A very real war is being fought presently by unconventional means in America and much of the world. As usual, the aggressors are the powerful alliance known as the globalist cabal. But this time an historic counterattack is underway by nationalists seeking to protect and preserve cultural values and governance. Another extraordinary feature is that the war is not presently being fought between weaponized military warriors of opposing nations.

     The enemies of America and its allies are very rich oligarchs and power centers protected by complex social structures, secret alliances (including within America) and private armies. They must be discovered and rooted out by means not customarily within the scope of military actions. To shed light on the nature of foes and conflicts, we first address the nature and origin of present social conflict in America. Then we will turn to the concerns and operations involving use of military power.

The Bolshevik Insurgency In 1917 Russia

    If asked to identify a pertinent historical antecedent to the social unrest exhibited in America today, how would you answer? Perhaps numerous candidates merit consideration. This discussion will examine one which seems clearly pertinent: the Bolshevik insurrection against Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II in 1917.

     After four years of devastating battle fought largely on Russian territory in World War I, Russian military forces were pressing towards final victory against Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Seemingly out of nowhere, acts of sabotage against Russia’s military resulted in a freakish Russian surrender-at-the-brink-of-victory and withdrawal in defeat, while its British, French and American allies claimed the fruits of victory.

      At this strategic moment, Bolshevik insurgents including V. I. Lenin infiltrated into Russia in alliance with conspirators in the Russian parliament and with plentiful financing by funds transferred from international banks, kidnapped the Tsar and his immediate family of wife, daughters and chronically ill son, and seized control of Russian government buildings. Clearly the alliances, the financing and the actions of the Bolshevik insurgents were the handiwork of the globalist cabal.

     What followed these “revolutionary acts” of October, 1917, included the brutal executions of the Tsar and his family (each a devout Christian who prayed and studied Bible scriptures daily), violent “revolution” as supporters of the Tsar were killed, seizure of guns and murder of disarmed citizens. A civil war of “Reds” against “Whites” ensued until the “Reds,” led by Joseph Stalin after Lenin’s death, prevailed and consolidated power under a tyrannical communist government called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. After Stalin’s brutal starvation and oppression of the Russian people during the 1930’s, Hitler’s German Nazi military threw its full weight into an all-out invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.

Assessing World War II And “Cold War”

     In a reflective and insightful speech on June 18, 2020, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed the world that his nation lost one-seventh of its entire population in defending against the Nazi invasion of WWII. Throughout WWII, much of Germany’s vast war-making capability was committed to fighting in Russian territory to defeat the Soviet Union.

     After prevailing against Germany with American and British forces attacking from the west, Russians then necessarily devoted an additional 34 years to overcome and expel Bolshevik communism from their nation. In 1979, they succeeded in driving out the Bolshevik invaders and returning to their Christian roots, to be governed again as the nation of Russia rather than the Soviet Union.

     On reflection, unbeknown to most Americans, Russians did not “go communist” of their own accord. Communism was imposed upon Russians by insurgent forces led and financed by the same globalist cabal which, we have learned, “writes laws and molds thoughts in every nation” per Henry George’s Progress and Poverty (1880). Likewise, it is not merely George Soros financing the current attacks on American institutions, economy, the people and the president; it is the globalist cabal, which has owned and controlled the “too big to fail” banks of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the purse strings of Establishment politicians (Democrats and RINOs).

“Men Of The New Republic” From Russia Without Love

    While Russia was ridding itself of Bolsheviks in years leading to 1979, the shadow governments serving the globalist cabal both in Russia and in America brought those “men of the New Republic” from Russia into the U. S., calling them “neo-conservatives,” and tasking them to insinuate U. S. military in hot-spots and wars as cabalist interests required. In the Bush I administration, they were assisting the Iraq/Kuwait conflict and the Gulf War. Then came the Balkan Wars of the Clinton terms (which incidentally opened the region to facilities for refining illicit drugs for the cabal). There followed under Bush II the 9/11 Twin Towers false flag and the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama’s Libya and Syria.

      As with FDR’s three-plus terms in the White House, the seven presidential terms of 1989-2017 just described above were typical experiences under globalist operative presidents: Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama. By contrast, President Trump is insisting on removal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan, moving towards leaving Iraq, reducing troops in Germany, while increasing military defense in the U. S. in the event of an (invited or uninvited) attack on America by United Nations or Chinese forces.

