The globalist cabal often described here is afflicting us most conspicuously at present with a laboratory-designed flu virus identified as COVID-19. This cabal is fully global in the location of its principal families, in the reach of its organizations and operations, and in the scope of its aspirations for domination of people and resources. This is the same cabal that Henry George described in his historic book Progress and Poverty (originally self-published in 1879) as “an active, energetic power … that in every country … writes laws and molds thought – the power of a vast and dominant pecuniary interest.”

The Globalist Cabal’s Plan and Tactics


After Henry George’s untimely death in 1898, the globalist cabal’s scribe H. G. Wells published in 1901 the cabal’s hateful, ruthless response to George’s revelations: an explicit narrative blueprint for destroying the world’s new middle class and returning to the “more stable” two-class social system of masters and slaves. A major component of the cabal’s blueprint was to be a “shadow government” established in every nation of the world to influence, undermine, weaken and bring about the collapse of that nation. As each nationally chosen government failed, populations would be brought under control of global governance by direct actions of the cabal.
     The cabal’s shadow governments have weakened and subjugated their nation-targets partly by “Deep State” penetrations which actually gain control of important organs in existing national governments. This is true in the U. S. and virtually every nation. Other prominent examples are Iran, North Korea, European Union, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, China, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Indeed, the greater challenge is to name a single nation which suffers no detrimental influence of a Deep State within it controlled by the global cabal.
     The point to be made is this. The globalist cabal intentionally creates conflicts – sometimes wars – between or among nations in order to speed collapse of one, both or all nations involved. This serves the globalist objective of one-world dictatorship under the cabal’s rule. In this vein, Deep State operatives have been active both in the U. S. and in China, as well as in other nations, creating the COVID-19 “pandemic.” You see, Deep State operatives in America and in China are on the same team: the globalist cabal’s team. If the cabal wants war, its operatives on both sides will facilitate and incite support for war.
     In the case of COVID-19, the virus blamed for the pandemic afflicting America and the world presently, the culprits appear to include medical researchers both in the U. S. and in China who created a designer virus for use as a bio-weapon against human populations and economies. Significant evidence of wrongdoing in releasing the virus is likely known though not yet divulged, but the sponsoring culprit in any case is almost certainly the Deep State (i.e., the globalist cabal’s operatives), not the government of any nation. Therefore, any resulting act of war ought to be directed towards the Deep State operatives and/or the cabal principals – not against a national government. National leaderships and their information gathering agencies have the capabilities to make those distinctions, and President Trump’s objective is to end wars – not to start them.

Ending Economic Shutdown

      Nonetheless, the globalist cabal and its Deep State have landed a severe blow to America by using COVID-19 to kill more Americans than died in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. In addition, this virus attack has caused a shut-down of the U. S. economy never before experienced. America urgently needs to achieve immediate restoration of individual freedoms to work, produce, educate and enjoy life as each person chooses. Failing to achieve this compliance with constitutionally protected human rights will have dire effects on individual and national prospects for success. The respected economist Martin Armstrong has written to President Trump reporting that his economic model has forecast an economic depression lasting 13 years if the existing restrictions on activities of Americans are not lifted without further delay. 

     The Armstrong forecast was produced by a computer model, as were the horribly inaccurate forecasts made by medical organizations about soaring death counts if a national shutdown was not ordered. But Armstrong’s economic model is widely respected and its record is reported as never in error. Presidential leadership saved many lives by careful management of the response to this viral attack, and ought to be equally vigorous in returning Americans to enjoyment of economic freedom to support themselves.

Cleansing Society While Defeating COVID-19

     As the COVID-19 national shutdown takes center stage, a notable insider with years of service in medicine, psychiatry, military, diplomatic and other roles for American government reports important actions by the Trump administration on other fronts. Dr. Steve Pieczenik states that President Trump is the first to perform a “political, economic lavage” to cleanse the U. S. of human trafficking, drugs and vicious criminal gangs. “Lavage” is a French word used by medical practitioners to describe a procedure for cleansing an organ or other body part by, e.g., flushing the organ with water. Dr. Pieczenik says this cleansing of America has been and is proceeding during the current pandemic shutdown.
    Those who know Dr. Pieczenik’s credentials will recognize he is not speaking here merely of run-of-the-mill criminal law enforcement. The anti-crime operations he describes involve both law enforcement and military personnel and equipment. The targets are miscreants who have dug so deeply into American society, culture and government – in the process looting wealth and endangering cultural values – that they place at great risk the success and survival of the nation. Yes, the targets are significant assets of the globalist cabal, which has gained much leverage and control over American politics and government, while simultaneously committing crimes against humanity so cruel and evil mature men and women blanche when challenged with the task of describing them.
    We will know more of these reported events in due course, but do not doubt their occurrence merely because the cabal’s media fail to report them, or report them in false terms. The battles are not yet all fought and won, but for the first time in nearly 200 years the interests of Americans as a nation are being advanced in most fundamentally important ways by the leadership of our national government. As Paul Harvey used to say: Stand by for news!