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Narcissistic Clown Published By ZeroHedge

Published by ZeroHedge

By Wayne Jett © October 7, 2019

      Come on, ZeroHedge, get it right. A “playwright, novelist and political satirist” living in Berlin characterizes the current American Storm as an attack by “global capitalism” against “populism,” while simultaneously disqualifying President Donald Trump as a populist leader or anything other than a “narcissistic clown.” Bad enough that ZH failed to correct his ludicrous misconception of the contending forces; ZH actually re-published the farcical mess as if it were worthy of its audience’s attention.

“Turn Off Your Minds”

      The best advice of C. J. Hopkins’ piece appears in his second sentence, where he suggests readers should “turn off your minds,” apparently hoping to get a few laughs while dealing with a very serious topic.  But did we really need another demonstration that American “intellectuals” can be this badly informed on matters of dire importance?

      Hopkins gets it right that a powerful global force is intent upon overturning the 2016 U. S. election of Donald Trump as president, and that the charges made against Trump have been contrived for that purpose. He further asserts that efforts to impeach the president will continue through the 2020 election, and that the globalist force will certainly not permit Trump to serve a second term as president. But his initial degree of accuracy is blown by Hopkins mistaking the offending global force as “global capitalism” when it is, in fact, capitalism’s arch enemy: global mercantilism.

Mercantilism’s Global Reach

      Do not think the differences between mercantilism and capitalism are unknowable or insignificant. For centuries a powerful cabal of kingmakers, including the Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Ford, Carnegie, Morgan and numerous other families and power centers, has imposed mercantilism as an economic system which enables them to strip the value from human productive efforts throughout the world.

      The global cabal dominates more than merely the economy; include also governments, major media, entertainment, publishing, politics and education. The cabal’s aim is comprehensive control of all human society, including how large it is permitted to become, where it is allowed to exist, how it is permitted to act, and what it is permitted to think.
The global cabal owns and controls more wealth than all national governments combined. That is the global force which President Donald Trump is confronting and counter-attacking with the full support of many American patriots and like-minded parties worldwide.

The “Miracle” Wrought By Capitalism

      Capitalism, by contrast, is the economic system which rose from classical economic theory – “the theory of the firm” – to raise common people from poverty into the middle class by enabling them to make their labor more productive, more fruitful, more profitable. Classical economic theory – ideas described by Adam Smith and others – inspired a few public policies which enabled small businesses to compete more effectively with government-endorsed monopolies.

      Voila! With merely this partial removal of the cabalist boot from its neck, the middle class – including the upper middle class – burgeoned with such dramatic success that even Karl Marx wrote of its miraculous results in the mid-19th Century.

      Yes, the differences between mercantilism and capitalism are precisely that significant. By the end of the 19th Century, the global cabal had decided: capitalism must be wiped out; the middle class and the “idle rich” must be destroyed entirely; and, by the year 2000, means must be found to exterminate humans unneeded and unwanted by the rulers of the global cabal.

ZeroHedge, Explain Yourself

       Yet the extent of comprehension of the ZeroHedge-published author is to describe the most popular, most globally beneficent U. S. president in more than a century – possibly ever – as a “narcissistic ass clown.” This is beneath intellectual respectability; indeed, beneath contempt, all to evoke a bitter laugh from the minority who are so ignorant or so evil as to seek the president’s failure, or worse.

    One who cannot recognize and acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments of the Trump presidency – all achieved under an unprecedented onslaught against him both politically and otherwise – cannot claim legitimacy as a pundit, much less as an intellectual. Intellect trying to make the case that the present social battle is between global capitalism and populism falls far short of its ambitions.

Nationalism Challenges The Global Cabal

      Regular readers here are familiar with the fundamental fact that the most powerful influence in the American economy – indeed, in American society as a whole – is global mercantilism, not capitalism. To argue otherwise would amount to insisting – wrongly, of course – that main street small businesses across America, not Wall Street’s financial sector, call the shots in national economic policy and make the greatest profits.

      Of course, it is the global kingmakers’ cabal which owns Wall Street, reaps the profits there, owns and operates the Federal Reserve and the world’s monetary system, shadow governs the nation and each state right down to local governments, and writes every law and regulation to their own liking. That is not capitalism. It is mercantilism, the genteel name given to a heartless, cruel, selfish economic system so as not to offend those who rule society. Perhaps Mr. Hopkins is unaware of this important error in his commentary.

Trump Is Nationalist

      But surely the record is clear that President Trump does not champion the cause of globalism in any respect, whether capitalist, mercantilist or otherwise. Trump leads the cause of nationalism as opposed to globalism. America first for Trump, because he is American, while each other national leader seeks the best outcome for his own nation.
Indeed, President Trump has made it clear around the world that he is the sworn enemy of globalism. He has taken important executive actions demonstrating his opposition to global mercantilism and its anti-social, anti-republican practices.

    President Trump’s opposition to the proponents of globalism, who simultaneously are the exponents of mercantilism, is surely the reason he has been targeted by American, European and other operatives of the kingmakers cabal. This makes Trump more a populist (in terms of proposing and supporting policies beneficial to the people) than any of the militants who threaten violence against him and his supporters.