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Sky Poisons Relief?

First Signs of Hope

By Wayne Jett © July 17, 2019

      Since the specter of geoengineering first appeared in the consciousness of those who rose to fight it, news from the worldwide battlefront has been bad and worsening daily. To this day, most Americans remain unaware (or unmoved) that our own military and government agencies have deployed against us deadly technologies described at a 2001 NASA symposium as a “mechanical analog of biological weapons of mass destruction.” Now, seemingly at the brink of doom, reports are in that the U. S. Army has acted to curtail the geoengineering onslaught and to begin remedying widespread damage done by it.

     This said, an important caveat is required., the dedicated, long-term opponent of geoengineering, when advised of the recent reports of curtailment/remedying of geoengineering, emphatically responded that no such changes are apparent; that the destructive technology continues to be ramped up; that ground conditions are worsening and the environment is imploding; and, worst of all, that the Trump administration is an active part of it all.

      What is to be made of all this?

      First, it seems imperative that we continue regarding present reality as reflected in the data analysis and reports of and others on the many fronts of undeniably poisonous warfare that has been waged against human life on Earth, which has simultaneously destroyed many other species and much natural climate and environment. Those are reported to be the actual conditions existing around the world at present.

     Despite this hard and dangerous reality – indeed, because of it – we must devote fully sufficient attention to these unprecedented new communications to assure that we understand entirely their meaning and significance.

The Source(s) of the Messages

     The messages are presented by an anonymous person, group or entity known as SerialBrain2 (“SB2”) in written form here and may be heard and viewed in audio-visual form lasting nearly 50 minutes here,  all of it addressing effects of geoengineering/chemtrail technology on humans, other life and nature on Earth.

     In assessing the importance of these communications, the fundamental points to acknowledge include: (1) the coded messages are said to be coming from POTUS (the president of the U. S.) or, in some instances, through Qanon, an anonymous entity shown by numerous “proofs” to have close contacts with President Trump and believed to be a small cadre of military intelligence officials. To be specific, near the outset of this recent posting, SB2 states: “By learning the comms and paying attention, I have shown you through more than 170 articles how POTUS and Q reward us with the most privileged information about the Battlefield.”

     In other words, the messages delivered regarding geoengineering represent themselves as having come from a source no more than one or two stations removed from President Trump himself. Messages delivered by the same entities on many other topics of intense popular interest have created a very large international audience which pays close attention to all that Qanon and SB2 report about Trump administration actions, events and issues which would not be reported accurately by the cabal-controlled major media.
     On July 5, 2018, at a political campaign rally held in Great Falls, Montana, President Trump made what appeared to be impromptu remarks during his speech using the word "brain" a series of times and asking rhetorically "which is more important: the mouth or the brain?" and answering: "the brain is much more important." Watch video to 38:03. Many who are familiar with the work of SerialBrain2 view these remarks by the president as his coded validation of  communications to SerialBrain2 and the resulting de-codings.

     One additional point needs to be made before getting to the actual messages delivered by SB2’s decoding of presidential messages. Until this occasion, both the federal government and major media have maintained rigidly enforced silence about geoengineering operations – rarely speaking of it only as futuristic concepts of what might be done. All else has been dismissed as conspiracy theory or fantasy. These communications newly presented are starkly different – especially if viewed as coming from the top echelon of elected government in America – because they confirm both the deadly effects and the actual deployment of geoengineering warfare globally!

Decoding the Communications

     The communications were transmitted using an encoding system called gematria. SB2 says to “learn our comms” in order to recognize and interpret encoded messages. "Learn our comms" means learning gematria. Meanwhile, short of learning gematria, we can look to SB2 to be vigilant in detecting and decoding such communications as have been reported previously and in these instances.

     Despite confusion which may arise from decoding techniques demonstrated in the audio-visual presentation, the decoded messages provided by SB2 are quite explicit and direct in confirming, detailing and condemning the very evil design and impacts of geoengineering weapons which have been used worldwide for years. The significance of this disclosure is enormous because it comes – not “merely” from another vigilant target of the evil design – but from coded messages transmitted by a very powerful national leader.

     Indeed, that national leader, President Donald J. Trump, upon taking office prominently declared his intention to take back political powers illicitly gained by the global cabal which has dominated our country for many years, and to return those powers to the American people. Such a president – one who conducts his duties more energetically and productively than any in history and concedes himself to be a “stable genius” in the White House – would be capable of issuing coded messages decipherable by a team of private citizens who have rallied to his cause.

The Decoded Messages

     The decoded messages to be reported below in italics are contained within an historic, comprehensive report by SB2 posted here. We begin by noting SB2’s decoding of a President Trump “tweet” of July 4, 2019, which SB2 interpreted in light of a January 27, 2018, post 640 by Qanon, which stated: “Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.” Thus, SB2’s first chemtrail-related decoded message reads as follows:

“Queen/monarchs seeking shelter” is code for those who ordered and operated chemtrails. This code confirms the path to Queen Elizabeth I we took earlier and everything that was decoded about her. “seeking shelter” is code for all those who were involved in the chemtrails are now either cooperating, facing justice or are on the run.

