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Class Warfare Hikes U. S. Taxes in Europe

By Wayne Jett © September 19, 2011
    Imagine the U. S. has a Treasury secretary (Europe calls them “finance ministers”) who does the bidding of a powerful, private cabal (the ones who control the central banks), which seeks to rule the world with a single government. What if this Treasury secretary flies to Europe and tells a meeting of finance ministers the U. S. will increase its contributions to the International Monetary Fund by a factor of, say, ten, to show solidarity with debt-ridden governments who will be aided by the IMF? Does that action effectively enslave Americans with high taxation forever?
    This hypothetical Treasury secretary almost certainly exists in the real world, and his name is Timothy Geithner. The U. S. Treasury secretary made two trips to Europe during the past two weeks, turning around to go back immediately after coming home from the first. Geithner is very interested in how European governments tied to the European Central Bank resolve the crisis in debts they owe to the big international banks.
“Do As Your Central Bank Says”
    What message does Geithner deliver so urgently and repeatedly to these assembled finance ministers? He tells them to do as their central bank tells them. Or, in diplomatic terms, he says “cooperate with your central bank” in resolving the government debt issues.
    In practical terms, this means Geithner wants European nations to borrow more money to pay interest on existing debts, and to raise taxes. Under no circumstances, he demands, should governments consider defaulting on the debts – your people must repay them.
Hooking American Taxpayers
    Another unofficial spokesman for the dominant elite, George Soros, goes further by stating another Great Depression is certain unless a new central government “treasury” is established to guarantee the debts of the ECB. Such a guarantee would enable the private central bank to “step in” and buy government debt, resolving the crisis with a central guarantee of individual government debt.
    What is to be done meanwhile, before a central “treasury” for Europe is created? Well, no problem – the Fed steps up and lends all the dollars European banks wish to borrow or lend between each other.  Of course, this provides no lasting fix of the crisis, but the Federal Reserve, surely with a guarantee in its pocket from the U. S. Treasury, has hooked American taxpayers more deeply as ultimate bearer of the international debt burden.
    This dynamic of Geithner’s role is reasonably certain, even based on media reports. But, after all, this is what central banks do. Central banks help governments borrow money. For example, the Federal Reserve in the past 10 months helped Treasury borrow nearly $1 trillion in new debt without raising interest rates (yet). Every increase in debt raises the dominance of the financial elite over the government.
What Central Banks Do
    Privately owned central banks were conceived by the dominant elite to be their tools for first controlling governments and eventually replacing them. Central banks help governments borrow beyond capacity to repay. Debtor governments become subservient to international bankers. As a government (e.g., the U. S.) falls into this trap, it is strangled and replaced by one entirely suitable to its creditors.
    Geithner was stern with Europe’s finance ministers, despite the U. S.’s own enormous debt problem, because his audience understood he speaks for the international bankers. Geithner will not always work at Treasury. Neither will President Obama always work at the White House. Each will take a seat within the circle of those who well serve the dominant elite before the calendar turns many more times. Their enrichment will be great. But, it will be said, this is only because each is the most intelligent man in his field – it will have nothing at all to do with services rendered to the dominant elite while each was still a federal official.
    Meanwhile, other Americans will find their federal government mired in debt entirely beyond its ability to repay. Simultaneously, they will be obliged to “contribute” taxes to the International Monetary Fund for appropriation to debts of other nations. If Congress refuses to pay, the debt trap will be sprung and constitutional government will fall, if all goes according to the elitist plan.
Class Warfare Combatants
    This is one facet of aggressive class warfare as conducted in the U. S. today. It is not waged by the poor, or by socialists, or by “the Left” against “the rich,” although the former three are used as tools in the process. It is waged by the dominant elite who wield power of great accumulated pools of capital looted through decades and centuries of fraudulent financial manipulation and monopolization. The actual target of this class warfare is the middle class, especially the upper middle class falsely labeled “the rich,” because they provide real competition for the dominant elite in politics and business.
    The challenge of confronting aggressive class warfare is greatly multiplied by mistakenly identifying the target as the perpetrator, while the true perpetrator remains hidden, unmolested and controlling. This is presently the case in the U. S. Again, readers should prepare to evaluate the validity of analyses and conclusions presented here by reading the newly published book, The Fruits of Graft, available at the homepage and at ~