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Operations Underway


Jet Blue Hijacking Averted at JFK

By Wayne Jett © July 3, 2018

     U. S. military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel are presently engaged in operations worldwide to take down and bury the ruling elitist cabal. The cabal is the alliance of ruling families that has bedeviled humanity and every living thing for the past 1,000 years.

     Providing hard evidence of these historic facts is problematic because military objectives and the domestic/foreign mix of targets require secrecy in much of what is occurring. However, limited documentation is available in criminal legal proceedings against some targets. Those activities involve documents and proceedings to punish specific offending persons.

     About 3,000 such persons have been identified publicly, none of whom is particularly noteworthy. More than 40,000 defendants are known to be identified in sealed indictments filed in U. S. federal courts. Here is a compilation prepared by private volunteers of the numbers of sealed indictments filed in each of the U. S. federal district courts between October 30, 2017, and June 30, 2018.  

     As shown in the link above, a total of 40,483 sealed indictments have been filed during the past eight months. This included 5,295 added during June, which is slightly above the average monthly rate of 5,060 for the past eight months. One message from the numbers: the pace of adding new sealed indictments has not yet slowed. Eventually as indictments are unsealed, we will learn that some of the defendants are powerful financiers, executives and politicians who have already resigned their positions, or “retired,” since President Trump signed the executive order effective December 21, 2017, declaring a national emergency arising from human trafficking and corruption.

Jet Blue Hijacking Thwarted At JFK/NYC

     Now consider this additional sign of progress in the war against those who seek to terrorize Americans. U. S. military and civilian aircraft have been equipped with non-standard parts designed to enable takeover or sabotage of the craft by remote electronic communications. This saboteur’s scheme had targeted even Air Force One – the U. S. president’s plane – since the mid-1990s. But the sabotage was discovered and secretly corrected on both military and civilian aircraft – including Air Force One – since President Trump took office.

     This was the condition that affected the Jet Blue airliner preparing to depart New York City’s Kennedy International Airport on June 26. The saboteurs believed they still had the capability to take control of the plane by remote electronic control. But the control tower received a signal from the plane before takeoff that it was being hijacked. Departure was prevented. A SWAT team stormed the plane, but found no intruders or hijackers. The public and passengers were told it was a glitch in communications. But, indeed, a remote electronic hijacking was prevented, and much grief and terror averted.

False Flag Crime and Punishment

     Moreover, the ruling elite’s Deep State that wages the war of terror against Americans was denied a false flag they desperately needed to divert attention from congressional hearings. High officials of the Department of Justice and FBI were to be examined by Congress about their failures to prosecute powerful people, and about their refusals to produce evidence of their actions as required by law.

     If the sabotaged equipment had not been detected and replaced (as is the case with Air Force One), the Jet Blue crew and passengers would likely have died in a crash. Who knows whether a target such as the White House or the Capitol might have been chosen, and the hijacking blamed on a foreign government as pretext for another war? But one thing is clear: the cold-blooded culprits who planned and executed this hijacking attempt cared nothing for the interests and safety of others.

     This is the heinous nature of enormous crimes successfully committed across the past century and through the present. Crimes done at the behest of the most powerful people in the world are difficult to prove and to prosecute. That is what is being undertaken, and progress is being made. Inform yourself and others.