While mainstream media gave much more attention to the false narrative of Russian interference in the 2016 U. S. presidential election, perhaps the most significant “America First” accomplishment of the Donald Trump presidency to date has been realignment of relations between America and China. China is also known as Red China or Communist China, because the Chinese Communist Party runs China. The CCP permits no political opposition – not a single word by an individual, much less a formal group or organization.

     Nonetheless, before Trump, America’s political leadership elevated China to the status of America’s most important trading partner. When Trump was inaugurated, America depended upon China to supply critically important products including pharmaceuticals, steel and others required for our national defense and well-being.

The Hit On American Jobs

     Under Communist political control, China required its people to work for very low pay in substandard working conditions, thereby undercutting production costs of other nations. With this pricing advantage, China and previous U. S. administrations easily hooked Americans on cheaper Chinese products from China, leading to failure of many American producers and/or re-location of those producers to China.

     China sold so much more to America than China bought from America. The two nations were drawn into a net outflow of $800 billion annually from America to China. This enormous capital flow from America accrued to the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party for use according to its dictates. The capital loss from America undercut and eliminated millions of American jobs in manufacturing, agriculture and retail business, producing unemployment, poverty, drug addiction, homelessness and crime.

Fighting Job Losses With Crime Bills

     The Clinton administration’s response to this trade policy-induced economic trauma included criminal laws sponsored by then-Senator Joe Biden to assure privately owned prisons would be full and profitable. Establishment members of both major parties in America made money investing in corporate prisons-stuffed-with-inmates.

     Establishment Republican President George W. Bush signed a tax cut to increase employment – thanks to the efforts of a House Ways and Means chairman from Bakersfield, CA – but leaving the Biden crime law intact and its victims in prison. In 2008, to become Obama’s running mate, Biden finally conceded that his 1994 bill had caused “mass incarceration” and that the “myths” upon which it was based had been “dispelled or altered.”

     Yet during the eight years of Obama presiding in the White House, neither Obama nor Biden raised a finger to relieve injustices suffered by many aggrieved Americans who pleaded for fairness and justice. These were among the wrongs righted by President Trump’s Second Chance Act, which included freeing from prison persons who had spent more than two decades behind prison bars for first-time, non-violent drug offenses.

     Do these events not raise concerns that the U. S. officials who admitted China into the World Trade Organization and extensive commerce with America were causing America to become more like China, rather than the other way around? Yes, and this was the outcome foreseen and intended by those who serve the globalist cabal, both in China and in America.

Globalist Cabal Uses CCP To Dominate China

     Communism is the preferred tool of the globalist cabal for subjugating and disciplining dissident or non-compliant populations. Under Communism, private property is forbidden, so the people have no refuge to call their own. Wherever Communism has taken root, it has been planted and nurtured by the operative tools and firepower of the globalist cabal – not by desires of the local population.

     Communism was imposed by the cabal in Russia during and after years of bloody fighting against a foreign-financed insurgency – falsely called a “civil war.” The same is true regarding subjugation of eastern European countries, China, Southeast Asia and Africa. The cabal likely would have the same approach in a captured America, although the cabal’s ownership of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and other central banks of the world served its purposes quite well until those apple carts were upset by Trump and his allies.

     Under CCP control, China imprisons political and religious dissidents; those who continue to displease authorities are made victims of organ harvesting and death. Such practices exhibit an ideology which readily exerts totalitarian powers to achieve total control over society – not enhancement of human conditions or experience.

Communism Is Global Cabal’s Tool

     An essential lesson to be learned from this is that the CCP and Communism exist to serve the goals of the globalist cabal – the same cabal being fought by America led by President Donald Trump. If and when President Trump’s counter-assault destroys the cabal and recovers its immense stolen wealth, the CCP’s chain of command will have been broken at the top. The puppet-master will no longer exist to pursue the destruction of nations. We can foresee that prospect, but we must first pursue and perform the present challenge to its ultimate objective: complete destruction of the globalist cabal and recovery of its ill-gotten assets.

     America’s government could not confront and oppose the globalist cabal’s plan to hollow-out and destroy American prosperity and national power so long as America was led by a politician selected and directed by the globalist cabal. Ronald Reagan prospectively could have been independent of the cabal, but he was greatly weakened by an assassin’s shot near the heart and by a vice-president (George Bush) with deep ties to the cabal. All other presidents after Nixon’s opening to China were cabal operatives of one degree or another, until Trump.

America’s Non-Establishment President

     Why did America need leadership by a political outsider to confront and reverse the subjugation of the nation to China and the CCP? A political outsider is one who is not controlled by the globalist cabal politely called the Establishment. The Establishment was hollowing out the wealth, resources and capabilities of America and its middle class as a nation, using China as the tool for doing so over a period of a few decades. Time was growing short if America was to survive.

     America required a non-Establishment leader to recognize that threat and to direct a counter-assault to defeat and destroy it. President Donald Trump is that leader, and he is presently directing the battle plan to destroy the cabal and its goal of a global dictatorship.