Insurgency And Counter-Insurgency

      Despite aggressive attacks against us, either current or potential, by no means is America without a plan, capable operators, and a capable leader. Yes, already in this historic year 2020, we have endured and survived an attack by bio-weapon which devastated economic prosperity and social well-being. Then followed what appeared to be well financed and organized anti-police/anti-order rioting, looting, property destruction and violence. People of all skin colors and political views suffered serious physical injuries or death, property damage, intimidation, loss of employment or business in multiple major cities nationwide.

     No surprise, these attacks on Americans’ health, peace and prosperity have come from the usual suspects: operatives of the globalist cabal which seeks collapse of the American national government so our people can be sucked into a global dictatorship. But the globalist aims will be defeated. America and other nations of the world have resources, leadership and resolve necessary to turn back and eradicate the cabal’s forces.

     The challenges presented by the globalist cabal were not unknown to Donald Trump when he sought election as the U. S. president, nor were they unknown to those who persuaded him to become a candidate. A comprehensive plan is in place to meet and overcome the cabal’s assaults; indeed, the plan is well along in achieving its major goals.

Draining The Swamp

     One objective of the plan is to attack and eradicate large-scale graft and corruption at high levels of U. S. government; i.e. to “drain the swamp” and to demonstrate “equal justice under law” actually applies to every American, including the most powerful.  Trying to prevent this, Pelosi-led Democrats of the U. S. House of Representatives impeached President Trump for inquiring with the newly elected president of Ukraine about the status of Ukraine’s investigation into then-Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement in the firing of Ukraine’s crime prosecutor.

      The firing of Ukraine’s prosecutor occurred while investigation of Burisma Holdings and its owner was on-going, and as Burisma was paying Biden’s son Hunter several million dollars for absentee services on Burisma’s board of directors. Now, in late June, 2020, Ukrainian authorities just announced having evidence that Burisma agreed to pay $51 million in exchange for Joe Biden’s help in preventing the Ukrainian prosecutor from charging Burisma’s owner with crimes of corruption, including theft of major Ukrainian government assets. This is consistent with tentative analysis previously expressed here that Joe Biden was the grafter and his son Hunter was the bagman collecting the payoff.

      Should Joe Biden’s status as presumptive Democrat nominee for president exempt him from prosecution for this alleged corruption? That is, should the Justice Department give Biden the same “above the law” pass as Hillary Clinton received in 2016? Do not expect it, nor should you expect Biden to be the Democrat nominee for president.

Martial Law And Military Actions

     Some noticed absence of the Presidential Seal from the podium of presidential press conferences for a period of weeks during the worst of the COVID-19 crisis. This is not likely a minor oversight of logistics. Absence of the seal and its more recent return may be explained by a presidential declaration of martial law during that period.

      Careful observers of this and related events have reported significant military operations within U. S. borders and abroad attacking major targets of human trafficking, illegal drugs and other corrupt operations of the globalist cabal. Further details of these actions will await public announcements and formal prosecutions.

The Vatican And City Of London

     In addition, these same careful observers report preliminarily that President Trump and his allied forces have achieved historically important changes in roles played by the Vatican and by the City of London (each believed to be a major player in the globalist cabal) both in America and in the rest of the world. Reports from several quarters that the Federal Reserve is now part of the Department of the Treasury and that the Fed chairman now reports directly to President Trump are consistent with this state of affairs. Potential implications for human rights and governmental affairs are enormous as the campaign to dethrone the globalist cabal proceeds.

Russia And America In History

     Russia and America each remains a large, important, primarily Christian nation. Russia befriended America in important ways during the Revolutionary War and again during the War Between The States of 1861-1865, assisting us to avoid European influences which might have split our nation among diverging interests. When Russia refused the globalist cabal’s demand for a privately owned central bank in the early 20th Century, America said yes to the same demand.

      Stemming from those pivotal decisions by leadership of the two nations, the ensuing experiences of Russians have been very different. Certainly both nations are scarred with wounds inflicted by cabal operatives’ efforts to impose anti-social, anti-Christian limitations upon us. Presently Americans and Russians are well led by presidents who abhor the cabal’s game plan. Our challenge now is to take full advantage of this historic opportunity.