Civilian control of America’s preeminent constitutional republic remained suspended at Thanksgiving of 2021 after invocation in January by President Donald Trump of the Insurrection Act of 1807. Until the U. S. military high command announces success in defeating the insurrection and returns the executive branch to civilian control, neither Joseph Biden nor Donald Trump is authorized to exercise full presidential authority.

What’s Taking So Long?

     To those eager to see rectification of vote-counting disputes arising from November 3, 2020, more than one year delay seems unreasonable and, thus, some are losing hope that anything is being done. Much is being done. But the conflict underway is more complex and deep-seated than “merely” a domestic voting controversy – more challenging even than a national conflict with anti-constitution extremists over the U. S. presidency.

     An activated conspiracy to steal a U. S. presidential election, even if undertaken solely by American citizens, qualifies as an insurrection in the sense that it violates the integrity of the Constitution. The insurrection affecting the 2020 national elections in America allegedly involved Deep State operatives of the globalist cabal in America and other nations from every continent with the possible exception of Africa in a conspiracy to install U. S. officials by fraudulent vote counting practices in violation of constitutional and statutory requirements.

     Defeating foreign and domestic aggression of this scope is somewhat comparable to world war. This insurrection thus far has been fought by duly authorized U. S. military forces in a manner designed to preserve the lives and economic well-being of non-combatants, namely the civilians and military who do not serve the globalist cabal. Nevertheless, friendly casualties as well as enemy casualties have been incurred in multiple locales.

Target: The Globalist Cabal Families Worldwide

     Recall that the globalist cabal’s plan for world dictatorship written by H. G. Wells in 1901 included imposing a shadow government in every nation. Each shadow government would influence, weaken and eventually control its targeted national government. During the 20th Century, this created an international conspiracy of secret alliances among “deep state” shadow governments, often in direct but undisclosed conflict with announced policies of American “allies.” America itself is badly afflicted by Deep State operatives within and around its own government agencies.

     The globalist cabal reportedly used operatives in America, Vatican, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand to achieve fraudulent popular vote counts and electoral vote counts in the 2020 U. S. federal elections. This does not mean each of those nations or their governments must be attacked as an American enemy. But it does mean that all principals and operations of the globalist cabal who perpetrated this effort to take control of the U. S. government must be identified and dealt with worldwide. This is the enormous scope of the counter-insurrection actions by the U. S. military high command now proceeding to cure the 2020 insurrection and to discourage any similar future violations of America’s national sovereignty.

The Globalists’ Underworld

     One major challenge faced by America’s military high command in defeating the insurrection against the 2020 U. S. federal elections involves the very extensive underground facilities operated by the globalist cabal worldwide. Many underground bases exist at depths of six miles or more in America and around the world.

     Often called DUMBS, the acronym for Deep Underground Military Bases, many such facilities reportedly exist across the U. S. and around the world, but often are not created or used by military. Rather these deep underground assets are operations of the globalist cabal. They are connected by underground tunnels created by high-speed drilling equipment and travelled by very high speed trains.

     Consider these facilities in the context of the U. S. military high command’s responsibility to defeat the insurrection against the American government. Can the insurrection be viewed as defeated so long as its sponsor – the globalist cabal – survives and continues to operate such facilities anywhere in (or under) the world? Surely not. The U. S. military and its anti-cabal allies in other nations are reported to be proceeding with an objective to eradicate these underground facilities worldwide. This objective includes rescuing innocent captives of those facilities whenever possible.

Reports Evidencing Martial Law In Effect

     Major media outlets say nothing to indicate conditions of insurrection and martial law presently prevail in America. This is understandable if MSM have acted in the manner of insurrection insiders or as sympathizers with Deep State operatives who inform them on many occasions how they may be most helpful to the anti-nationalist causes.

     Understandably, some close observers who love the constitutional republic have concluded at least preliminarily that the Insurrection Act of 1807 was not invoked by President Trump prior to the end of his first term as president. To the contrary, however, opinion expressed here has been and remains that President Trump did on a timely basis invoke the Insurrection Act and did present evidence collected by U. S. intelligence agencies to the U. S. military high command bearing upon the nature of the insurgency.  

     If this is true, then President Trump’s actions and the Insurrection Act placed duties and full authority on the U. S. military high command to defeat the insurgency, including trial and punishment of crimes by conspiring insurgents, before handing executive authority back to the duly elected civilian president. Evidence that this has been occurring includes persistent public reports that military officials and tribunals have arrested, tried, sentenced and carried out sentences of numerous public figures.

     Reports of such military trials commonly include the name, branch of service, rank and assigned post of the prosecuting officer. The branch of service is ordinarily the U. S. Navy, since location of most trials is the Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. The prosecuting officer’s rank is usually at the level of admiral; that officer is often (usually) quoted at one or more points in the trial or other proceedings. That officer can be quickly identified as an actual active duty member of U. S. military forces. These attributes give the reports great credibility in relation to any MSM so-called news report or other “informed” individuals’ reports.

When Will The Insurrection Be Defeated?

     With such a gargantuan military undertaking still underway to preserve the American nation and Constitution, the question arises at what point in time is the insurrection to be declared defeated and the administration of federal government returned to civilian elected officials. Certainly the time has not yet arrived when no official remains unpunished or in power in America and elsewhere despite his or her participation in the insurrection.

     Neither is the insurrection yet defeated when major weapons used by the insurrectionists remain operative and largely unimpeded in their use against Americans. Dramatic improvements in protections for the interests and lives of all Americans remain to be restored, although even now American rights and protections remain dramatically greater than those in many other nations in the Western world at this time.

Alliance of Nations Against The Globalist Cabal

     For many months now, American patriots have heard reports that an “alliance” of nations are using their military and police forces to assault, combat, seize and destroy operations, assets and facilities of the globalist cabal. Now we see signs this hidden alliance has achieved sufficient success and progress to surface as a public entity.

     Importantly, Archbishop Vigano, the highly respected Catholic leader, has proposed formation of an international alliance of nations against the globalist cabal, and an international forum for nations to meet and discuss common interests. Clearly the United Nations has served interests diametrically opposite to the success of independent nations and their citizens, and the UN should not go unpunished nor should it survive the approaching disposition of its masters – the globalist cabal. ~