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Global Warming Cover

For Weather Warfare Against America
By Wayne Jett © September 1, 2017

     Geoengineering technology creates severe weather conditions to be used as weapons against targeted populations, areas and environments. The technology has been developed largely by U. S. military efforts to “own the weather,” supposedly to win wars against foreign enemies. Indeed, geoengineering can be used very effectively even in undeclared wars against unsuspecting targets – even against a nation’s own domestic population – so long as authorities have “plausible deniability” and control media outlets. Think Hurricane Harvey.

Searching for Patsy

     Anyone reading this is likely aware by now that so-called “mainstream media” are controlled by the same ruling elite who control the semi-secret shadow government (the “New Republic”). The recent “contract” by the Central Intelligence Agency to pump $600 million into the declining Washington Post proves the point that control of media outlets is in hand. But plausible deniability requires something in the nature of an alibi, cover story or fall guy (patsy). Who could be blamed for weather warfare?

     At first glance, that may seem a tough question, but it’s really not hard to answer from the viewpoint of the ruling elite. The ruling elite know who their enemy is: the despised middle class, with its laws requiring fair competition, the right to vote and “equal justice.” The middle class was made the target of the Great Depression while also being somewhat of a patsy (cycles, bubbles, failure of “animal spirits,” etc.), so the same tactic was an obvious choice. The challenge was how to pull it off.

Global Warming and “Fishy” Predictions

     Enter “man-made global warming.” Did anyone else notice an internal alarm registering “fishy” fifteen-plus years ago when Al Gore and others sounded alarm bells about “global warming?” Yes, they predicted what most would expect: warmer days and nights, both summer and winter, and correlated effects such as drought. But they also predicted conditions most observers would not foresee: monster hurricanes, killer tornadoes, deadly freezes, heavy snow, sleet, hailstorms and flooding. And earthquakes.

     These counter-intuitive effects of predicted gradual warming didn’t pass the smell test, so why were they included? These seemingly off-the-wall forecasts would detract from credibility. Credibility of historical warming data would be crucial.

     Indeed, public debate proceeded to contest and disprove the credibility of historical temperature data. Opponents saw false temperature data as evidence that collection of enormous “carbon taxes” from industrial nations was the real motive behind global warming agenda.

Geoengineering Makes Nightmares Come True

    Ah, but now we begin to see the evil genius of the predictions of extreme weather events as effects of global warming. Precisely these types of extreme weather events are produced reliably by geoengineering technology. Thus, the global warming schemers could be certain their predictions of extreme weather events would come true, thereby adding to their credibility rather than detracting from it.

     Furthermore, weather warmongers wanted to use geoengineering against the American public as soon as events could be blamed on someone or something else. After public release of predictions of extreme “weather” effects flowing from global warming, the geoengineering weapons could be deployed without further delay.

     In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans head-on, doing more damage than any other in U. S. history. Then came Hurricane Rita, hitting southeast Texas and Houston. Next was Hurricane Sandy, also geoengineered in the Gulf and then escorted off-shore up the Eastern seaboard to the precise point appropriate for taking a left-turn into New York City. Upon its arrival there, the much publicized Sandy proceeded to flood vaults (apparently left open for the occasion) reportedly holding bearer bonds valued at many billions of dollars.

     In 2013, during the first week of October (early autumn), thousands of cattle were frozen to death in a South Dakota storm that burst onto the scene without a hint of warning after days in the 70-80 degrees range. “Rain soaked the cattle; then winds up to 70 miles (113 kilometers) per hour and heavy snow froze them,” per National Geographic.  The cattle had not even grown their winter coats yet, and many were still in summer pastures.

    Does that sound like anything produced – much less predictably – by gradual increase in average global temperatures of 0.8 degree Fahrenheit? Certainly not in my estimation. But it sounds very much like an event produced by known geoengineering technology.

Winding Up a Haymaker

     How many more of these blatant attacks on Americans and our well-being are to be endured? Each attack that goes unpunished brings the ruling elite one step closer to seizing full power, as they have long sought. If you haven’t seen evidence that Harvey was intentionally created and made to stay over the Houston area, start with this.  Then consider this further advice from Dane Wigington, head of research at, that we should carefully examine reports of geoengineering activity to be certain they are valid. 

     If you’re still unconvinced, dig deeper, because the proof is available that geoengineering terrorists in the U. S. are doing us harm on a scale equal to or greater than those we are fighting abroad. And do what you can to help stop them. Remember, their sprayed products are in every breath you take, every bite you eat and every drink you take.