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Q-Anon: The Plan


To Save The World

By Wayne Jett

June 26, 2018

     For years now, through this website and my book The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now, I have undertaken to inform the public of historical facts that few want to hear or believe. All of us – including many who consider themselves wealthy, well-educated and elite – have been targets all our lives of an active plot to pull us down and to destroy us. Now you may view, in the link below, a brief video summarizing this reality, plus much more: the plan and capabilities presently put into action to end this monstrous tyranny and to bring to justice those who have participated in imposing it on the world. Here is the video documentary produced by Joe Masepoes entitled “Q-Anon: The Plan to Save The World.” Do not miss this opportunity, and listen closely.