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Kavanaugh Picnic Ends

Total Public Revulsion Lies Ahead

By Wayne Jett © October 9, 2018

     If you think partisan opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation as Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court tested limits of distasteful conduct, gird yourself. Elitist Establishment puppets tried their hardest to block any further advance towards the disclosures and prosecutions to come, but they failed. Soon we will see revelations of large scale crimes against the American republic and our people. After that, each of us, especially our leadership, will need cast-iron resolve to see justice done for the enormous evil that has ravaged our nation and the world far longer than any of us knew.

Kavanaugh Wrap-Up

     Senate Democrats offered to give Trump Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court if Trump would back off de-classifying evidence of DOJ/FBI collusion with the Clinton presidential campaign. Trump declined the offered deal and got Kavanaugh confirmed by battling to the end. Now the declassified evidence is about to be sprung on the public, and the reason for Democrats’ stress is easy to see.

     Briefly, the DNC’s lawyer and the Clinton presidential campaign colluded with the FBI’s top lawyer to concoct fake evidence for persuading the FISA court to grant a search warrant permitting electronic spying on the Trump presidential campaign. When Trump won election anyway, the HRC/DNC/DOJ/FBI collusion continued past Trump’s inauguration in order to create a pretext for removing President Trump from office. This amounts to treason and sedition, among other serious crimes. Conspirators included both Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and many others.

     All this is about to be dropped on the approaching mid-term elections – now less than a month away – which already have strong similarities to the 2016 political climate: i.e., with President Trump barnstorming the country on behalf of Senate and House candidates, crowds literally are lining up for miles to get into his rallies. Meanwhile, Establishment operatives are paying for in-your-face, sometimes violent, demonstrators to oppose everything Trump.

Coming Attractions

     Still we have not learned what Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed with Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court. Expect it to be significant, because rarely does the AG ask the Chief Justice to exercise authority over the federal justice system in a manner to assure that justice is done. This is likely to occur at any time, because the court has been back in session since last week.

     AG Sessions has also given testimony to Congress behind closed doors. The specific subject is unknown, but the impact will be significant or the AG would not be involved in presenting the evidence to Congress. Meanwhile, former top lawyer in the FBI, James Baker, has testified under oath that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein seriously conspired with others during May, 2017, about wearing a recording device while meeting with President Trump, so as to use the recording to support removal of the president from office as mentally unfit. This amounts to conspiracy to commit treason - overturning a duly elected government - a capital offense.

     Still we must turn attention to 56,000+ sealed indictments now filed in federal courts, waiting to be unsealed and prosecuted. The number of sealed indictments continues to increase nationally at a rate of about 1,000 per week. Each indictment almost certainly has resulted from presentation of evidence to a federal grand jury. This level of prosecutorial effort is unprecedented in U. S. history, indicating a massive effort underway to smash criminal activity.

     Odds are high that these sealed indictments are connected with the presidential executive order effective December 21, 2017, declaring a national emergency arising from human trafficking and corruption. “Human trafficking” is a very antiseptic term – much like calling meat-packing slaughterhouses “bovine management.” The utterly horrifying revelations of what is being done to human beings – particularly young ones – by powerful mavens of government and society will shock and enrage the world.

Federal Mid-Term Elections

     The Kavanaugh hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee already have been used by mainstream media to galvanize voters in a mindset supportive of Establishment candidates – likely with little success. Media polling is no more honest now than in 2016. Though the case can be made that Kavanaugh himself is Establishment, Trump supporters appear more determined than ever to elect candidates who give the president legislative votes he needs, whatever the topic.

     Now, on top of that status, we have the prospect of public revelations of crimes against the people more horrendous than any in history within the run-up to election day. That is so even if the worst offenses are withheld until after November 6 to avoid disruption of the process. Nonetheless, what the public will learn in the interim is likely to give the term “October surprise” a whole new dimension, regardless of the fact that the elections are mid-term rather than presidential.

Intermediate Term Expectations

1. Israel will be protected from attack by a “no-fly zone,” enforced by Russia and China, which also prevents Israel from launching a nuclear weapon against any other nation. This could improve chances for de-nuclearization.

2. Public disclosure of long-secret evidence will confirm suspicions that the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001, was perpetrated by parties (including “allies” and U. S. officials) and methods very different from those reported by the George W. Bush administration and big media.

3. Both Bush presidents, both Clintons and Barack Obama will be charged and prosecuted for capital crimes against the nation, probably within the jurisdiction of military tribunals.

4. Senator Diane Feinstein of California will be charged and prosecuted for conspiracy to commit espionage on behalf of China against the U. S. during the past 20 years while she employed a Chinese spy as her office manager and chauffeur. During this period, China identified and assassinated a dozen or more CIA agents in China, drastically weakening U. S. ability to monitor the Asian nation.