Archbishop Vigano, pre-eminent conscience of the Catholic Church, has expressly called out the malevolent powers of the globalist cabal for their ongoing efforts to subjugate – indeed, to exterminate – all non-elite peoples of the world. He accuses the cabal of staging and executing a coup d’état depriving every nation’s citizens of their God-given human rights. Vigano further urges leaders of all nations seeking freedom, prosperity and peace for their people to wait no longer – to act now –  to join in an alliance with the central objective of defeating and ending the globalist cabal now terrorizing and seeking to enslave the world.

The Alliance Emerges To Confront The UN     

This is not the first time in the past year that an “alliance of nations” has been mentioned in connection with the globalist cabal. In somewhat random fashion, away from major media hoop-la, a number of military battles to free human captives from the globalist cabal in undisclosed places around the world have been credited to “the Alliance.”

     Take note that such reports and credit have not come from “mainstream news,” i.e., the mouthpieces of the globalist cabal itself. Now the Alliance that has already been credited for military accomplishments appears ready to move onto the diplomatic stage as the announced adversary of the globalist cabal, including the cabal’s UN.      Since its formation in 1945, the United Nations has served interests and goals of the Rockefellers – who “donated” the site of UN headquarters – and their aligned cabal of globalists to UN-do nation-building. The UN now claims the site of its headquarters in New York is international territory – not a part of the U. S. Declared goals of the globalists during the past 120 years have included weakening to the point of collapse every national government – especially those nations with a strong middle class and economic prosperity.

     Archbishop Vigano appears to be signaling the readiness of those nations and all others with sympathetic aspirations to join in forcefully defeating the globalist cabal itself – finally ending its long-running hostile aggression against national governments and their citizens. Vigano’s clarion call signals emergence into religious, political and diplomatic circles of the violent conflict that has raged for months intensively and decisively in dark places worldwide.

Do Battles Remain Hot?

     The time may not have arrived when the facts and details of past, current and future battles can be told to the nations and peoples involved. Archbishop Vigano has not said that the battles are won and have ended, leaving only the need for diplomatic channels in the future.

     But it seems a reasonable inference from Vigano’s remarks that a call for formation of a diplomatic as well as military alliance of nations contains a fait accompli that the nations to be allied against the cabal have won or are near victory – so those nations can be secure in coming into the light in defiance of the cabal’s UN.

     The case appears to be that wins by the unannounced military alliance on (and under) the ground are making the path of smaller nations safe enough to travel in daylight. The already functioning military alliance may be nearing the time when it comes out into public view, so we, too, can watch public officials scramble, revealing who is for globalist dictatorship and who is for national republics. Whether today, tomorrow or “soon,” the day of reckoning is near.

Institutionalize The Win     

Archbishop Vigano has been the strongest advocate of real reform within the Catholic Church for years. To some this has meant ridding clerical staff and leadership of pedophiles; to others, concerns

may have reached into alignment of the highest Catholic hierarchy with the most powerful families in the world, who run roughshod over humanity in ways both evil and criminal.

     Now Vigano has called out these opponents of Christianity as deserving defeat and as threatening to future well-being of humanity. Assessing the dire threats of past centuries and the current globalist campaign of aggression to rule and to de-populate the world, an alliance of the most powerful nations with smaller nations having similar aspirations of freedom and liberty is needed to overcome and defeat, punish and end the globalists’ aggression.

Welcome Into The Real World

     Recall that, during Donald Trump’s first term as U. S. president, Archbishop Vigano communicated by letter with President Trump regarding important public issues. No doubt Trump has an ear presently for Vigano’s views, and vice versa. Is Trump sufficiently attuned to current events now so as to be aware multiple military actions have been reported as taken against the globalist cabal by forces called “the Alliance” in places around the world? The answer to that question for Trump is yes, and undoubtedly the same for Vigano.      And what better way to gain international support for such an alliance of nations? Vigano proposes the action, rather than Trump. Finally the world gets an organization of nations committed to achieving stronger, friendlier, more prosperous and successful national governments – instead of the Rockefeller sponsored, globalist haters of humanity endured since World War II.