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Qanon and Potus

Leave The Connection Alone!
By Wayne Jett © December 4, 2018

     When President Donald Trump convened a magisterial dinner for his most important military leaders and their wives in early October, 2017, during a picture-taking interlude the president commented “you may be seeing the calm before the storm.” Later the same month, the extraordinary entity called Qanon appeared on alternative media communication sites in cyberspace. And the rest, as often said, is history – except that Qanon continues reporting history in advance on a daily basis. Those who know this, both exponents and opponents, are staying tuned.

What Qanon Is About

     To paraphrase Qanon’s own summary, what we have witnessed and are witnessing is the greatest dissemination in history to any population of information relevant to the survival and success of a nation on a current basis. That, in a nutshell, is Qanon’s role.

     The information gained through this activity is crucially important. It enables hundreds of thousands of people, especially in America, and around the world, to have much improved understanding of government operations and the forces and interests which seek to influence, oppose or control the governments and the people.

     Achieving this much improved level of communications with interested populations is critically beneficial to elected political leadership. In its absence, communications are limited to established channels controlled by unelected powers.

     In President Trump’s case, that means his communications would be controlled and limited by his opponents – those he calls “fake news.” That is untenable. So a solution was needed, and somebody devised it.

Qanon: Alive and Well

     Qanon is operational and expressly serving an historic agenda. Great! Let’s go with it and don’t look back. Disregard the mockingbird media, which are puppets of the dark side of the “intelligence/surveillance/propaganda” apparatus – serving the globalist cabal in opposing our individual and national aspirations. The puppets have fallen back on their worn-out mantra that Qanon is a “conspiracy theory.” This is the best they have, despite the obvious ill-fit. Qanon is not a theory but a functioning source of complex information which repeatedly turns out to be valid in the real world.

Enough With The Proofs

     True, Qanon has responded to expressed requests for bona fides by anonymous individuals who do the hard and helpful work of uncovering details on topics for which Qanon provides only clues. Without those anons filling in important blanks, Qanon’s effectiveness would fall far short of its present level.

     So, to reassure their confidence, Qanon has provided a series of “proofs” that he/she/they have real access to valid information – including close relations with President Trump himself.

   In recent days, Qanon called attention to a presidential “tweet” which contained unorthodox spelling and punctuation of a colloquial expression. The tweet had already drawn criticism from endlessly negative media. Qanon then demonstrated “the art of trolling the fake news media” (Post 2543) by noting that, when the expression used by POTUS is searched, the results lead directly to the film “White Squall” that made famous Qanon’s battle cry “Where We Go One We Go All!”

     Okay, yet another “proof” connecting Qanon and POTUS. Leave it at that. Plenty of Qanon followers already have full confidence. Qanon needs to continue performing the important function already described here and demonstrated so well by Q and the anons.


     Those searching for good information find Qanon to be a valuable resource. We need no public, direct connection between Qanon and the president. Better to keep Qanon separate and independent, and the press reluctant to ask POTUS about the topic. Let’s not require the president to defend daily yet another innovation in improved communications with the people.