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Focus On 2019

Stay Alert For The Actions

By Wayne Jett © March 10, 2019

     Mockingbird media are already singing away about the U. S. presidential race of 2020. Do not be misled. Events of 2019 are likely to change the American political landscape dramatically, perhaps making what follows in 2020 seem anti-climactic. But whether 2020 will divulge consequential events can be dealt with when it arrives, in another ten months. Meanwhile, mid-March of 2019 has dramatic potential, as do the days and weeks following.

The Attempted Coup Has Failed

     Establishment politicians (meaning those in both Democrat and Republican parties who serve as operatives of the powerful global cabal) have completed more than two years of venomous accusations against President Trump seeking to remove him from office. While the cabalists incessantly charged Trump “colluded” with Russia to win the 2016 election, all evidence revealed thus far indicates the opposite.

     The evidence we know about proves that, in fact, Trump and his presidential campaign were placed under official but unlawful surveillance by the FBI, the Department of Justice and the federal courts. This was done based upon false evidence bought and paid for by Trump’s Democrat opponent's campaign, and reportedly with knowledge and approval of the Democrat president in office at the time. When this failed to sabotage and defeat Trump’s campaign, they then proceeded with conspiracies to prevent his inauguration and then to remove him from office.

     This is fairly well known already by the watchful among the public, but major media still fail to report it in context. Much more is to come, and its arrival is right around the corner. Consider, for example, the impending declassification of documents relating to FISA court approval of spy agency surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign.

     Yes, the president approved declassification of those documents late in 2018, but allowed further review by the DOJ Inspector General after objections raised by two U. S. “allies,” United Kingdom and Australia. A new Attorney General is now in office, so no reason exists for further delay. Declassification will disclose fraud in the process for obtaining FISA court approval of the surveillance – perhaps not by FISA court judges – and participation in the unconstitutional, treasonous attempt to undermine integrity of the presidential election by high executive branch and legislative branch officials, including numerous officials of the FBI and DOJ, as well as by high officials of UK and Australia.

     Indeed, the forecast has been made and repeated by no less an authority than Qanon that declassification of the FISA documents will bring down the House majority led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Well known Democrats and Republicans likely will be shown to have been complicit in treasonous efforts to defeat, or to overturn, election of the current U. S. president.

In Pursuit of The Plan

     All of this is coming, plus much more, none of which will await the 2020 election results. This means we are bound to see action resuming at any time, including during this month of March.

     How can this be predicted with a fair degree of confidence? Here is an explanation:

Remember this: We have been networked in for a long time now, Patriots. We are operating from a position of knowledge as well. Remember that! We have more than we know, but we know more in real time than any previous civilian populace has known. And we must spread our knowledge.

What you have just read is a close paraphrase of Qanon’s own description of working with us. Qanon is a team of American military intelligence operatives in close communication with the U. S. president, and is well informed regarding the Plan to defeat the powerful global ruling cabal.

    Those who follow, study and interpret Qanon communications are part of the Plan. The Plan requires understanding, cooperation and support from civilian populations. You who are reading this are part of the essential support group who understand enough to guide and preserve your own families, and to pass along understanding to others so they become able to do the same.

A Laundry List of Coming Events

     Though the order and timing is unknown and unstated (by anyone) for tactical reasons, here is a menu of actions being prepared for deployment during 2019.

•    Declassification of documents identifying persons and actions involved in obtaining FISA court surveillance of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, presidential transition activities and early months of the presidential administration.
•    Indictments arising from investigations of corruption relating to sale of American uranium resources known as Uranium One to Russian interests.
•    Indictments arising from investigations of corruption relating to the Clinton Foundation.
•    Indictments arising from investigations of activities in pursuit of conspiracies to remove the president from office in violation of the Constitution.
•    Indictments arising from investigations of human trafficking and corruption.
•    Military tribunal trials of persons charged with treason for actions taken to overthrow the elected president of the U. S., or for act(s) of war against the U. S.
•    Disciplinary actions arising from UK and AU roles in efforts to overthrow elected U. S. president.

     This list can be extended, but the point here is not to be entirely comprehensive or to predict the precise order or timing of events. The point is to make you aware that 2019 is to be a highly consequential year – a refutation of cynical expectations that nothing is being done and that crimes of public figures will go unpunished. Be aware and help others to be aware.