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Infant Justice Arrives June 11, 2018
By Wayne Jett © June 9, 2018

(See note at bottom.)

     Many already are aware that Monday, June 11, is predicted to be a very important day. If you are not in-the-know, you still have a chance to be. No, the extraordinary events of June 11 will not be the U. S. presidential summit with North Korea and South Korea – scheduled for June 12 in Singapore (which is largely June 11 here). June 11 is forecast to make the Korean summit pale in comparison, though by any measure Korean peace and re-unification is very important in world affairs. So what will June 11 bring bigger than that?

     Don’t ask the “mainstream media” what the big news is Monday. Even when MSM learns what occurs or is disclosed, almost certainly they will not tell you the truth. MSM are owned by - and serve - the ruling elite. To learn, therefore, you must find reliable alternative media to inform you. In the course of this report, a few sources of reliable information will be suggested for your consideration.

Ruling Elite Own Government

     At the outset of his first term as U. S. president, Franklin Roosevelt wrote confidentially to E. M. House (Wall Street’s designated handler of former President Woodrow Wilson) that “a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” The same can be written now about every presidential administration, including FDR’s, except the last days of JFK and the existing term of Donald J. Trump.

     FDR’s description of elitist control over American government was and is much too benign. Roosevelt himself was a highly placed and trusted elitist operative writing a personal letter to another elitist operative. The truth is that the elitist hierarchy, its network of operatives and its agenda were and are far more sinister, more evil – more Satanist – than FDR’s reference to “financial sector” conveys. We are likely to learn much more of the distasteful details in coming days and months.

Elitism De-Fanged

     Finance is merely one important element of elitist power. The horrible reality is that elitist activities inflict horror, pain and death on many other humans. Turning away from the crimes in disgust will not do. Their crimes must be viewed, comprehended and justly punished. It is not a matter that – as people often state with a sense of revulsion – “these people are sick.” The elitists and their operatives have done evil things to others and ought to suffer the penalties prescribed by law.

     Everything cannot possibly be disclosed on June 11, 2018; the crimes are simply too numerous and too pervasive. But a big step in the process that began in January, 2017, and greatly accelerated behind the scenes in late December will likely occur on Monday. Then stay tuned for more on a daily basis.

@EyeTheSpy (now @TheRealCheshCat) and Q-Anon

      The military intelligence source identified as Q-Anon posted on his own site June 3:


      Q-Anon’s reference to “blackout” probably relates to his period of silence since May 22, presumably due to a need for security and caution pending completion of important operations under “the Plan.” The Plan is often mentioned in such posts, and is described as a fail-safe roadmap for taking down the ruling elite – including its Deep State arm – with which President Trump is intimately familiar.

     An information analyst employed by the National Security Agency, who recently emerged on Twitter as @EyeTheSpy, wrote on June 5 as follows:

“Not sure if you all realize what’s about to take place. The entire world is about to change. Massive things are about to happen. This isn’t some small moment coming. The revelations soon arriving on 6/11 will alter the course of the very world. Be Aware. Be Ready. Be Thankful. Trust Q.”

     Later on June 5, @EyeTheSpy wrote that “four booms at once” will occur June 11-12: “We’re going to *boom, boom, boom, boom* and take their money … Trust the Plan.” (Emphasis added.) To read such posts on Twitter, you must register as a Twitter user. On June 10, @EyeTheSpy changed his Twitter-feed name to @TheRealCheshCat. Please be guided accordingly.

     One important aspect of “The Plan” is the Executive Order signed by President Trump last December 20, 2017, declaring a national emergency caused by human trafficking and related corruption. The EO freezes in place all assets and accounts of persons named in a list attached to the EO – a list that has grown very long during the past nearly six months. Thus, the EO is almost surely the means by which @EyeTheSpy envisions June 11-12 operations will “take their money,” referring to assets of targeted felons.

Julian Assange Lives, But Where?

     Finally, in describing events to anticipate, @EyeTheSpy has stated June 11 “is a meaningful date for JA,” which is presumed to be a reference to Julian Assange. Assange was formerly the principal spokesman of WikiLeaks (now reportedly “compromised” and in Deep State control) responsible for disclosing the DNC/Clinton emails before the 2016 presidential election.

     Now Assange is believed to be rescued from his years of captivity in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and may now be protected in the U. S. or perhaps in his home country, Australia. Assange, therefore, is a likely source of important public disclosures set for June 11-12.

     Stay alert. Learn what we should have known years ago and need to know now.


One day after the report above was published, the National Security Agency analyst identifying himself on Twitter as @EyeTheSpy experienced a hacking of his Twitter account and lost control of that account handle (name). To be brief, the same NSA analyst presently posts on Twitter as @RealEyeTheSpy, and still is viewed here as entirely legitimate, although he suffered a collapsed lung one week after the hacking incident and remained hospitalized for treatment as of June 24, 2018. His forecast of highly significant news on June 11 from Julian Assange did not occur on schedule, but such variances are to be expected due to their importance and high motivation of adversaries to prevent the predicted events. Julian Assange has not yet surfaced, and his whereabouts are uncertain as of June 24, 2018.