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Our Most Urgent Crisis

                            OUR MOST URGENT CRISIS
                                                                              War on Weather Is Really Against Us
                                                                                             By Wayne Jett © December 10, 2012

[Revised December 19, 2012]

    Despite the season, for those unaware, this news cannot wait. Agents with U. S. government authority are using chemical and electronic weapons of mass destruction against America – poisoning the air, soil, food and life itself. Millions of tons of metallic aerosols are being sprayed into our upper atmosphere, then coupled with powerful electronic beams, under the thin disguise of “geo-engineering” – weather control – bringing drought, famine, disease and death. This assault on nature already has raised an imminent threat of climate change so radical as to end life on major portions of the planet. Those spraying, apparently aware of the threat, are doubling down.

    What brings economic analysis to this sensational topic? Classical economics must concern itself with policies and conditions bearing upon production and prosperity. Activities mentioned above and others related to them already are macro-factors in food production, health care, property and casualty insurance, and human rights, among others. Unless promptly ended, they are likely to become dominant causes of sharp decline in economic output and governmental stability.

                                                                                                                             What are Chemtrails?

    First, here are a few basic facts. A “contrail” is a relatively harmless exhaust of moisture from a jet aircraft engine, which sometimes may be seen as white if it crystallizes at low temperatures and high altitude. A contrail dissipates within a few seconds.

     A “chemtrail,” by contrast, is a trail left by an aircraft which is spraying chemicals into the atmosphere from tanks carried for that purpose, much like a crop-duster spraying crops, but at high altitude and on a much larger scale. Here is a video of an aircraft spraying a chemtrail, as seen from another aircraft which happened upon the activity.

    Chemtrails are first seen as long, straight, white lines behind jet aircraft flying at high altitude. Such flights are classified – secret – so Americans are not told what they are doing or why. The sprayed materials fall and spread, becoming relatively straight-edged, thin clouds. As they get closer to earth, they give a normally blue sky a powdery, gray appearance.

    A few experts have watched and studied these chemtrail activities with growing concern over a period of years. The chemtrails are now known to be metallic aerosols consisting of aluminum, strontium and barium particles so small (50,000 side-by-side would be the width of a single human hair) as to be invisible to the eye.  Chemtrails in the U. S. since at least the 1960s have made these metallic particles pervasive in soil, air, water and food.

    Advocates of “geoengineering” contend these metallic particles in the atmosphere reflect heat from the sun back into space, thereby reducing temperatures on earth. Technical papers recommend use of aluminum for weather modification by practices in the nature of chemtrail spraying. But these geoengineers are silent on health and environmental impacts of such practices, and on whether the government is already implementing them.

                                                                                                                 The H.A.A.R.P. Component

    Heavy spraying of metallic aerosols is not the only contributor to pending environmental disaster. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (H.A.A.R.P.) has a large facility in Alaska administered by the U. S. military and, reportedly, 18 facilities located globally. The main Alaskan facility has acres of large antennae which can, and do, beam electronic waves to heat the ionosphere (30 to 600 miles above the earth), raising the temperature of targeted portions by hundreds of degrees. Other capabilities of HAARP, obviously including weather modification and communications disruption, are reputedly myriad but, again, are treated as military secrets.

    Some observers conclude that HAARP facilities are being used in conjunction with chemtrail spraying to alter natural weather patterns drastically and destructively. Drought, super-powerful storms, guiding the paths of weather systems, and even earthquakes are believed to be within the capabilities – and activities – of HAARP and related agencies.


    Now we’re coming to the haymaker – wait for it. Dane Wigington is a knowledgeable, experienced (and courageous) professional in weather and climatological conditions. Wigington became so concerned by his observations of chemtrail spraying that he founded a website to convey his concerns. He believes geoengineering, not industrial pollution, is "the single greatest causal factor" for the catastrophic climate disruptions now unfolding.

     Wigington says the ozone layer which protected the earth from ultra-violet radiation is being destroyed more by government geoengineering than by aerosol sprays used by consumers. Without the ozone layer, U-V rays cause skin cancers and damage crops and other life forms.

    Wigington believes geoengineering is causing spikes in record high temperatures across the U. S. Most importantly, he is convinced it is in the process of triggering massive releases into the atmosphere of methane gas previously contained in solid state beneath polar oceans. Release of even a small portion of this solid-state methane hydrate will be catastrophic to climatic conditions on the earth.

    Wigington says release of 60 giga-tons of methane from the estimated 10,000 giga-tons (six-tenths of one percent of the total) beneath the East Siberian shelf of the Arctic Ocean would increase four-fold greenhouse gases now in the atmosphere. With that condition in place, further deterioration would be extremely difficult or impossible to prevent. Once massive methane releases begin, as they already have, we have no clear way to stop them and no reason to think they would stop naturally at 60 giga-tons. The Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum event 55 million years ago was a larger event than a 60 giga-ton release. Heavy methane content in the atmosphere at that time increased temperatures near the equator (within 30 degrees longitude) to 140 degrees, making natural life there impossible.

    Wigington believes this destructive chain reaction is already triggered, and we cannot stop it merely by stopping the geoengineering activities. But, he says, we have no chance at all to stop the approaching global cataclysm if we fail to stop the geoengineering right now. Delay will prove fatal for humanity – not in a million, thousand or hundred years, but in a brief continuum which has already begun.

                                                                                                            Call for Congressional Hearings

    Wigington is puzzled in one respect. Who would do such clearly destructive things, and why? That is a point on which previous exposure to the U. S. and global financial sectors can be instructive. In the financial markets, a ruling elite perpetrates fraud of gargantuan scale with impunity, as if they are above the law.

    The U. S. military is not sociopathic, either in the rank-and-file or at leadership levels. This geoengineering activity against America would not be undertaken to satisfy military objectives. Even if the reverse were true, the military could not get government approval to carry out actions with transparently sinister motives. Only the ruling elite could do so, and only they have the sociopathic agenda encompassing drought, famine, degradation of farmland, widespread disease and genocide.

    Do all you can to understand this state of affairs, and demand hearings in Congress to expose and to halt these nefarious activities. Here is a recent, informative radio interview of Dane Wigington. Your influence may be greater than you think, and possibly decisive. ~