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Saving America

From The Kingmakers Cabal

By Wayne Jett November 12, 2019

     When The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now was published in 2011, Barack Obama occupied the White House and Hillary Clinton was his nominated and confirmed Secretary of State. Hope was alive for many Americans, but they and others were betrayed by intentionally hurtful public policies and by graft and corruption only now becoming known to the public.

     Sad to say, Barack Obama was not the first occupant of the White House to betray the trust of his electorate. In The Fruits of Graft, Americans and others for the first time could read clearly stated historical facts proving that the Great Depression was imposed on America and the world by deliberate acts of U. S. government officials, specifically including Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, in collusion with a powerful global cabal of kingmakers.

Kingmakers’ Fun and Profit

     The Fruits of Graft further details:
  • the same cabal’s ownership of the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks, which gives the cabal control of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Fed itself;
  • how the Securities & Exchange Commission was designed in 1934 to shield these and other large financial institutions from prosecution for financial fraud;
  • how the Fed sets overnight interest rates so Wall Street banks can follow suit without violating antitrust laws;
  • how the Fed set up the Tech Crash of 2000-2002 by secretly and intentionally creating monetary deflation during 1997-2002; 
  • how Goldman Sachs allowed its hedge fund clients to sell shares “naked short” throughout the Tech Crash and was fined only $7 million by the SEC;
  • and how the “financial terrorism” of 2008 resulted not from “too many bad mortgages” but from fraudulent conspiracies to destroy two big Wall Street banks (Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers) plus multiple other major financial institutions (including Washington Mutual, IndyMac, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) by using naked short selling of corporate shares, plus financial derivatives and a rigged market index to destroy market prices of mortgage-backed securities for the immense profit of the remaining financial operatives of the kingmakers cabal. For example, the annual report for J. P. Morgan Chase announced 2008 was the giant bank's best year ever.
The Unmistakable Fact

     At its conclusion, The Fruits of Graft (p. 538) relates the “unmistakable fact” that this kingmakers cabal and their collaborators are waging war against all other Americans. Related questions still at issue in 2011 were whether Americans under attack would ever defend themselves effectively and, if so, who would prevail.

     Almost too good to be true, only eight years later, we are able to state an unequivocal “yes” on the first of these questions, and indications to date are quite positive on the second.

The White Hat Intervention

     In 2015, Donald Trump stepped forward to lead the counter-offensive against the kingmakers cabal. Wisely, he chose first to gain use of America’s constitutional structure of laws by seeking and winning election as U. S. president. One year later, Trump won the presidency despite wholesale opposition by cabal-controlled propaganda media and multiple attempts of voter fraud on behalf of his opponent, some of which were successful in shifting electoral votes.

     This is the historical context within which the political turmoil enveloping the Trump presidency must be examined and understood. Acting principally without public fanfare, President Trump has mounted a comprehensive counterassault against the kingmakers cabal and its operatives worldwide.

The Counter-Offensive ("The Storm")

     By strategic and tactical necessity, specific operations and targets are kept secret, except when disclosure is helpful or unavoidable. A major tool of the counter-assault is the Executive Order effective December 21, 2017, declaring a national emergency due to human trafficking and related corruption.

      The same EO also freezes all assets of persons named as engaging in prohibited conduct, and makes those frozen assets subject to seizure upon proof of the government’s case. Thousands of sealed federal criminal indictments have been filed, with only relatively few being unsealed, so far. More unsealed indictments are likely in 2020 as additional evidence is gathered by questioning victims and the accused.

      Another major prong of the counter-offensive deals with taking out major operatives of the cabal by proving crimes of graft, corruption, treason or other such violations, whether by high public officials or by private individuals during past administrations or the current one. Expect more such indictments to become public in 2020, and more retirements announced by elected federal officials, as occurred in 2018.

The On-Going Coup Attempt

     Democrats in the House of Representatives make mockery of Bill of Rights protections guaranteed to all persons by denying these rights to President Trump. Impeachment proceedings already commenced charge the elected president with “high crimes and misdemeanors” without permitting the president to know the names of his accuser(s), to cross-examine him, her or them, or to present his own witnesses to disprove charges made against him.

     This is conscious, deliberate, wholesale violation of constitutional principles in the most serious possible context: removal of the people’s duly elected president from office. The U. S. House of Representatives, though intended and designed to be the American people’s most closely connected protector, as controlled by Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been co-opted entirely by the kingmakers cabal’s culture of graft, corruption, deception and treason.

     Yes, this is extreme and unprecedented in American history. But it is entirely consistent (though not in any way laudable or permissible) with the cabal’s desperate need to unseat President Trump. The reason: POTUS is presently leading the first serious campaign to defeat and destroy the cabal’s centuries-long rule over most of the world.

Only Victory Is Acceptable

     With this historic campaign well underway, every necessary effort and measure must be expended to assure that constitutional government and human rights prevail. You should be confident this must be done, is being done and will be done, by civilian officials, by military personnel and by other Americans who cherish human rights and personal dignity.

     On the cabal’s side of the conflict, everything is on the line in this “uprising” by the American patriot government. The powerful webs of influence and control they have created in every region and nation; their central banks which suck the value produced by human society and pour it into their vaults; their stores of wealth gained in war profiteering, narcotics and human trafficking – all are at risk of seizure and confiscation. And they are personally at risk of imprisonment, if not execution.


      America and its allied friends each must rid its own nation and the world of the cabal. In that process, the Federal Reserve will be ended and replaced by a sound money system capable of serving national and international commerce. Yes, major challenges must be met and overcome, and soon. Endeavors are underway and progressing.