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P & P Becomes #MAGA

Trump Lifts Henry George's Sword

By Wayne Jett © March 19, 2019

     Few now are aware that Henry George, near the end of the 19th Century, was one of three most admired men in America. George’s 1880 book Progress & Poverty sold two million copies worldwide in many languages, describing what caused poverty and a simple tax reform which would end it. But George died (of “stroke”) four days before his potential election as mayor of New York City in 1897. Seemingly overnight George’s name and ideas were wiped from public awareness in America.

Extreme Poverty And Its Solution

     Henry George’s analysis of the cause of extreme poverty is both sophisticated and simple. Working people need land on which to labor in order to produce enough to support a family. But undeveloped land is bought in large tracts and held as speculation by wealthy people, making the remaining available land too expensive for most working people to afford. George’s proposed solution was to abolish all existing government taxes and to enact a single tax equal to the fair rental value of all land in its undeveloped condition.

     George’s single tax would end the hoarding of land by wealthy speculators while providing all revenues necessary for public affairs. Good land would thereby become available and affordable to those ready and able to develop it for productive purposes. The poor could work their way towards prosperity.

“A Vast and Dominant Pecuniary Interest”

     The revolutionary social insight and reform proposal by Henry George were by no means the whole story of Progress & Poverty. George first debunked popular theories of the cause of poverty, including Thomas Malthus’ assertion that the cause is human population growth. After he disposed of each erroneous theory and finally presented his own analysis and solution, Henry George then made this stunning charge:

[A] vast and dominant pecuniary interest” is present in every nation, regardless of that nation’s political organization, which “… writes laws and molds thoughts…,” and puts active, energetic power behind “elaborate fallacies and fallacious theories” which lead “…in every direction but the right one for an explanation of the evils which oppress and threaten the civilized world.

      Give careful thought to these assertions. Why would a vast, dominant, wealth-seeking entity devote so much energy and power causing others to misunderstand the evils which oppress and threaten them? The answer is clear: because that vast, dominant pecuniary interest was, in 1880, the oppressor of the civilized world. It remains so today, a mere 139 years later.

The Line of Historical Evidence

      The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now (2011) furnishes the line of evidence proving that case from the centuries of American colonialism through the early months of 2011. In that year, Donald J. Trump had not yet emerged as America’s leader of the counter-attack against the world’s oppressors.

      Clearly such “a vast and dominant pecuniary interest” has been, and is, entirely capable of producing “fake news” and much worse. The oppressors’ “active, energetic powers” produce horrific outcomes, including false flag epidemics (the “Spanish Influenza” of 1918 and AIDS); false flag attacks (on schools, night clubs, churches, synagogues and mosques); legislation that “must be voted on to find out what is in it” (taking control of all private health care); and war-provoking attacks (on the Lusitania, at Pearl Harbor, in the Tonkin Gulf, on the USS Liberty, at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon).

      The “vast and dominant pecuniary interest” called out by Henry George also put active, energetic power behind creating its privately owned central bank called the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, and behind the 16th Amendment to the Constitution permitting a graduated tax on earned income – earned income being the hallmark of the “middle class” who work and produce to support themselves and families. Both the Fed and the IRS plague and victimize the American people to this day, helping to bring our people and our way of life to the brink of destruction.

Russia’s Experience

      By contrast, tracing the same period from the early 20th Century, Russia’s devoutly Christian Tsar Nicholas II refused the oppressors’ demands to install their private central bank and to tax the output of productive people. The devoutly Christian Tsar’s family and the Russian people paid a very high price during 70 years of monstrous revenge by the global cabal’s “communist” oppression of the Soviet Union: 60 million or more dead, almost all Christians.

      Since the oppressors’ Soviet apparatus was pulled down from within in 1987 (give an “assist” to President Reagan), Russia under its popular President Vladimir Putin has recovered much of its Christian footing and established (by convincing reports) its capability to defend its “largest in the world” territories. By historical precedent, except during the Cold War imposed by the oppressors, America and Russia are natural allies when evaluated in terms of values of their populations.

Finish It: Destroy The Global Oppressors

      Evidence available by 2019 is fully persuasive, for many, that the “vast and dominant pecuniary interest” meticulously described by George in 1880 is the lineal forebear of the global cabal and its operatives who plotted against the election of Donald J. Trump as U. S. president. The same cabal and its operatives unlawfully spied on his activities both as candidate and as president, and conspired to remove him from office by false charges of foreign collusion, or by pretense of mental or physical disability, or by any means necessary.

      Likewise, evidence is abundant that President Trump sees the various players in the global cabal as the oppressors of Americans and of other nations around the world. He has said as much in public speeches. He has acted decisively to identify criminal practices used by the global cabal to exert influence and control over public officials, and to detect and punish such criminal acts as human trafficking and corruption. Thus far, Trump has been successful in thwarting the instigation of new wars (Korea, Venezuela, Iran), while moving towards the exits in war theaters still active (Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq).

      A significant feature of Trump’s “America First” priorities may be uprooting the global cabal’s power structure in America first, before completing the job in other countries. This is not completely clear. Some important actions against hubs of the global cabal in other countries have been indicated, while actions in America have remained largely under wraps as mid-level operatives are identified and removed.

      Nonetheless, after centuries of oppression, and after arriving in 2016 at the precipice of the oppressors’ planned “final solution,” Americans have been mobilized by those who lifted Donald Trump into his leadership role. Our oppressors known as the global cabal can be finally deposed, uprooted and destroyed. The ongoing clash is brutal, dangerous and historic, so do not try sleep-walking through it.