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Storm Is Arriving

DC Swamp Creatures Panic

By Wayne Jett © September 18, 2018

     Any storm – a hurricane, a typhoon, a tornado, a cyclone – is difficult to describe when it envelops you. Many things happen at once, each extreme in its effects. Months ago, President Donald Trump suggested we were seeing "the calm before the storm." The Storm has now penetrated the mists of the DC Swamp, so the creatures there are panicking – whether to attack or to escape, they do not know.

     The swamp creatures' confusion stems from their mistaken belief that the 20 months since Donald Trump’s inauguration have been dominated by their storm of protests against his leadership. No – those 20 months have been the “calm” during which the power bases of the global ruling cabal have been taken or identified for future action. Now comes the Storm they never thought would occur.

     What is the evidence of panic among the Swamp creatures?  Here are examples, although this list is by no means exhaustive.

The Kavanaugh Nomination

     The efforts of Establishment (cabal) senators to block approval of Judge Bret Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court fizzled on the merits of his expressed views and opinions. So cabalist Senator Diane Feinstein presented a last minute accusation of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh as a 17-year-old. The accuser was initially identified by MSM as an obscure woman with a strong sense of civic duty, though further investigation (as usual) indicates that may not be an apt description.

     Questioning of Christine Blasey (nee) Ford should be under oath and should focus on:

        1.    Personal and family connections with U. S. intelligence agencies;

     2.  Professional and/or patient relations with any colleague at Stanford University who has done psychiatric research or other service for U. S. intelligence agencies; and

     3.   Participation, either as staff or as patient, in psychiatric training and conditioning of persons to be used as intelligence operatives under MK-Ultra psychiatric control or otherwise.

     President Trump has rejected an offer by Democratic senators to withdraw the sexual assault allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. In exchange, the Democratic senate leadership wanted the president to withdraw his de-classification order issued September 17 about certain documents obtained by the House Intelligence Committee relating to FBI and DOJ activities during and after the 2016 presidential campaign.

Former AG Loretta Lynch Talking

     Another DC player experiencing a panic attack is former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is said to be talking, presumably to current federal law enforcement officials, about her 2016 chance encounter on a Phoenix airport tarmac with a former president and current husband of a high-priority target for then-current and potential FBI investigations. Of course, Lynch's current discussions may relate to a wide range of activities involving felony violations, either by herself, by others or a combination of the two.

AG Jeff Sessions Writes Chief Justice

     More importantly, current Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reported to have sent a classified letter to the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, and to a second Justice of the same court. Presumably that second Justice is the one assigned to the Circuit Court of Appeals within which the subject to be addressed arises. The subject to be addressed relates to the AG’s personal recusal from matters involving investigation of Russian collusion relating to the 2016 presidential campaign.

     AG Sessions may be asking the Supreme Court to take notice of potential conflicts of interest on the part of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, when Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate potential collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia. Also, AG Sessions may be asking for the Supreme Court to consider determining whether such a special counsel can be appointed when no evidence of a crime by the Trump campaign existed at the time Mueller was appointed as special counsel. If that is the case, the Chief Justice could exercise authority over the justice system, perhaps by ordering the Special Counsel to be terminated.

     Or, AG Sessions may be asking the Chief Justice to approve certain proposed actions regarding the DOJ or the Special Counsel as lawful and supported by evidence. The Chief Justice has that supervisory authority and may be willing to exercise it, depending upon the evidentiary showing made.

The Sum Total

     Each of these items may seem like a tempest in a teapot in relation to the big picture. But, if each were to be resolved promptly in a manner satisfactory to the Trump presidency, the Deep State and the ruling elite would be importantly disadvantaged. Taken together, all this becomes a looming reason for panic. And we haven’t even mentioned Ohio Governor John Kasich’s televised remark that former Senator John McCain had been “put to death.”

     The “calm” experienced since especially last December 20 was not a period of inactivity. It has been a period of fervent and determined activity. But the activity has been primarily of a nature out of public view – sometimes civilian in nature and sometimes military. This period was anything but calm for the elitist cabal. Their operations and holdings have been targets of the Plan for about ten months, and the action has been unrelenting.

     Fifty-one thousand sealed indictments filed in U. S. District Courts charging named defendants with federal crimes await unsealing and prosecution. The very long list of persons now named in the list attached to the presidential Executive Order effective December 21 as traffickers in humans and other corruption is powerful action indeed, since it orders all assets of those persons frozen and subject to seizure as fruits of their crimes.


     This is not yet the time for joy and celebration, but it is a time for rapt attention to the historic confrontation now underway, and for careful performance of responsibilities as they arise. President Trump has announced a testing of the Presidential Emergency Alert System at 2:18 pm ET on October 3, 2018. FEMA will conduct the test by leaving a message on all telephones.