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Trump's Storm Begins

Equal Justice Under Law? Expect Resistance!
By Wayne Jett ©December 29, 2017

      On December 20, as soon as the much debated tax cut/reform bill passed Congress, President Trump signed an executive order. The EO declares a national emergency arising from serious human rights abuses and corruption. The EO further requires that all assets of persons named from time to time in the annexed list (13 names have been publicized, so far) be held – no disbursement permitted!

      This EO is the opening shot in what may become the most epic war of the recently past and present millennia. How could this be other than extreme exaggeration? Here is a brief explanation.

Centuries of Elitist Rule

      The thousand years ending 17 years ago saw great consolidation of power worldwide by dark forces now called the ruling elite. In 1880, Henry George published his masterwork Progress and Poverty, the best-selling book on economics ever and “the most important book of the century” according to one respected observer. George described these ruling elite as “a vast and dominant pecuniary interest [which,] in every country, writes laws and molds thought.”

      In 1901, a manifesto written on behalf of the ruling elite by H. G. Wells disclosed and detailed their plan to eliminate the middle class entirely, to exterminate much of humanity, and to cause each national government to crumble as the elite take full power. In 1938, a high operative of the ruling elite, questioned in Moscow, defined “full power” sought by the elite as the kind of power Stalin held in the Soviet Union, but worldwide.

Patriots vs. Elitists

      By 2016, the ruling elite were confident their assumption of full power was at hand. Elitist operatives had rolled up and expelled their opponents in U. S. politics, military, intelligence and law enforcement. But their expelled opponents organized (“America First!”) and planned a counter-offensive. Donald Trump was recruited and elected U. S. president, despite vote-counting fraud which flipped five states (New Hampshire, Virginia, Minnesota, Colorado and Nevada) to the elitists’ candidate.

      So the elitists accused Trump of conspiring with a foreign power, Russia, to swing the election in his favor. Pending investigation, this charge won support of Establishment (elitist) members of both parties in the Senate and the House. The Deputy Attorney General appointed Special Counsel (Robert Mueller) to investigate President Trump and to prosecute crimes discovered.

      Robert Mueller served as FBI Director from 2001 before the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001, until 2013. That period included high crimes against the American republic which were not investigated, prosecuted and punished.

Calm Before The Storm

      Recall back in early October, President Trump noted at a White House dinner for military leaders we were seeing the “calm before the storm.” In late October, an anonymous party identified as “Q Anon” began posting on a previously little known website called Q Anon frequently posted “bread crumbs” drawing attention to matters which otherwise might go unnoticed, sometimes consisting of obscure data, other times of veiled hints relating to current events. Close observers concluded that Q Anon is a person with very high level security clearance (Level “Q”), possibly in the White House itself.

      By December, Q Anon was focusing on the storm President Trump had hinted was coming. On Christmas Eve, Q posted a picture of General Washington and his Revolutionary Army crossing the Delaware River to attack Britain’s mercenaries, the Hessians. This was the first major counter-attack and first victory for Washington’s army, coming after they had been driven out of New York, through New Jersey, and into Pennsylvania by much larger British forces. Washington crossed the Delaware with his army, using barges to carry cannon and men, on the night of Christmas Eve, 1776.

      Now you begin to comprehend the enormity of the conflict in prospect. Yes, Americans fighting the British Empire was consequential in 1776. America now undertaking destruction of the Global Elite’s hidden power structure is much more hazardous. But we have allies in the world, Russia being the most capable, although the elite will try to make them our opponent. Potential gains for all humanity, should we succeed, will project onto an even greater scale.

Storm: The Anti-Elitist War

      Q Anon has hinted that U. S. forces are already in action worldwide with law enforcement agencies against the most important outposts of elitist power. These actions combine with the effects of the new Executive Order freezing assets, thereby cutting off resources which fund elitist operations. Major elitist executives have already resigned, seeking to insulate their organizations from the asset seizure. Not the least of these may be Eric Schmidt, formerly CEO of Alphabet, Inc., the parent of Google.

      Among factual details not to be missed are upwards of 5,000 – perhaps 10,000 – sealed indictments already filed in U. S. courts, waiting to be unsealed when the prosecution of criminals is ready to go public. Human trafficking (children and adults) and illegal drug production/distribution reap trillion-dollar revenues annually, and the ruling elite will not let go of their rackets without a struggle. They are dangerous and ruthless.

Good luck in the coming year. The outlook is hopeful.