Decoded Message 1/2: Chemtrails are supervised worldwide by the military. The example of the German mechanic whistleblower is a hint structures like NATO were involved. The one who controls the military controls what is sprayed and where. What if this worldwide operation is seized? What happens if the one who controls the most powerful military in the world and leads NATO is an outsider? Like Trump?

Decoded Message 2/2: Answer: The Phoenix Principle is applied and the harmful chemicals are transformed to healing chemicals. All things are made new: those who were sprayed are healed and it’s now the turn of those who did the spraying to get sick! Read again! ENJOY “ROTH” ENJOY.

Decoded Message 3: Aircraft One. What a beautiful way to describe chemtrails, which are essentially the result of using air humans breathe to perform witchcraft against them! Once again, it is important to understand that the chemical component is just one step in the mind control process. It’s a preparatory step to “fertilize” the subject and maximize his plasticity. The next step is alteration of the mind through possession (injection of an alien spirit) or through deformation (using waves). The chemtrails can be programmed to hold this information in specific ways and for further dissemination.  When it’s the case, it is called smart dust. What happens if this is seized by White Hats? Hahaha! Black Hats are running like RATS! More intel. Repeat.

Decoded Message 4: The movie Clockwork Orange falls within our chemtrail context: it’s full of symbolism illustrating abuses and mind control experiment that finally went wrong. Clockwork: The Final Countdown has started for the perpetrators. They will pay. “As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.” This, in our current context, leads to: “as the harmful chemtrails the Cabal was spraying on humans fade, another type of chemtrail is emerging harmless to humans and harmful to the Cabal.” The Storm is Coming.

     In addition to the decoded messages set forth above, SB2 reported these two messages found in the content of President Trump’s speech made July 4, 2019, in front of the Lincoln Memorial:

Message 1: The coded area of the speech is about AIR, NOW AND THEN or the status of our fight against the Cabal’s chemical attack against mankind.

Message 2: Our Army made the air healthy for mankind again. It took control of the access to aircraft engines and airports. It did everything it had to do to protect mankind from the harm of chemtrails. After their intervention, the enemy lost and we won.

Fight Against GeoE Is Now Front and Center

     From the time years ago that the first vigilant observers began sounding the alarm about sharply diminished sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, about high metal content in snow and rainwater, about the long, lingering trails behind jet aircraft, and dying forests, those vigilantes have begged and pleaded for public attention to this enormously important concern about the effects of stratospheric spraying.

     Hundreds of patents showing designs for changing weather dramatically and dangerously on enormous scale were called to attention, but any news reporter who touched the subject was “disappeared” from employment. The topic was equally off-limits to weather reporters, whose forecasting equipment was modified to avoid detection of metallic-laden aerosol “clouds” and related electronic radiation. Rothschild organizations became the most prominent owners of weather forecasting and analysis businesses.

     In 2012, Dane Wigington of and I jointly submitted detailed written presentations to the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services demonstrating clear proof of geoengineering technologies being deployed within the U. S. Our efforts persisted a full year, yet failed to elicit a single word in response from that chairman – the elected official most directly responsible to the American people for military actions affecting their well-being. This reprehensible outcome prevailed despite the fact that I lived in an adjoining congressional district of the HCAS chairman, had met the congressman personally when each of us spoke at a public affairs conference, and the chairman had a full-time military attache assisting him in dealing with public inquiries on such matters.

SerialBrain2 Reports POTUS Confirmation

     On July 16, as this report was nearing completion, SB2 posted a follow-up report citing coded confirmation in new presidential communications that SB2’s interpretations and decodings relating to chemtrails were correct and valid.

Nail The Advance Into Public Legitimacy – Secure The Win

     Now, after years of critically severe atmospheric, soil and water conditions, tremendous destruction of species nationally and globally, and epidemic-scale respiratory, neurological and other disease outbreaks in America and around the world, the fight against public poisoning of living things through the atmosphere (and even in public water systems!) has finally been ushered out of the closet. No, the news is not yet in the cabal-controlled mainstream media, but that is unnecessary for the battle to be waged – and won!

     Indeed, the reported news from SB2 is that the battle to end and to reverse the damages of geoengineering has been fought and won. The public admissions of actual deployment of geoengineering and of its evil intent and effects would not likely have been made, if untrue, just to compound the crimes against humanity and nature by again lying about the termination of those just-admitted crimes.

     For those who have devoted so many years and such dear resources to this all-important human and environmental war, and gained so little ground in their efforts to defeat the enemy, the proof will need to be more conclusive than is apparent so far. But certainly no one is more deserving of our appreciation and gratitude – plus days and years to rejoice in their success – than those who have devoted their lives, labor and fortunes to this battle.

    By no means is it time to declare the battle over and the victory in hand. Close examination over time must be devoted to assessing conditions on the ground and in the air. But, at the very least, this new state of affairs is most assuredly a major advance in achieving victory over the deadly climate engineering arrayed against us. On to the verification process!