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The End of Reason

And Why “Utterly Irrational” is Dangerous
Wayne Jett © December 17, 2011
    America is occupied by ruling elite who have captured enormous amounts of capital by defrauding financial markets and monopolizing business. Leveraging their giant pools of loot, the ruling elite dominate federal government policy. They hand down policy from above and see it adopted and enacted into law by executive and legislative officials, regardless of views and interests of the popular electorate.
    Political leaders who advance the elitist agenda cleverly justify their actions with glib words. Often their threadbare arguments expose true political motives and are fairly open to cries of “the emperor has no clothes.”
      But confrontation of the ruling elite in direct terms is treated by American mainstream media as defamatory and forbidden. Big media, like the federal government, exist in the shadow if not in the palm of the ruling elite. In this environment, every argument advanced on behalf of the elitist agenda is addressed solemnly on the merits, even though made entirely of straw.
      Advocates for common people wind up exasperated that elitist government policy is “utterly irrational.” This is what occurred during the Republican presidential primary debate held December 15 in Sioux City, Iowa.
Beware the “Utterly Irrational”
     Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich drew the loudest audience response of the night. He sharply criticized President Barack Obama’s opposition to the House-passed bill to continue the payroll-tax holiday and to permit the Canadian Keystone oil pipeline-to-the-Gulf. Obama’s objection to the Keystone pipeline, Gingrich said, is “utterly irrational.”
    Gingrich attributed to Obama a motive to secure his extreme environmentalist voter base by blocking the Keystone pipeline. Clearly he viewed that motive as frivolous when balanced against loss of jobs and energy urgently needed in the current economic depression. In case you have not read it here in months past, economic depression is now reality even in the rhetoric of Keynesian and elitist apologist Paul Krugman.
     Gingrich erred in failing to identify a rational motive for Obama blocking jobs and energy. One who judges his opponent irrational does so at severe risk of being badly out-flanked. Detection of utter lack of rationality in the perceived policy or action of an opponent, as a matter of principle, ought to sound an alarm for immediate security check of left and right flanks. Apparent irrationality on the part of an adversary indicates glaring failure to recognize the adversary’s true motive(s) and plan of action.
Looking Motive in the Eye
      The ruling elite who put Obama in the White House required and obtained his appointment of their operatives in every key administration position, especially those related to economic policy: Secretary of Treasury, White House chiefs of staff, economic advisors, Fed chairman, ambassador to Germany, ad infinitum. He pushed through their long-craved priority of control over human health care despite overwhelming popular opposition. Should these prominent actions not guide Gingrich in identifying motive behind blocking jobs and energy?
     The ruling elite have a strategic objective to destroy their only competitor for political power: the productive class. The productive class (usually called the “middle” class) creates capital through labor, production and innovation. Energy at economical prices is essential to jobs and prosperity in the productive class. As a practicing historian, Gingrich should understand that Obama blocking energy and job creation fits perfectly into his role as high-level operative of the ruling elite.
Opinion Makers Take Note
    Others should know as well, one would think, including the widely heard and, yes, respected political commentator Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh has advanced public discourse to the point of stating openly and often that Obama intends to harm the economy. This is considerable progress, as he has moved past the myth of good intentions.
     But Limbaugh does not attribute Obama’s bad intentions to service of the ruling elite’s agenda. He says the president’s predilections for Marxist and socialist ideologies are to blame. Applying the acid test from “My Cousin Vinny,” this answer “does not hold wadda….”
     Neither Marxists nor socialists have determinative power in this country or elsewhere. Nor do bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., except to the extent they advance the elitist agenda. The power flows from gigantic pools of looted capital commandeered by ruling elite, who created and use Marxism and socialism as mercantilist tools to pacify and manage people.
    With sociopathic objectives, the ruling elite cannot reason with the productive class by arguing their true objectives and, of course, they do not. They erect straw-man concerns often so weak as to provoke “utterly irrational” or, even, intentional harm outcries. But rarely are they called upon to defend their true agenda: to destroy the middle class and take dictatorial power under a “new republic” global government.
    Obama fools too many observers by attacking the upper productive class as “the rich,” thereby distracting attention from his own service of the ruling elite whose capital is orders of magnitude greater than that of his “rich” targets. While Limbaugh blames Obama’s socialist beliefs, others including Brent Bozell of Media Research are repeatedly incensed by the “double standard” by which major media tow the line favored by the ruling elite.
The Crucial Link
    Some opinion leaders and highly successful individuals mistakenly think of themselves as being in the American upper class. The thought never enters their minds that a far more powerful ruling elite targets them and the rest of us. This link is crucial to understand the “utterly irrational” fences erected to contain reasoned rebuttals of elitist policies.
     With so much power and such a detestable agenda, the ruling elite need not, cannot and do not reason with the productive class to persuade of the merits of their case. Their acolytes mold minds to embrace concepts such as man-made global warming and a woman’s right to choose abortion as disguises for their goals to impoverish the middle class and to reduce population growth. Opponents must counter their fabricated arguments, and do so again and again.
    Surely a point must come when even Charley Brown stops running to kick the football just as Lucy pulls it away. Would-be champions of the productive class must finally stop averting their eyes from the true elitist agenda proven by historical evidence. Major media may castigate anyone who speaks to that agenda, but media will never be free until it addresses this monster in America’s parlor: the ruling elite’s ugly past actions and future aspirations. ~