For many Americans, the most memorable presidential campaign in our lifetimes – featuring President Donald J. Trump barn-storming three-to-five enormous rallies daily in major swing states through Monday, November 2, versus former Vice President Joe Biden rarely emerging from his basement to address a gathering worthy of being called a crowd – has led to an all-too-real nightmare. Our revered constitutional election system for selecting national leaders is suddenly – obviously – under attack and nearly breaking apart.

     But this is not a time for despair. Americans have witnessed, time and again, extraordinary leadership in our elected president since January, 2017. That leadership did not suddenly vanish when polls opened on November 3. What we confront now in flagrant, multi-state election fraud threatens both the power of the people’s vote and the future of our republic. Both the president and we must rise to the challenge if his campaign promise – “the best is yet to come” – is to be fulfilled.

TWelcome The Crisis Now

     What presently feels worse than a kick in the stomach for each of us may eventually be recorded in history as yet another assault willingly taken and overcome on behalf of all Americans by the remarkable 45th U. S. president. No doubt, a re-election by landslide proportions without incident would have been welcomed by Donald Trump. But that would have left largely intact the poisonous shadow government and deep state that have bedeviled Americans for more than a century. Those antagonists would be better able to attack and defeat a less capable and courageous president. Better for America and the world that #45 leads our defense against the globalist tormentors’ attempt to destroy our republic.

     If you consider this a fanciful evaluation of the unprecedented election conflict facing the world’s preeminent national power, that is understandable. But, after all we have seen of President Trump – his successes in economic and trade policy, in foreign affairs and peace negotiations, in domestic relations including penal reform, and in the unprecedented energy of his just-completed political barnstorming campaign – is it likely that  he would wander innocently and ill-prepared into a blatant effort to steal his re-election through voter fraud? It is possible, but highly unlikely.
     Our experience with President Trump is that he ordinarily thinks three moves ahead of his opponent. His practice is to look for trouble so he can fix it. If he doesn’t, who will? Of course, we the public would prefer to have him securely in the White House for the next four years. The strength of his campaigning left no effort unspent to achieve that objective above all others. So his (and our) political enemies necessarily concluded their only chance to keep him from winning a second term was to engage in very large-scale election fraud. That is what the public is now witnessing, while demanding that President Trump, law enforcement and the courts protect the sanctity of all validly cast votes; i.e., by counting only valid votes and by detecting, voiding and punishing vote fraud of every nature to the full extent of the law.

Defeat the Coup

     To keep this brief and to the point, we Americans have the right leader in place to defeat this blatant effort to defraud our presidential and legislative elections. We must succeed or our constitutional republic is at an end, quite literally, despite the possibility of a few more elections with “chosen” candidates. So let us keep our attention focused on what is occurring, how gravely important these events are, and give our elected president whatever support he needs as events develop.

     The well-being of ourselves, the legacies of our forebears, and the futures of our grandchildren depend upon how well we perform in these hours of crisis. Will America fall on our watch? With God’s help, the answer must be no, never!


     As this report was being prepared for publication, mainstream media reported additional ballots have been counted in Pennsylvania to turn that commonwealth from a solid Trump win to a Biden win. That result must be contested and overturned. If this presidential election can be stolen with blatant vote fraud, then our constitutional republic will not survive.

     The governing model of those behind this attempt to steal the American presidency is the Chinese Communist Party. We have the right president in office presently to oppose and defeat this treasonous effort to take the White House by election coup. The president, law enforcement, the Justice Department, the military and the federal courts must play their constitutional roles faithfully to save the American republic and our Bill of Rights.