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Winning v GeoBots

News From The Front
By Wayne Jett © August 4, 2019

     Millions of Americans and many more worldwide (i.e., those who took the red pill) now see Qanon as a primary source of insights into major issues. SerialBrain2, as reported here on July 17, is another anonymous entity closely followed for assistance in interpreting Qanon and decoding communications from the U. S. president or, on rare occasions, others around the president. In mid-July, SB2 announced that geoengineering operations (chemtrails to some) had been ended by the U. S. Army acting on orders from President Donald Trump. Since then, SB2 has reported on the subject three times more.

     Rather than attempting to summarize the geoengineering war against us here, if you have not done so already, please visit the website of to learn of the extensively patented, high-tech weaponry arrayed for decades against America and countries around the world. The massive destruction already done to weather systems, climate, food production and natural species – including humans – is beyond shocking and nearly beyond hope of recovery.

The SerialBrain2 Reports

     SB2 first announced on July 14 he had decoded historically important messages from the U. S. president confirming that chemtrails were not merely condensate emitted from jet aircraft engines, but in fact were physical and metaphysical attacks against the health and well-being of Americans and other societies around the world. The chemtrail operations had been conducted by military forces, but these attacks had been stopped on the president’s orders, with the U. S. Army taking control of access to airports and jet aircraft. SB2 further reported that, although the harmful chemtrails had been ended, healing substances would be sprayed for a brief time to cure those suffering from the bad chemtrails.

     On July 17, SB2 reported receiving three new coded signals from President Trump confirming that SB2’s first interpretations regarding actions taken against chemtrails were accurate. Specific details of those confirming signs will not be analyzed here, as they would not likely be understood or meaningful to persons unschooled in gematria coding principles and practices. Reliance is better determined based upon the trustworthiness of SB2’s capabilities in that regard, and those interested may examine the presentation at the link provided.

     On July 31, SB2 reported for the third time receiving new coded messages from President Trump confirming the ending of chemtrails, and also detailing further the nature and necessity of limited remedial spraying to counter the effects of injuries previously inflicted. SB2 begins by stating: The chemtrail issue is so serious and consequential that, in addition to the skies healing and changing before our eyes, it is fortunate the Maestro is sending multiple confirmations to help those who are still skeptical about this tremendous victory over the Cabal.” (Emphasis added.)

Destroying The Nano-Bots

     In yet a fourth recent report issued July 24, SB2 referred to “our current conversation with the Maestro [President Trump] … about chemtrails” and asked “(a)re you familiar with Morgellons?” before advising: “If you can handle it, watch [beginning at 44:45] until the end.” In the film linked by SB2, you will see and hear a young (apparently brilliant) scientist describe how chemtrails have been used to infect humans with artificially designed and created nano-bots.

     The aerially sprayed nano-bots invade all humans. Only some humans (including those whose health systems are weakened by ingredients included in some vaccines or by antibiotics) contract serious ailments, usually called Morgellons Disease.

     Morgellons is characterized by red or blue lesions of the skin through which the nano-bots eventually extrude themselves from inside. Victims often describe feeling “as if insects are crawling inside” their body. These are among the victims of geoengineering, commonly called chemtrails, SB2 assures will be healed by curative spraying presently underway.

Choosing Trustworthy Information

     Most Americans have spent their lives relying upon major newspapers and television networks to report accurately about important events affecting public interests. Some are privileged to study at academic institutions of higher learning, and a few read non-fiction books on topics of interest. Fewer still may look to government officials, including elected ones, to provide factual information important to their well-being.

     Which of these sources of learning has gained your trust by informing you about geoengineering or chemtrails? Who among these sources, or your elected political leaders, has informed you of these highly destructive government operations? Who has told you the fact that such operations are permitted by federal law to be undertaken against Americans without public disclosures?

     By contrast, reports published here have informed you of these concerns on repeated occasions, and in recent times have cited Qanon and SB2 as sources of information believed to be reliable. Each source communicates in terms which are coded or complex, but for justifiable reasons.

     Qanon communicates in a fashion designed to assist the thinking of readers in identifying topics of importance and to guide anticipation of outcomes for related events. This approach achieves the mandatory objective that no national security law or regulation is violated by the communication, and also requires commitment of readers to use their own capabilities in determining the facts and implications of the topics involved. Qanon appears to operate from a position having direct access to information at the highest level of authority over each topic addressed.

    SB2, by comparison, communicates primarily about coded messages perceived as conveyed from the U. S. president, or in Qanon messages, and does so in a fashion designed to teach readers how to recognize the coded messages and to de-code them directly. In both respects, SB2 appears to be engaged in efforts to increase the access of others to accurate understanding of vitally important information not otherwise available to the public.

     Both Qanon and SB2 place great emphasis upon the importance of accuracy in the information they provide and straight-forward honesty in their communications to their readers and students. Neither would trifle with respect for their own veracity by toying with their audience by telling fictional stories about what geoengineering/chemtrails are about, or what has been done to end these activities. SB2 certainly knows concern about geoengineering is widespread, though still submerged by MSM. SB2 would not sacrifice reputation and standing with that major audience by telling a blatant lie. Doing so would be directly contrary to SB2’s declared mission.

Contrast The MSM And Party Leaders

     Mainstream media have demonstrated time and again they cannot be trusted to convey vitally important information fairly and accurately. MSM are not truly diverse or independent in ownership or viewpoint in today’s America. MSM are organs of the kingmakers' cabal. With the first worldwide counteroffensive against that cabal well underway presently, you may be certain MSM will not serve your interests.  MSM serve the cabal.

     Top leadership of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party likewise serve the kingmakers' cabal. That has been true with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson’s two terms as the Democrats’ first American president. Those in the two major parties play different roles, but ultimately answer to the same master.

     Recently six Republican congressional representatives announced their retirements after reportedly participating in nightly secret meetings with Senator Charles Schumer of New York, the Democrat minority leader in the U. S. Senate. Such duplicitous conduct is perfectly defined by the term RINO (“Republican-In-Name-Only”), as servants of the cabal ultimately answer to the same masters. Continued Democrat control of the House after 2020 is pivotal if the cabal is to continue blocking President Trump’s efforts to strengthen America’s national sovereignty.

    National sovereignty interests most certainly include protecting vital health, safety and financial well-being of Americans. That is why stopping and defeating geoengineering warfare against this nation has seemed so direly urgent and necessary since its discovery by those most alert to it years ago.  Yes, 30 months since January, 2017, is a long time to victims, but it can also be viewed as miraculously brief when the complexity of detecting the practices, mastering the solutions and unseating the controlling perpetrators is considered.

    We now have substantive evidence of reasons to hope and to work even harder to end this scourge against life on Earth. Early anecdotal reports from activist observers worldwide have been largely net positive. Existing conditions, including major wildfires consuming forests in northern polar regions, remain catastrophically dire. But continued full-out battling against the ravages of geoengineering warfare all over the planet can now be combined with genuine reason for hope of ultimate victory.

Bottom Line

     Stay alert; remain active; report significant observations; and be hopeful of success, now that we have important communications acknowledging the factual validity of our concerns and reporting actions sufficient to resolve the nightmarish conditions we have endured so many years.