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Outrage at Christmastime
As Nationalized Health Care Is Imposed
By Wayne Jett © December 22, 2009
    On Saturday, December 19, Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) substituted a new bill for 2,100 pages of health insurance “reform” legislation debated all month. Reid then required a vote on closing debate at an hour after midnight Sunday. Reid won the vote to shut off debate by the minimum margin, 60-40, with all Democrats supporting him and all Republicans voting against. The final vote in the Senate will be on Christmas Eve.
    Reid claims his bill will provide coverage for most uninsured while reducing costs of health insurance for all Americans. The first estimates of actual effects are to the contrary, and drastically so. One large health care insurer, WellPoint, modeled the Senate bill’s effects on insurance premiums payable by the public, and horrifying percentage increases are in the double and triple digits.   Remember, buying coverage will be mandatory, with criminal penalties for violation.
Why Nationalize?
    Do not be deceived. The Senate bill will effectively nationalize U. S. health care, even without the “public option” of a government payer. The bill takes  comprehensive control of the business of health insurance so the life can be squeezed out of it. In the near term, profit will be eliminated and customer service will be destroyed while premiums soar to unaffordable heights. Then the government overlords will descend to rule. Why are Democrats doing this?
    Uninsured people in the U. S. have no political influence, so pretense that their interests are uppermost is simple deceit. The Left wants single payer health care, including abortion, for all, but the Left comprises 30% of the electorate at most. The Right detests government takeover of private health care and loss of individual freedom. The middle class opposes what congressional Democrats and President Obama are doing by a two-to-one margin. This explains provisions in the Senate bill intended to prevent future legislation from repealing or amending this law.
The Missing Link
    Again, considering all this, why are Obama and the Democrats nationalizing health care? Here is the answer: A small circle of dominant elite control U. S. government, and those elite demand nationalized health care.
    Why do the dominant elite want nationalized health care? Certainly they do not want it for themselves, nor do they care about the uninsured’s well-being.
    The dominant elite care about complete control of government policy, by which they exploit the economy and enlarge their great capital pools. They despise competition for political influence or for financial gain, which is why they resent the middle class and intend to destroy it.
    Many American middle class– particularly the upper-middle class – refuse to believe that anyone would wish them harm, much less to destroy them. They believe the ideal that America is the land of human liberty and opportunity for all. Those in the middle class see themselves as beneficial, productive, sociable, interesting and attractive – and they are. Many do not identify with class at all, and upper-middle class often see themselves as elite because they are so prosperous.
    All this is true, but it is also precisely why the dominant elite intend to destroy the middle class. These attributes enable the middle class to compete effectively for financial success and political influence. The dominant elite intend to put an end to that competition before it gets completely out of hand. Their aim is to return to the style of reign they experienced during almost all of the past 2,000 years.
    Rush Limbaugh is the preeminent figure of U. S. political media, and not because 22 million Americans weekly are dumb, extremist or deranged. He consistently analyzes, comments and listens (with artificial hearing) better than his competitors. But even Limbaugh misses the crucial link at the top of the U. S. political/economic dilemma, as do most others.
    Michele Bachmann (R-MN) "gets it" so far as perceiving economic nationalization involved in the financial crisis swallowing America's people. But she attributes the continuing financial crisis to the radicalism of Obama and his agenda. Again, the crucial link is missing. Obama was raised to the presidency by the dominant elite, whose agenda he pursues. Their agenda has the appearance of inevitability because the dominant elite have as much influence in Congress and in various executive agencies as they do in the White House, which amounts to full control.
    Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) understands that big players of Wall Street wield such inordinate power in the federal government they were permitted to commit rampant fraud in the financial markets during 2008, immune from any federal interference or prosecution. Yet Kaptur, too, fails to connect these dominant financial powers with their broader agenda which assaults her middle class constituents on all sides.
    The financial powers which use government leverage to destroy competing banks and grab their assets are the same powers which manipulate crude oil prices and drive gasoline to $4 per gallon. They are the same entities which drive environmental policy to shut off fresh water to food producers, and to use food for energy despite soaring food prices. The drive to control all forms, sources and uses of energy is also their agenda, because energy is the key to middle class prosperity.
    The dominant elite are those who control the giant capital pools on and around Wall Street. They are the interests who pressed President George W. Bush, through Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and others, to accept Henry Paulson, CEO of Goldman Sachs, as Secretary of the Treasury in July, 2006. Paulson took the position to spring the trap door under the U. S. and global economies during 2007 and 2008. Doing so enabled the dominant elite to rob trillions and to drive the electorate into Obama’s waiting arms. They put Obama in the presidency, and Obama gave them every position they demanded in his administration.
Dominant Elite Deny Human Rights
    Natural rights bestowed by God on each person at birth were seized and denied by dominant elite during most years of recorded history. In 1215, England’s king signed the Magna Carta affirming some basic rights of common people.  Every such encroachment upon prerogatives of the dominant elite has been hard-won with blood, hardship and perseverance. Only those hard-won human rights enabled the middle class to exist – to create capitalism and market competition, to implement constitutional republican democracy, to achieve unprecedented prosperity and technological progress, and to raise the banner of hope for those still suffering elitist bondage.
    In 1989 and first years after the Soviet Union came apart, giving way to hopes for new national governments representative of popular aspirations, prospects for worldwide growth of the middle class were the brightest in history. Or so it appeared. Those prospects were smashed by dominant elite who presently own Russia more completely than when communist bureaucracies there served their ends. What seemed momentarily the “end of history” – because republican democracy proved to serve human aspirations better than any other political-governmental system – was overwhelmed and expunged by the dominant elite as soon as it appeared.
    History teaches that some form of mercantilism – domination of policy and power by a small circle of elites – reaches into every government at some level to inject its influence. This has been true of the U. S. federal government, despite its “divided powers” feature, from the beginning of the republic. The elitists’ role in American affairs is so dominant – over government, over media, over academia – that this reality is hardly ever acknowledged, or even recognized, in public discourse.
    By the Senate’s actions, the human right to get the best health care available in the market will be taken away, using the guise of government guarantee of equal access to all. Having granted the guarantee, government will enforce the extent of access. The dominant elite decide what government enforces. Each person’s right to access health care according to his own capabilities is extinguished.     The dominant elite thereby recapture human rights which began to escape their grasp at the signing of the Magna Carta. When health care is granted or denied, such government power cuts across political, economic and social rights of every nature. Granting or denying middle class access to energy, as is contemplated under "cap-and-trade," likewise cuts across rights of every nature.
    Rights of the middle class – all those aspects of life comprised within concepts of liberty, freedom and prosperity – are under attack and threatened as seriously as during the world wars of the 20th Century. If they are to be preserved for ourselves and our posterity, each of us must stop asking what we can do and begin doing everything our own instincts, ingenuity and energy are capable of achieving towards that end.
    May your Christmas be holy. And check your victuals for coming events. ~