As we watched, any semblance of fair and trustworthy voting and counting of ballots for election of America’s president vanished in a half-dozen of our 50 states. Much of this happened outside our view, some behind closed doors, other while we slept, all of it in the nature of what criminals do to make a big heist. Will our law enforcement and national defense be adequate to the task of saving the American republic? The answer is not yet known in all quarters. But that may not be a bad thing, and may be a necessity required by challenges involved. Consider the circumstantial evidence.

The Protagonists

     Joe Biden hardly campaigned at all after winning the Democrat Party nomination, had difficulty attracting a crowd of any size, and had more trouble completing a coherent sentence even with a teleprompter. Yet Biden claims to have received more than 80 million votes in the November 3 election – far exceeding the most votes received by any previous U. S. presidential candidate in history.

     By contrast, our sitting president Donald Trump campaigned vigorously and drew many thousands of enthusiastic supporters at multiple rallies daily wherever he went. All of this sprang from Trump having achieved the most impressive record of accomplishments to attest his integrity and his policies as president of any candidate in history.

The Voting Fraud Plot

     Those sharply contrasting scenarios, for all honest observers, must raise doubts about the honesty of vote counting, at least in those half-dozen or more states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada) targeted by the reported fraudulent voting and vote counting practices. Add to those doubts the monstrously obvious irregularities of the swing states’ coordinated actions stopping vote-counting for hours during election night while permitting fraudulent ballots to be prepared with votes solely for Biden and injected into the official vote count without observers present.

     Dominion Voting Systems computerized vote-counting equipment were programmed with the capability to “flip” votes from Trump to Biden either by programmed instruction or upon command. Voting officials planned the use by unsuspecting voters of ballot marker pens of a type which could not be read by machine, thereby enabling those officials and their subordinates to re-mark all such ballots for Biden. The Dominion machines were even programmed to permit automatic adjustment of vote counts so that each vote for Trump would count as only a partial vote (say 0.8), while the remaining 0.2 of a vote would be credited to Biden.

The Great Embarrassment

     By now, most Americans have learned of these and other irregularities in vote tabulation and counting on such a scale that the number of votes recorded for President Trump in each of the contested states were significantly reduced. Simultaneously, the number of votes recorded for Biden were increased by even greater numbers. Not only was Biden given many votes “flipped” to him from Trump’s votes, Biden was given many more fraudulently prepared and recorded illegal ballots.

     This “overkill” in producing fraudulent votes for Biden made the fraud all the more obvious. So much so that Biden was turned from anticipated big loser to alleged runaway winner of the presidential contest. Biden was fraudulently given too many millions of votes – many “flipped” or subtracted from Trump and millions more from illegal sources.

      The worst candidate in American presidential history embarrassingly is said to have received millions more votes than any winning presidential candidate in American history. 
Yet Biden won a record low 17% of all counties – only 527 counties nationwide – compared to any winning presidential candidate in American history.

The Big Picture

     All of this may be seen in the broader context that, perhaps for the first time in world history, a major counter-assault against the ruling globalist cabal has been waged during the past four years by Americans and others led by President Donald Trump. Until 2017, no American president or any other national leader had been both able and inclined to mount an offensive against the globalists with a plan and capabilities to defeat them and end their centuries-long domination of the planet.

     Beginning in 2017, Trump made significant progress in restoring America’s prosperity and defensive capabilities, despite globalist obstruction exerted through the Democrat Party and their RINO cohorts. With the political foundation of the enormous number of votes he actually earned in 2020, Trump’s leadership in American politics during his second term would have been unquestionable and comprehensive. So the globalists and their operatives made a desperate and dangerous attempt to regain power by vote fraud. It had to be enormous, which helped make it obvious.

The Coming Climax

     Cutting to the chase, Dr. Steve Pieczenik on December 1, 2020, stated “the game has already been played,” and guaranteed (14:00) that Biden will not become U. S. president.  Dr. Pieczenik further disclosed that four-star General Paul M. Nakasone, with four years of experience in the White House, concurrently as commander of the U. S. Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, was given responsibility for encrypted code water-marking of the paper to be used for all official ballots in the previously disclosed plan to protect against voting fraud.   

     Additional points made: the fenced prison area at Guantanamo Bay has been trebled within the past year; hundreds of arrests have been made in Florida, some relating to pedophilia and human trafficking; military flights have dispersed regular military and National Guard troops into states across the country; and, facilities for capital punishment have been installed at GITMO for use by order of military tribunals.

The Determinative Resolve

     For those few Americans who have questioned or doubted President Trump’s stated resolve to put “America First” (a view never shared here), the next seven weeks will be the litmus test of your thesis. Will the president accede quietly to the most incapable presidential candidate in history despite glaring proof of vote-counting fraud, or will he fight with every resource and instinct to defend and validate the great majority of votes legally cast to place him again in the White House as the American president? Your proof will be President Trump’s adamant pursuit of the latter course.