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Trump In Context

White Hats vs. Ruling Elite

Wayne Jett © October 23, 2018   

     Many have noticed the Trump presidency is extraordinary in more ways than one. Here is one way. In decades and centuries past, when a non-Establishment candidate has been elected to the White House, he has been promptly dispatched by gunshot, always by a crazed or extremist “lone gunman.” If Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy or Reagan had been as well prepared and protected as Trump has been to date, America likely would be a different and far better place than we know today.

     During his campaign for president and at his inauguration, Donald Trump stated clearly he intended to take power back from the cabal of ruling elite and return it to the American people. That is tantamount to a declaration of war against the globalist kingmakers who have ruled the world for centuries, and the globalists’ counter-attack has been furious.

     President Trump clearly has better protection for himself and his family than previous presidents have enjoyed. But his challenge to the elitist globalists is being mounted at a time when they are many years further along in their game plan to destroy completely the world’s middle class and every republican national government.

From 1900 To 2016

     At the outset of the 20th Century, the goals of the ruling elite were to destroy completely the entire middle class (all those able to support themselves by productive efforts) worldwide by first making them poor and then exterminating all except the relative few needed as servants of the rulers. Wars would be tried, disease would be tried and, by the year 2000, their goal was to have means of poisoning efficiently the remaining unwanted humans (“the people of the abyss”). H. G. Wells was the elitists’ chosen scribe for these plans, and he became an instant intellectual celebrity, honored throughout the rest of his life by invitations to the White House, to the palaces of Europe and to Stalin’s Kremlin.

Within the 20th Century, the cabal of ruling globalists (on whose behalf Wells wrote) planned, orchestrated and inflicted World War I, the “influenza” of 1918, the communist genocide in Russia, the communist genocide in China, the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression of 1930-1940, World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the genocide in Cambodia, the Gulf War and the Rwandan genocide. Add to that the cabal’s importation into America of Nazis and Fascists driven from Europe when WWII ended, and the cabal's importation of Bolsheviks driven from Russia as the Soviet Union lost its grip in the late 1970s.

     At the outset of the 21st Century, operatives of the globalist cabal in America and its “allies” conspired to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Their goals were to loot great wealth, to drive out political opposition, and to provide political cover for more wars in the Middle East, southern Asia and Africa.

     In 2016, those wars were still largely in play. America as a nation was badly weakened, essentially insolvent, but kept operational by the globalists’ power to create paper currency in unlimited amounts through their central banks (primarily the Federal Reserve). Much of that fiat currency bought U. S. Treasury debt. Those “Treasury bonds” were widely used as the “reserve currency” in trade among nations, largely because T-bonds were as readily liquid as dollars, yet earned interest paid by Treasury to the holder.

     Meanwhile, other nations, including Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa, knew the U. S. dollar’s value was suspect, as it had been falling since 1971. So the BRICS nations and many smaller acolytes were well along in creating alternative channels and means of payment for use in their international commerce. However, the currency of each of these nations remained vulnerable to attack and manipulation in foreign exchange markets, with the Exchange Stabilization Fund and other globalist tools likely being the dominant predators.

The Khazarian Mafia Overlay

     The “special counsel” investigation of possible collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election in America has produced no evidence of such collusion so far. However, the House Committee on Intelligence has found important evidence indicating collusion among the Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the U. S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to gain authority to spy on the Trump campaign for the benefit of the Clinton campaign and the DNC by presenting false and misleading evidence to the federal court specially created to handle Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA) matters.

     Evidence of this conduct, probably criminal, has been classified as top secret under national security laws, keeping it from the American public. President Trump finally ordered the information disclosed weeks ago, but that was delayed by DOJ and FBI objections as well as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Also, objections were heard from two foreign “allies,” the United Kingdom and Australia, probably because disclosure will reveal their roles in surveillance of the Trump campaign and in related efforts to overthrow the Trump presidency.

     Each and every subject described above is made more problematic when the overlay affecting each one – the influence and power of the Khazarian Mafia – is taken into account. Khazarians were marauding bandits in their homeland northeasterly of the Black Sea until being driven out by Russia and allied countries about 900 years ago. They had violated terms of a reprieve based upon professed willingness to abide by the Jewish faith, but adulterated those tenets with the Talmud and Baal-worship, including human sacrifice. Fleeing west into Europe, their wiles and cunning enabled some of their number to become both rich and powerful – the Rothschilds and other recognizable families among them.

     Today, the Khazarian Mafia is, almost certainly, the most powerful influence in both the House and Senate, if not the White House, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch, of the U. S. government. The same may be said of the governments of Germany, France, other governments within the European Union, and Israel. They claim to be champions of Israel and its people, but they have no historic connection to Palestine in biblical times, and their interests seem to be global power and control. In this last respect, they had much to do (along with the Obama State Department) with the violent coup which drove the elected government of Ukraine out of Kiev.

Be Alert, Impatient and Patient

     These are portions of the matters which must be considered and mastered in laying and implementing the Plan by which government honoring constitutional mandates and human rights is to be restored in America. Such objectives are urgent, but you should not assume a lack of intent or commitment based upon passage of time, when complexity of issues and operations may require a different schedule than you realize. In hindsight, you may become amazed by near miracles accomplished in the short time elapsed. Consider what you might be enduring without the leadership we presently have.

     Consider the unprecedented numbers of people pressing to see President Trump wherever he travels to speak throughout the states. They are people holding common interests with you, likewise searching for news of important undertakings and occurrences, and showing willingness to assist the enterprise of making future conditions better than they otherwise will be. This is an encouraging state of affairs, even while some who would prefer to make matters worse still hold positions of power and influence.