As Americans vote in their most consequential election ever, a plot is revealed by which one candidate, Democrat Joe Biden, planned secretly to sell out our most vital national interests to the remaining Communist power in the world: China. A retired officer of the U. S. Navy – courted by the Biden family to be their secret corporate official to reap “business investment” payoffs from China to the Bidens, has come forth to relate the proof of Joe Biden’s treasonous plans – in time, hopefully, for most American voters to avoid entrusting their national interests to such a traitor as Joe Biden.

Anthony Bobulinski Tells His Story

     The Navy vet is Anthony (Tony) Bobulinski, who served four years as an officer in the U. S. Navy, is also the “grandson of a 37 year Army Intelligence officer, the son of a 20+ year career Naval Officer and the brother of a 28 year career Naval Flight Officer.” Tony first came to public attention recently in a New York Post news report of his business dealings with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, Joe’s brother James, and Joe Biden himself.

     Tony Bobulinski says he was recruited by Hunter Biden to become the CEO of a business venture called SinoHawk Holdings – “a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family” – organized for the purpose of exploiting business investment opportunities available to the Biden family. The recruitment of Tony Bobulinski by Hunter Biden necessarily included a dinner meeting attended by all three Biden men: Hunter, James and Joe. Joe Biden told Bobulinski the Biden family name was all-important and must be protected from any hint of scandal. And Joe was definitely understood by Bobulinski to be a major financial beneficiary of the business entity being formed.
     Bobulinski’s concerns about the propriety of the Bidens’ intentions rose dramatically when, soon after SinoHawk Holdings was formed, the firm began receiving offers from Chinese interests to invest large sums of capital in their future business prospects. Bobulinski says this caused his suspicions to rise that the Chinese money was being paid to the firm to gain political influence with Joe Biden, while at the same time he heard Joe Biden declaring publicly – and falsely – that he (Joe) had no financial interest in SinoHawk Holdings.

Hunter Biden’s Role and Revelations

     Of course, you must know by now that Tony Bobulinski’s testimony is only part of the newly available direct evidence of Biden family activities involving China. Hunter Biden’s laptop computer hard-drive was provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about eleven months ago by a Delaware computer technician who had legal possession of it. The computer had been delivered to the technician to cleanse a fluid spill and save stored data, but was never picked up by Hunter (thereby forfeited), and eventually was delivered to the FBI in New Mexico by the technician and his father (a retired law enforcement official).
     What the laptop hard-drive reportedly reveals is beyond shocking. It is said to include video and picture evidence of lurid misconduct by Hunter Biden, including crimes against young children. Some of the alleged victims have been described as Chinese children. The alleged misconduct by Hunter is of a nature said to be used by some foreign intelligence services, including the Chinese, to compromise the integrity of a person so severely that the target person can be controlled and depended upon to follow orders so as to avoid having the evidence revealed publicly.

Joe Biden’s Traitorous Drive For Money From China!

     Consider the dilemmas faced by Tony Bubulinski and Hunter Biden regarding their involvement in the SinoHawk Holdings enterprise set up to serve Joe Biden’s financial objectives. Big media (i.e., Establishment/Globalist controlled media) have uniformly treated Hunter Biden’s “business” activities as “nothing to see here” or, at worst, Hunter’s personal effort to make money for himself by exploiting his father’s public service and notoriety. But either characterization fails entirely when the fact is considered that Hunter has nothing to sell unless his father Joe actually delivers something of value to Hunter’s clients/customers.
     Big media fails most importantly by refusing even to acknowledge publicly that Joe Biden’s target client was/is China, the only remaining major government under Communist control. Those facts make clear that China, Joe Biden and U. S. big media are, each and all, puppets of the globalist cabal, whose preferred tool of social control is the communist model.

     If big media were fair and objective (an oxymoron, to be sure), the point might at least be raised that perhaps Hunter Biden has been victimized by his father; i.e., perhaps Joe Biden has pressed his son to serve as a bagman assisting Joe’s grafting and to serve as a shield, deflecting or suffering the arrows of blame and guilt for treasonous and criminal graft taken to increase Joe’s personal fortune. The flak taken by Hunter for enormous payments (reportedly $53 million) received from the Ukrainian oligarch owner of Burisma Energy was due to Joe taking money to use his official powers to get the Ukraine prosecutor fired so the oligarch wouldn’t be prosecuted for looting $1 billion (or more) from the Ukraine government.
     In such circumstances, is it any wonder that a son thus abused by his father – denied a more honorable and successful career of his own – would become self-destructive and abusive of others in his personal conduct? The picture is not pretty, no matter the angle from which it is viewed. Joe Biden cannot claim to be the innocent victim of his own son when a word from him would have stopped Hunter’s business activities in their tracks.

The Watershed of American Leadership

     With all of this now in evidence, at least to those in the world permitted to read it, how is it possible that the American people have such a person as Joe Biden running for U. S. president as the candidate nominated by a major political party? Indeed, how can such a person as Joe Biden be clearly favored and supported by all major media in America, and by major tech giants, all of whom are actively censoring information needed by the American public to make their voting decisions?

     The answer lies in this reality: the powerful globalist cabal generally referred to as the Establishment still has great influence in the halls of American power, despite the fact that patriotic Americans supporting President Donald Trump have rescued one political party from the cabal’s clutches. If Americans are to make that rescue complete by freeing even the Democrat Party from the globalist tyrants, we must first re-elect by landslide President Trump. Then all may proceed to understand more fully that China, not Russia, is now the nation worst afflicted by the awful globalist weapon called communism. Joe Biden intended to sell out America to China – not to Russia – because Russians already have succeeded in expelling communism, while China still has that task ahead.