If you view Russia as a Communist country and America’s most likely military adversary, your views are both common and erroneous. The globalist cabal’s Deep State and “shadow government” influences over mainstream media, also known as “Fake News,” have promoted these untruths, hoping to end all national republics so as to rule the world through one global dictatorship. Historically, Russia was a friend and staunch ally of America from the time of the Revolutionary War through World War I. But that ended after World War II, with the Iron Curtain descending to enable the cabal to consolidate Communist control of land and people within the Soviet Union.     During the Revolutionary War (1776-1781) and again during the War Between The States (1861-1865), Russia used its naval fleet to bolster America’s colonies (and then states) in shows of force to deter Britain and France from military actions designed to split America between those two European powers. Russia was invaded by Germany at the outsets of both World War I and World War II, bearing the brunt of much destruction and casualties on its own territory and among its own people in both world wars fighting as America’s ally

Globalist Cabal Subverts Wilson, Conquers Russia
     The political divide between America and Russia began with the the globalist cabal sponsored subversion of both nations during World War I. President Woodrow Wilson broke trust with his voters in 1913 by signing into law the globalist cabal’s demands for a privately owned central bank (the Federal Reserve) and a graduated tax on earned income (hallmark of the middle class). Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II must have refused similar demands by the cabal’s operatives, because Germany invaded Russia in 1914 despite Nicholas II’s devoted Christian marriage to an admired member of the German royal family.
     Russia continued heavy fighting against the Germans deep into 1917. In October, insurgents called Bolsheviks financed through western international banks and led by V. I. Lenin seized control of the Russian government buildings, including the parliament. Then the Bolsheviks took Nicholas II, his wife and children captive and held them hostage. Lenin claimed leadership of the Russian government and signed a truce agreement with Germany, ceding substantial Russian territory to Germany.
     The Russian people, badly debilitated from the long years of World War I fighting on their own soil, split between those who organized resistance to fight under the “White” flag against the insurgents and other Russians carrying the “Red” flag. After three years of fighting, the Whites surrendered, enabling Lenin and the Reds to take control of Russia. The ensuing pacification was violent, ugly and merciless as before the surrender, but one-sided in eliminating resistance to the Bolsheviks.
Birth Of The Soviet Union (And What If?)
     In 1922, Lenin renamed the government the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to be ruled as a dictatorship espousing Communism as its ideology. Lenin suffered a major stroke the same year and died in 1924. Joseph Stalin won the ensuing power struggle in 1927 and consolidated his rule as a totalitarian state with control in his hands over the government, the people and all property. During the next dozen years, Stalin executed millions of people, first to eliminate opposition and rivals to his rule, then to eliminate opposition to his collectivization of property and production, and finally to eliminate operatives (“Trotskyites”) of the globalist cabal who sought to replace him with Leon Trotsky.
     Consider for a moment the consequences if President Wilson had denied the globalist cabal’s demands of a private central bank – the Federal Reserve – and the graduated income tax on earned income of the middle class. Would America have experienced at that time the same type of violent insurgency, a dictatorship of the proletariat to destroy the Constitution and install Communism, with tens of millions dead and Christianity nearly extinguished, as did the Russians a century ago?

     If so, could Americans have persevered and finally thrown out the globalist apparatchiks by about 1979, as did the Russians? Or, if Wilson had followed the lead of Russia’s Nicholas II and denied the cabal’s demands, might Russia and America together have beaten and defeated the cabal, avoiding the world wars and other awful mayhem of the 20th and 21st centuries?
Putin In Russia
     Let’s undertake the task of gaining a more just and truthful evaluation of Russia’s 21st Century view of world affairs than the globalist-controlled major media and academia have been willing to provide. Begin by making an even-handed evaluation of Russia’s elected president, Vladimir Putin. We know his father was an officer in the military of the Soviet Union, and his mother was a Christian member of the Russian Orthodox Church who secretly took their infant son Vladimir to be christened/baptized in that faith. His mother did so even though she knew this was forbidden and, if discovered, could subject the entire family to punishment.
     Vladimir Putin has said publicly that learning later in life of his mother’s action importantly affected his thinking as an adult. Listen to his public utterances in prepared addresses or in informal discussions with Russian citizens and you are likely to find his conduct and views quite consistent with Christian teachings deeply understood and seriously practiced.

