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Trump's October Surprise

Why None, When So Much Is At Stake?

By Wayne Jett © November 1, 2018

      We’ve heard it said more than once by President Trump himself: the voting set for November 6, 2018, may be the most important mid-term elections in American history. If this is so – as it seems to be presently – then why have we not seen an “October Surprise” worthy of the stable genius in the White House? Certainly more than one among us predicted important disclosures by now of long-sought facts or truths capable of shocking the consciences of the voting public. Yet none so far. Did something go wrong?

      Actually, for Republican candidates and the president, no. The flow of events has produced such good news for Republican candidates, President Trump has kept busy relating to historically large crowds at campaign rallies all across the country just how well he has been performing his promises and getting actions from Congress to rectify long-standing problems. NFL team owners must envy the attendance and enthusiasm of Trump rallies in state after state. Who needs a shocking occurrence to invigorate your electorate when this is your existing state of affairs?

Who Needs An October Surprise?

      While considering that issue, it is hard not to pity today’s Democrats, who continue to suffer under their leaders’ efforts to stir them into angry mobs intent upon violence and intimidation. This game plan, however, was designed more for the purpose of removing President Trump from office – not for motivating voters and winning elections.
“Free stuff” tactics of the Obama campaigns seemed better suited for campaigning. But that was under conditions which included an assumption that more jobs were not possible. Trump has eliminated that assumption so decisively as to reveal it as a big lie.

The Establishment/Democrat Doings

      So, yes, the Democrats desperately needed one or more October Surprises to change their political fortunes dramatically. What did their Establishment benefactors produce to serve the purpose? Well, nothing, if you believe the Establishment’s “mainstream media,” which always reports the Establishment’s October Surprises as straight news stories. But take a closer look and you will recognize multiple potentially “game changing” events which, upon closer examination were not mere happenstance occurrences.

           A.    Hurricanes Florence and Michael

      Consider the two major hurricanes, first Florence and the Michael, each of which struck and caused major damage and displacement to important voting constituencies of President Trump and Republican candidates for Senate, House and state offices. Florence did major damage by high winds, heavy rains and flooding in North Carolina, rains and flooding in South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and West Virginia – all within the period of September 11-20. 

      Then, on October 10, Hurricane Michael made landfall with winds of 155 mph very precisely in the niche of coastline which contained the reddest voting population of Florida – the northwest panhandle. By October 15,  Michael had killed at least 45 victims in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, amid property damage in the range of $8-11 billion.

      Were Florence and Michael “just weather,” as MSM will attest, or were they man-made storms created intentionally with technology precisely described and patented in the field known as geoengineering? Ask an expert, such as Dane Wigington, head of research at, and you can learn the specific techniques and instrumentation used to create, strengthen and guide the monster storms known as Florence and Michael so they could hit their intended targets and do the damage described above.

      Do you think these storms may have distracted the hearts and minds of a few million Americans away from support for political candidates of their choice? Evidence is available to prove that technology to create both storms was available and was, in fact, used to create and to guide both Florence and Michael. Is that not enough to merit conclusions that each storm was a politically motivated “October Surprise?”

           B.    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

      How about the U. S. Senate hearings on confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as an associate justice of the U. S. Supreme Court? Certainly the salacious nature of accusations and 24-hour news coverage of every detail which consumed public attention through the end of September and into October were capable of bending public opinion sharply against Republican political objectives.

      That painful and distasteful experience qualified as an October Surprise by Democrats. Many treated it as such, excoriating Trump, Kavanaugh and all who voted to confirm him, and do so even to this day. But the whole thing left Democrats looking as if something had blown up in their faces.

           C.    The Pipe Bombs Caper

      And, speaking of blowing up in their faces, how about those “pipe bombs” mailed or otherwise delivered to various Democrats who have been among President Trump’s most outspoken detractors, if not haters: Obama, DeNiro, Brennan, Biden and Clinton among them. The person arrested and accused of creating the bombs was reported to be driving a van arrayed with Trump-supporting stickers and banners.

      Yet the culprit was also reported to have been a registered Democrat. Just assuming, however, that he was, in fact, an operative of the Democrat Party, this would certainly qualify as an action in the nature of an “October Surprise,” would it not? But we will wait for criminal prosecution to sort out the facts – long after the election, of course.

           D.    The List Goes On

As you likely will recognize, by ending the list of potential October surprises here, we have not entirely exhausted the list of candidates for Democrat dirty-trick-of-the-campaign. No mention has yet appeared of the Central American “Caravan” with dubious funding from Soros and/or Venezuela. Nor has mention been made of the mass shooting attack against a religious service in Pittsburgh, another important region of political support for Trump and

      The point is made. Democrats have been the ones trying anything and everything to turn the tide of public sentiment in their favor, but everything so far has blown up in their faces (except their pipe bombs).

Donald Trump’s October Surprise

      The only surprise from President Trump in October, 2018, is that he provided no October Surprise. None of the previously forecast events or actions, such as indictments or arrests of prominent Democrats, has come to pass. What can explain this, particularly after months of great expectations?

     Only one answer seems to fit. The Republican campaign for the mid-term elections does not need an October Surprise. The internal polling available to President Trump must have convinced him the races are going well for his candidates, and he does not want to risk disruption of momentum before Election Day.

     Trump just announced this week that he will not order disclosure of un-redacted classified reports relating to FBI/DOJ surveillance of his presidential campaign until after the November 6 voting is completed. This is a clear indication of confidence in election prospects. If he were concerned about getting voters out to the polls, or if election prospects were grim, he would most likely make those disclosures before Election Day.

     But October is over. Let’s see how the elections go next Tuesday.