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Phony Climate Data
Elitist Control of Scheme Eludes Detection
By Wayne Jett © November 24, 2009
    Someone with middle class morality discovered and revealed evidence that crucially-placed scientists deliberately rig temperature data to create an illusion of global warming and climate change caused by human activity. Evidence includes email communications among climatologists conspiring to “hide the decline” in temperatures so belief in anthropogenic global warming would not be undercut.
    Sixty-one megabytes of data “stolen” from the Hadley Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England are now posted on the web. In addition to falsifying data to manipulate outcomes, emails found also reveal publicly unstated doubts about the truth of global warming, suppress evidence by arranging for destruction of email communications, express hostility towards scientists skeptical of global warming, and conspire to exclude skeptics from discussions in journals and conferences. The Hadley CRU is supported by public funding to maintain and study temperature data, and previously blazoned an image of unassailable integrity while agitating for AGW-based public policy.
    Already the scandal is termed “one of the greatest in modern science,” even as details of emails, documents and other data are only now being examined. Don’t expect U. S. mainstream media to report it, however, as they are dominated by the same elitist capital pools which rule Wall Street and the federal government. The global warming hoax is perpetrated by the dominant elite to cripple and destroy the middle class.
    The greatest scandal in modern economics is the outrageous claim of Keynesians to be looking out for interests of the middle class, when Keynes himself conceded his intent to advance the aims of elite mercantilists. But don’t expect the elite media to cover the scandal in economic theory either.
    Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that consideration of cap-and-trade legislation by the full Senate is deferred until Spring of 2010.  The delay is creditable partly to the Hadley CRU scandal, which will take time for mainstream media to defuse and bury, and partly to strong middle class opposition to federal takeover of health care as well as energy. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking member on the Senate committee which passed a "cap-and-trade" bill weeks ago when no Republicans were present and voting, said he will demand a full investigation when the Senate reconvenes after Thanksgiving.
     The New York Times declared it will not give publicity to illicitly obtained emails, departing from past practices involving the Pentagon Papers and intelligence reports affecting intelligence operatives and troops in battle. Meanwhile, here is an excellent site to keep you informed of the status of proof that climate-change-global-warming is a hoax. ~