    Simultaneously Putin is the chief executive officer of the world’s largest nation geographically, which has experienced totalitarian tyranny and the deaths of tens of millions of its countrymen at the hands of globalist cabal operatives calling themselves Communists or socialists. His duty and responsibility is to protect Russia against any recurrence of that nightmarish oppression. And yet major media of America and the West ordinarily characterize Putin as the primary instrument by which Communist oppression continues to be imposed on Russia’s people.
     If you view those characterizations of Russia and its President Putin as too complimentary or ill-informed, try to envision yourself in his position with his responsibilities. He leads an important nation trying to improve living conditions of its people while protecting them and their national integrity along the longest borders of any nation.
Putin’s policies and actions can be characterized simply as “Russia First,” which is, of course, fully defensible as motive for leader of the world’s largest nation geographically. Militarily Russia’s capabilities now rank second only to America’s, or maybe higher. That is a very considerable accomplishment, which together with expulsion of the Communists less than 40 years ago, are monumental stepping stones to freer, safer lives for Russians, to the betterment of the world.

America Turns Against The Globalists     What might have been, but wasn’t, accomplished a century ago is an informative mental exercise, but not one to dwell upon too long at this present time of great historic urgency. America led by President Trump is now mounting America’s loyal forces to overcome and destroy the globalist cabal, both within America and worldwide. The cabal has strengthened, fattened and better equipped itself during the past century by preying upon the world’s people and production.

     All-important to this historic confrontation is that, 100 years after the cabal’s overthrow of Nicholas II in Russia, America in 2017 inaugurated Donald Trump as president. Trump is a man who, with others who recruited him, learned the nature of the cabal and undertook to confront and destroy it.
Globalists In America Stiff-Arm Trump And Russia     You can be certain President Trump has a much more comprehensive understanding of Russia’s experiences and of President Putin’s views and policies than are set forth above. Both Putin and Trump know many details of the globalist cabal’s plans and tactics, and are briefed daily on new developments. This context shines light on why the plotters of “RussiaGate” were so heavily committed to the plot to prevent Trump from allying America with Putin and Russia to fight and destroy the globalist cabal.
     Since January, 2017, America and the world have witnessed the globalist cabal’s struggle to prevent America and Russia from joining forces against it. Senior officials of the previous administration, including the persons designated as president, vice president, attorney general and FBI director, plus other senior officials, participated in a criminal conspiracy. They made false charges linking the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with a non-existent Russian effort to assist his presidential campaign. They did so with the objectives to deny Trump the office to which he was elected and to remove him from that office once he assumed it. The on-going “pandemic” has been foisted on America and the world with the same objectives by the same and additional operatives of the globalist cabal.
     The Fake News outlets still tell Americans that Trump is encircled and failing. They will close their doors before admitting their complicity with the cabal in seeking to pull down America. The 41st president of America, George H. W. Bush, openly spoke of his advocacy of a “new world order” without giving details of the global dictatorship that vision details. Those of us who trusted his intentions should be better advised now. We were perilously close to the abyss when Donald Trump and his team stepped up to turn events for the better.
Russia Is Christian – Not Communist
     Studies in recent years of religious affiliations report that a slightly higher percentage of Russians than Americans profess Christianity as their faith – each nation being near 83%. A female scholar of Scandinavian heritage has reported that her extended visit into Russia found Russians taking their Christian faith and understanding quite seriously, readily discussing such matters in social gatherings, while Americans tend to treat similar topics as off-limits in polite society.

     Regardless of nuances, however, Christian faith and Communism are entirely inimical one to the other; both cannot prevail in the same person or in the same society. Therefore, Americans need to be sure their worldview is corrected to acknowledge that, as a nation, Russians are not Communists. This must be true, as Christian teachings, values and faith are incompatible with communist tenets and practices.
     These insights have great relevance when we evaluate why the globalist cabal’s operatives in the Deep State have maneuvered so desperately to prevent America and Russia from becoming allies. Russia has freed itself from captivity by the globalist cabal, which had imposed Communism upon that nation. The cabal seeks to prevent any alliance between America and Russia while desperately attempting to pull America down into the totalitarian abyss. That desperation includes using any means necessary to subvert the 2020 U. S. presidential, Senate and Congressional elections. Take care and do what you can to enlighten others.