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Make America Capitalist Again

Liberate US From Mercantilism

By Wayne Jett © June 7, 2019

     Select any important aspect of American life: finance, banking, economic policy, politics, environmental policy, religion, education, communications media or entertainment. Examine and you will find it is dominated by the vastly powerful global cabal which seeks the near-term end of every nation. This does not describe a capitalist society. It describes the medieval system of social domination called mercantilism – the mortal enemy of capitalism – as it has existed across much of the world for the past 400+ years.

Counter-Offensive In Progress

     The “powerful pecuniary force,” as Henry George described the global cabal in 1880, has aggressively pursued written plans since 1901 to exterminate all self-sufficient people (the “middle class”) and all “people of the abyss” worldwide. We must proceed apace, as President Donald Trump is doing, with other like-minded nations in an all-out counter-offensive against those who so long have been aggressors against us.

     Americans cannot live in a national constitutional republic unless and until the global cabal is destroyed in a comprehensive campaign waged to a final conclusion. Such a campaign is presently underway. It is led by President Donald Trump and federal officials of the military, law enforcement, intelligence, diplomatic and justice agencies. Victory is to be achieved using a top-down and bottom-up pincer strategy.

     The top-down actions against the global cabal are aimed at neutralizing and recovering vast stores of wealth corruptly gained by the cabal, since their access to that wealth is essential to the cabal’s continued exercise of power. Simultaneously, actions to roll-up the bottom functionaries can be highly beneficial in gathering evidence against higher parts of the power structure and in inhibiting execution of cabal orders.

Targets of Opportunity

     Here is a representative list of instruments of mercantilist power in America presently which will or should be terminated or substantially reformed to perform beneficial roles consistent with equal justice under law.

1.    Federal Reserve
2.    Internal Revenue Service and Income Tax
3.    Securities & Exchange Commission
4.    Major Media (including major platforms of Alternative Media)
5.    Public Education
6.    Political Parties and Campaigns
7.    Every Federal Executive Department
8.    Armed Services Administration
9.    Intelligence Services Administration
10.  Federal Law Enforcement

     Progress in defeating the global cabal and recovering as much of their loot as possible will enable much greater success in reforming the ground floor levels of cabalist operations. Victory will not come overnight, and the battles are not being televised, but we have some indications that progress is being made.

     Details will come in time. The important thing presently is to see and understand the big picture. The political scene is likely to change dramatically before the elections of November, 2020, though they are only 18 months from now.

Keynesians, Austrians and Mercantilists

     Keynesian economists can find little good to say about the economic turn in America which began in 2017. But why should they? Their work is political influence using hyper-technical arguments designed to confuse and to obfuscate, and to do so in ways which assist the mercantilist cabal. If the cabal is deposed, Keynesians face the happy prospect of re-learning economic analysis by classical principles - an outcome that can benefit them and the rest of us.

     Keynesian analytics were designed to achieve mercantilist ends while pretending the recommended policies are all for the good of the common people. The acknowledged expert on mercantilism, Eli Heckscher of Sweden, said nearly as much in 1946 while the debate was still fresh. That was before cabal influence and money swept classical economic analysis out the doors of American academic institutions.

    Our friends in the Austrian school of economics do considerably better than Keynesians in applying classical economic analysis to issues involving monetary policy and fiscal policy. However, the Austrian school seems to put blinders on when they explain major events including the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression and other economic crises such as the Tech Crash of 2000-2002 and the financial events of 2008. Economists of the Austrian school rely solely upon “wave theory” to explain why the Great Depression occurred, for example, and reason similarly regarding other economic crises.

“Waves” Of What?

     If Austrian school wave theory has any basis in reality, the question ought to be asked whether that reality is connected with reported occult practices of the global cabal. The cabal has allegedly placed great emphasis upon numbers in calendar dates and other such reasons for choosing their timing of planned actions, including such matters as wars, catastrophes and financial crashes. Would such motives and actions explain economically significant events fitting a particular “wave” pattern?

     Charting a wave pattern to record anticipated timing of the next antisocial action can be beneficial if the “wave” can be explained by connecting it with conspiratorial human conduct. If, indeed, that is the case, then it seems to call for identifying in advance those motives, actions and actors causing the cataclysmic event. This would give some opportunity for preventing, punishing and ending the wrong-doing.

     Perhaps the best way to conclude this discussion of Austrian wave theory is with a question. If the global cabal is finally defeated and its past crimes exposed and punished, will economic “waves” persist, or will they come to an abrupt end?