a low-profile approach to its duties under the Insurrection Act. Implicitly, at least, General Berger indicated this was due to President Trump’s political desire that martial law should not yet be brought into public view.
MHC Should Reconsider – Disregard Political Concerns
If, indeed, this was General Berger’s concern, then a respectful suggestion that he reconsider is in order. The Insurrection Act’s policy objective was and is to prohibit and avoid any political compromise of the Constitution with insurrectionist aims and objectives. The military itself was chosen and ordered by law to fight, defeat and punish insurrectionists rather than permit any political compromise with them. That policy is set to foreclose any choice by the MHC to go easy on the insurrectionists while President Trump seeks political advantage.
However, without explanation, MHC has kept secret from the American people the vital knowledge of the present state of insurrection and martial law. This unexplained policy is entirely inconsistent with MHC’s solemn duty to defeat and punish the insurrectionists, while preventing their assumption of power, without regard to political considerations.
Why has MHC allowed so many Americans to believe the insurrectionists have succeeded and presently exercise government power in America? Even if the answer is that President Trump thinks he has a better plan, MHC’s statutory duty is to defeat and punish the insurrectionists promptly but as long as it takes to finish the job. Then MHC immediately turns political and executive discretion back to the elected president.
Other Nations Know; Now Tell Americans
The present strategy of keeping the insurrection and martial law secret from Americans does nothing to maintain the nation’s international standing. Other nations surely know the present state of martial law in America. Only most Americans are uninformed. Worse, this strategy allows the insurrectionists to pretend they hold legitimate political, executive and legislative authority to implement their entirely illegitimate policies, which already threaten starvation, oppression and death for Americans.
Every other government knows our present untenable situation. The truth should be told to Americans by MHC, using the Emergency Broadcast System. And MHC should proceed immediately to arrest, try and punish insurrectionists based upon evidence of guilt, without regard to political considerations. When that is accomplished, politicians may resume their roles in the legislative and executive branches of our system of government.