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World Turns Right-SideUp

From Elitist Fascism to National Republics

Wayne Jett

     The 2016 presidential contest is potentially the most consequential in more than a century. President-elect Donald Trump presented himself in the campaign as champion of the middle class and expressly anti-Establishment. No other president with anti-Establishment policies has avoided assassination* since Andrew Jackson won in 1828 as the first candidate of the Democratic Party and survived multiple assassination attempts during two full terms.

     Consequential in what ways? Donald Trump’s inauguration raises prospects for derailing the ruling elite’s New World Order agenda to establish a global fascist dictatorship without national borders and with sharply reduced human population. If you have any lingering doubts as to whether this overstates the threat that remains very real at this moment, you have not read The Fruits of Graft or researched its sources. Be aware, the election of Donald Trump has not yet defeated the ruling elite or their hellish agenda. But it presents the opportunity to do so.

   Opportunities and Risks

     This is why fires burn brightly all night every night in elitist camps seeking ways to prevent the president-elect from taking office. Their aim is a last-ditch scheme to stop his inauguration, so he never gains the levers of power. The cabal is at risk of losing power, and of being called to pay for their many crimes. No weapon is beyond their willingness to grasp; no tactic lies outside their readiness to use.

     Consequently, the coming week is a very dangerous time for Americans and the world. The ruling cabal faces not merely losing control of U. S. policies for one or two presidential terms – the cabal is at risk of being smashed and punished for at least the most recent of extremely far-reaching and evil crimes. Potential for claw-back of ill-gotten gains from the elitist cabal might reach trillions of dollars.

     Yes, danger is high, but higher still is the nearly unprecedented potential to break the back of the shadow government. The Trump “movement” had tried for years to manifest itself, but kept fizzling without a fully capable champion to lead it. The turn of events which raised this champion, Donald Trump, to the position of president-elect is without precedent in any of our lifetimes. But the “movement” is not “merely” the result of one candidate with remarkable qualities and the vicissitudes of a single campaign.

Ready for Launch

     America stands at the station, ready to commence a journey away from a burgeoning tyrannical government – one Americans fear more than they fear any foreign state – towards a brighter, fairer, more just society for each of us. Millions in this country want to go to bed at night without worries about why FEMA camps with the appearance of prisons are being built across the U. S., why millions of black plastic coffins with multi-body capacity are inventoried, and why billions of rounds of hollow-nose ammunition are needed by a federal domestic agency responsible for “homeland security.”

     These sinister features of the U. S. government fashioned by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years are not the whole story. They may be clean-up tools to be used after economic collapse brought on by manipulative schemes which control markets worldwide: stocks, bonds, interest rates, commodities, precious metals and foreign exchange (currencies). Manipulation remains so predominant that market corrections will be severe and hardships unavoidable no matter how effective President Trump is in his approaching administration.

     Nonetheless, as stated here previously, the Federal Reserve should be ended at the soonest possible date – the sooner the better for Americans and the world. Each day the Fed exists permits more looting of the capital produced by hard-working people who are exploited by their forced use of the dollar. Backlash from the Fed’s many bought-and-paid-for advocates is predictable, but enduring the Fed is more difficult and costly than killing it.

     Near-term positives of the new Trump administration may include diminished likelihood that the international banks will be permitted to treat depositor accounts as their own assets. Also, lower risk that the U. S. Treasury will be empowered to confiscate individual retirement accounts and similar private capital reserves. Finally, and not least, prospects of federal seizure of privately owned gold or silver seem to be diminished.

The Difference-Makers

     Finally, here is a significant point that is not easily detectable in the frenzied media coverage of the impending transition of presidential power. President-elect Trump’s success and survival to date depend – not upon benevolence and forbearance of the elitist cabal - but upon the will and intentions of steadfast men standing at the wall and insisting that right as they see it be done.

     These defenders of the Constitution in the defense and intelligence communities prevented the election from being stolen for the ruling cabal’s Hillary Clinton, though five states (New Hampshire, Virginia, Minnesota, Colorado and Nevada) were alleged to be illicitly hacked and moved from Trump wins to Clinton. May they continue to prevail!

     *Presidents elected or re-elected with anti-Establishment policies were Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and Ronald Reagan.

     Garfield was nominated by a runaway Republican National Convention in 1880 and declared anti-Establishment policies at his inauguration. Within four months after taking office, President Garfield was shot twice by a “lone assassin” with personal ties to the senior senator from New York, and he died from infections caused by his attending physicians.

     Twenty years later, another Ohio president, William McKinley, was shot twice by a lone “anarchist” within six months after beginning his second term. Both Garfield and McKinley had vice presidents, Chester A. Arthur and Theodore Roosevelt, much preferred by the Establishment.

    President John F. Kennedy was elected with Establishment support, but was assassinated after adopting anti-Establishment policies. Again, Kennedy’s vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson, was forced on him by the Establishment.

     Ronald Reagan won nomination by the Republican Party with anti-Establishment policies, but accepted a vice presidential nominee, George H. W. Bush, forced on him by the Establishment. Reagan was shot by another “lone assassin” within two months of inauguration, but remained in office after a poisoned bullet did not leak and doctors lent assistance.

      Is it truly appropriate to assert proudly an American tradition of "the peaceful transfer of power" upon inauguration of each new president, merely because the ruling elite's cabal tactfully waits a few months before shooting to death any president chosen by the people without their approval? Better that gunshots be heard to retain the people's chosen president in office than to await elitists' gunshots to take him/her out.