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Missing $21 Trillion

What Was It’s Source?
By Wayne Jett © September 4, 2018

     Independent reviews of financial records for two departments of the U. S. government have reported finding $21 trillion for which neither the source nor the use of the funds can be identified. How can this be true, when $21 trillion far exceeds the entire budgets of both departments, which are the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)? The shocking answer is that it can be and is true, and implications for American self-government prove the necessity of revolutionary reform.

How $21 Trillion Spending Was Found

     In February, 2018, The Solari Report published a paper by Dr. Terrence Leveck stating that, in 1999, DOD made an “undocumentable adjustment” of its financial records eight times the size of the DOD budget for that year, and one third greater than the total federal budget. By 2015, the DOD adjustments for the Army alone had increased to $6.5 trillion. Catherine Austin Fitts' own investigation found about $19 trillion in DOD and HUD spending combined for which adequate documentation was unavailable. This persuaded Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University to do his own examination of DOD and HUD records; he and his graduate assistants found $21 trillion in spending that could not pass an audit.

     This horrendous gap in financial accounting is not explained by sloppy bookkeeping, accounting ineptitude or operational complexity. The amount of spending left undocumented far exceeds all congressional appropriations to DOD and HUD for the periods involved. Clearly activities of this size and importance were entirely capable of being documented as to sources and uses of funds. The unmistakable implications are that those doing the spending deliberately chose to hide the spending from the public, and probably from Congress, too.

     But a general answer seems to be apparent for at least the source, if not the specific uses, of the unexplained $21 trillion. The answer is to be found partly in Project Insignia, discussed in a report by Classical Capital recently published here.

The Source of Funds

     The Project Insignia data dump informed us that rogue, criminal elements within U. S. intelligence and military agencies gained possession of very valuable assets during and after World War II. The illicit parties organized to use these assets to finance criminal enterprises worldwide, particularly including production and trafficking of illegal drugs, humans, weapons and similar highly profitable ventures. Their activities evidently produced revenue streams which made federal taxes and fees look like pennies for paupers by comparison.

     The undocumented spending found in DOD and HUD indicates those inside these government agencies wanted in on the action of spending the stupendous amounts of rogue/criminal (now called Deep State) financing. Likewise, the Deep State operatives were pleased to have more power and influence within the halls of established institutions of government.

     This answers the fundamental question: Where did DOD and HUD get the $21 trillion spent for purposes unstated, when Congress did not appropriate the funds? Clearly the source of funds must have been the Five Star Trust or a similar cut-out organization formed by the Deep State to conduct such unlawful financial transactions. In the context of financial balances of the enormous size revealed by Project Insignia, $21 trillion in extra, off-the-record financing for DOD and HUD would be comparable to Depression-era bootlegger Al Capone peeling a few bills off a big roll that is then returned to his pocket.

Return To Constitutional Government

      The dilemma to be faced is this. Major institutions and officials of the U. S. government have departed very significantly from tenets of American constitutional government by which citizens of this nation are to have their rights and opinions respected. Crimes committed to steal and to accumulate the gargantuan sums presently managed by the Deep State have greatly injured the health, prosperity and well-being of Americans and others the world over – all without the knowledge or approval of legitimate American voters.

      This must be stopped and rectified at the earliest possible time. No doubt these objectives are better known to President Trump, to those who found and revealed the Project Insignia data, and to many anonymous volunteers who work daily to understand and advance all aspects of the Plan to save the world often mentioned by Qanon. God bless them and us in our common purposes.